Integrated Fitness Space

By Jen Kranjec and Jessika Ramie

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Category: Alternative Health

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Welcome all humans, all bodies, and all fitness goals. This is a space for you to come as you are and explore fitness from an alternative lens. We invite you to build upon a foundation that prioritizes self care, personal freedom & values over perfectionism or externally derived standards. Journey with us as we simplify and explore health and fitness practices related to our whole-humanness, including our mental, emotional, and physical health. Come sit, listen, contemplate, and ultimately make your fitness practices your own! Let them serve you and your values so you can live yo’ best life!~ Jess & Jen

Episode Date
Savor your food, Savor your Life

In today's episode Jess and Jen explore the topics of Satiety and Savoring. Savoring being this beautiful experience available to all of us through food–or life–which brings us to satisfaction. Isn't that what we all really want, to feel satisfied and whole? 

Perhaps, this is the key to solving some of the issues we have around food. Like overeating, eating foods that don't really nourish us, or eating when we're bored. 

Join us in this episode, as we explore enjoying food as the answer to feeling disconnected, struggling with food, and struggling with our bodies.


Reflection questions

~The Savoring Concept~

In this episode we dug in on savoring and satiety. We had a discussion about how these concepts impact our ability to connect to our eating and heal the broken parts.

To review, savoring refers to our ability to enjoy something completely, with our whole being. This is a form of presence or mindfulness.

Satiety refers to a  feeling of satisfaction or fullness, wholeness, no more lack.

This of savoring as a bridge we can walk across to get to satiety.

Now think:

~Do you experience satiety with your food? Body, mind, and soul?
~What was the last meal you ate? How did you feel when you were done? Were you present?
~Do you find yourself eating based on external rules or internal cues? Or some combo of the two?

Are we eating to savor and enjoy or are we eating because we have anxiety or to fill boredom? Are we eating for a physical outcome? This is eating in 2D and there's this whole other experience that we're actually just not tapped into. We can pivot and instead slow down and savor our food. We can choose to eat only the best and what's best for us- body, mind and soul.


Try it on for size- Go out within the next week and choose to eat something of superior quality and let it envelop your senses, all of them. Take time and have a full experience. Notice what happens. What do you feel in your body? 

Nov 09, 2022
Ep4: Digging in the Dirt with Shannon Beer

A discussion on diet, body image, values and flourishing with guest Shannon Beer. Shannon is a Health and confidence coach, co-founder of the comprehensive coaching community and a highly respected contributor/ writer/podcaster and coach in the health and fitness world. 

Today we will be digging in the dirt and exploring topics like body image, approaches to dieting, inviting our values to the party and the concept of flourishing.


Reflection Questions

What can your body do?
One of the most effective ways to improve our body image and to develop an appreciation for our body is to think about all of the cool things it can do. We often get so focused on our appearance, which can cause us to neglect our other awesome components. 

Shannon suggested we reflect on all the things our body can do for us, beyond just its physical capacity as in exercise. What about creative endeavors like painting and photography, or connecting with others through conversation or being a shoulder to cry on.

Let's take this opportunity to explore.

  • List 3-10 awesome things your body can do…
  • Once you have completed your list, try to hold these with gratitude and remind yourself of them whenever you need it.

Dieting & Values

Dieting can be a sticky subject. To diet or not to diet? What type of diet is best? Ultimately, it is a personal choice. Dieting, even flexible dieting, can become rigid when there is fear in losing the result. It can be helpful here to remember your values (e.g fun and adventure) when your diet or diet approach becomes limiting to help pivot as needed...

Think back to either past or current dieting practices. 

  • Have you noticed patterns of rigid dieting? How have they limited you from living your most fulfilling life?
  • If you've had good dieting experiences what made those experiences positive for you?
  • Is there anything that is important to you that you are forgoing due to diet or fears about appearance? What is in the way of pursuing that? Can you allow yourself to take the risk of jumping towards what you really want?


Shannon offered some beautiful insight for reflection:

 “Flourishing encompasses not just your physical health and wellbeing, but also your psychological well being, your social life, the sense of meaning and purpose that you get over the course of your life, which again, probably isn't found when you are directly striving to achieve things, but it's probably more about the absence of things that make you doubt what your purpose and what your meaning is.”

As always, Jen and I thank you for joining us on this journey and we hope you enjoyed this episode!

~Love and light

How to find Shannon
Consilience | Podcast on Spotify

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Oct 26, 2022
Episode 3 (Part 2): Body Image and Nutrition Information Saturation

In part two of this discussion, Jen explores the topic of body image and provides insight from her own struggle to find connection and wholeness in her body. Jess sheds light on how we can find clarity with our food decisions in a world full of information saturation, and also move beyond good and bad food thinking.


For Further Reflection:

What is this thing called a Body?

Hey, You know your body can do really cool shit - it can dance, run, jump, swim and lift heavy stuff (my joy)!  What if we explored all the cool things our body can do instead of only focusing on how it appears. And doing that, explore what is feels like to be in this body doing all of these things!

90% of women struggle with body image, 90%!!!!!! That almost seems like a crime. We continue to turn to diets to lose weight but losing weight is rarely equated with improving long term body image acceptance.  There are so many amazing parts of us that we lose sight of or neglect because we are distracted by chasing our ideal body

  • How do you use your body?
  • In what ways does your body serve you?
  • If you wanted to say something to your body, what would you say? Would you ask it a question, offer gratitude, or is there some type of dissatisfaction you want to discuss with it (it will listen)?

Body Connection over Body Ideal

Jen's mentions discovering body connection, when for so long she was chasing an external goal or ideal for her body that lead her away from this moment to moment connection.

  • Consider: are there ways that you might be missing internal cues and sensations from your body in order to meet an external goal? Where you focus your attention matters...
  • What is it that you really want? Do you want to feel at peace in your body? On the same page...

Connection with the body offers us an ongoing relationship and feeling of home in our bodies.


Letting go of Restriction to meet your goal

Sometimes we find ourselves working very hard to do all the right things only to find that we've created a prison of rules and restrictions that limit the freedom to really be here in this moment. 

Jess mentions a client example who was overwhelmed with ideas and food restrictions, and she didn't know what to eat! Sometimes when the current approach isn't working, we can  start to peal it back and pivot towards another direction. 

  • Are there food rules and restrictions you can let go of? 
  • In replacement of external rules, can you listen to what your body may want to eat?
  • Are there questions you have about nutrition that you feel would help you move forward with more ease? Send us a message with your questions so we can sort through some of this noise together!

In the absence of food rules we can begin to rely more on our internal cues and body connection.


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Sep 28, 2022
Episode 3 (Part 1): Motivation is closer than you may think

 In part 1 of this discussion, we cover the topic of motivation. If we’re disconnected from our source of motivation, it’s hard to move forward in ways that are meaningful to us. We discuss the importance of pulling your why in close, making it personal, and even contemplating death…. This is a good one.

This is the first episode of a 2-part series where we (Jess and Jen) cover 3 of the most common obstacles we see with our clients. We offer ways that these challenges may become opportunities for further wellbeing.


Further Reflection

For further reflection and movement towards change, set aside some time, un-rushed, and work through any of the prompts below that resonate with you.

Framework for Motivation

It always seems like we are “looking” for motivation. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place. What's motivating us is likely already within us. The quest for external motivation oftentimes is fleeting and discouraging. In this episode we explore the language of motivation and connect to our values as a pathway towards our goals. 

Try this reframe  to connect deeper to your already-in-there, intrinsic motivation:

I am_________

I am someone who_________

I want to____________

Because ____________ is important to me



Clarify your Goal (and why)

If you're finding it hard to stay motivated to follow through with a certain behavior or goal,  this does not mean YOU are broken, or aren't strong willed enough. Take this as an opportunity to explore what is challenging you and what is truly important to you. Perhaps the goal you're chasing isn't even yours!

Think of an area where you are struggling to stay motivated.
What is your goal here? What do you really want?
Why do you want to achieve this? Really, why? How will that make you feel?
You can continue to explore this why... keep going deeper to discover your intrinsic source of motivation.

You might also consider, 
Where did this goal come from? Is it really yours?
Perhaps a new, more aligned goal may emerge...



No really - what do you want with your One Wild Life?
How do you want to feel in this body?
How do you want to relate to yourself? And others?
How do you want to relate to food? And exercise? 

Do you want more peace, more joy, and to be more loving?
Claim your value-level desires, and let them guide your fitness and health goals....

Enjoy yourself! <3

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Sep 13, 2022
Episode 2: Self Care Through the Storm

In this episode we share from our personal experiences… As fate would have it, both of our long-term romantic relationships recently ended, causing us to lean on our movement and nutrition practices, and in new ways, to navigate the stormy waters.

We share our experiences because we know that you can is not always smooth sailing. But isn't that just part of the ride, and isn't there beauty in that too? We are humans living life on life's terms, and find benefit from pivoting and adjusting our sails when the unpredictable comes.

Reflections and Questions:

You in the storm:

One thing we can expect in life are the storms, sometimes they are thunderstorms and sometimes rainstorms. These are lessons or opportunities for us to grow if we accept rather than fight against them. Struggles and challenges are something we all have in common. I hate to think of things in binary terms. Let's instead think on a spectrum… 

  1. If there were a line illustrating two directions One moving away from self care and the other toward it, where would you be on that line when the storms in your life arise?
  2. Think of your most recent storm, how did that storm impact your self care practices?
  3. Is there a way that you could shift your approach to movement and eating so that they help to carry you through challenging times? Can you instead pivot and modify them (rather than approaching it as on or off) when your capacity changes?

The value of movement: 

In this episode we spend quite a bit of time talking about how exercise feels. We share the importance of immersing ourselves in the emotional benefits of exercise and movement. Jess shares an experience where her morning workout gave her the confidence to accomplish something that she was nervous to try. Jen discusses how an occasional dance or playful movement allows her feelings to move and become unstuck. 

  1. Does your movement practice invite you to draw power or joy from it or do you view it as a thing you “have to do”?
  2. After listening to this episode do you see space and potential to expand your view to lean on your movement practice to support you in the storm?
  3. Think back to your last workout, can you recall a shift in how you felt emotionally prior to your session? During? after?


At the end of this episode Jen offers a quote.

“Give yourself permission to begin again throughout your experience, remind yourself that you can always begin again. This is the essence of what it means to practice.”

Do you practice? There is quite a bit of discussion in this episode about “practicing”. Practicing allows for some misstepping. It doesn't ask that we get it “right” every time. It simply asks that we continue to bring effort and energy. 

We invite you to reflect and uncover… 

  1. Do you expect perfection from yourself with regard to reaching fitness and nutrition goals?
  2. Could you benefit from adjusting your sails and adopting more of a “practicing mindset”

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” Lao Tzu

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Aug 31, 2022
Episode 1: Who we are and what we're doing here

This is the first episode in a podcast that promises to walk with its listeners on a journey toward a more beneficial, happier, more fantastic and inclusive journey to health and wellness. Jen and Jessika (that’s me) share: 

  • Our personal philosophies on health, fitness and overall wellness. 
  • The magical story of how we met 
  • Why size 10 feet and clear heels can be a winning combination for friendship and creative collaboration.

In this episode you are invited to join in on this never-ending path toward integrated humanness.

 “And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”


Reflections and Questions for Episode 1:

What is Fitness to you?

In this episode, Jess said, “Fitness is not what you might necessarily think. There's so much more beauty that can happen in that space.”

  1. What do you think of when you think of fitness? Are there things you like about it? Things that bother you about our current fitness culture?
  2. What would fitness look like for you if there was more beauty in it?
  3. What fitness gems can you excavate and repurpose in your own life so that you are getting the most from fitness even if the culture “out there” doesn’t change?

Self Care:

The beauty of Self Care is that these actions of caring for self immediately add value to our lives, directly through the present moment. Rather than working on ourselves as an endless self improvement project, Self Care says, “I am enough just as I am, right here and now. And because I value myself, I take care of me the best I can in this moment.” 

  1. Do you think of your movement and nutrition practices as self care? 
  2. How can you shift your exercise and nutrition practices to lean more towards self care, so that you feel more happy and whole, even if there is an external goal you are working towards?

Jen says, self care is about “being on your own team.”


Each person has their own unique flavor of values. Values are at the core of each of us, saying “Hey, this is what’s really important in this One Wild Life of mine. These are the things that make me feel fulfilled.” When we align our actions with our values, life becomes more whole, fulfilling, and alive. When our actions are pulling us apart, perhaps more influenced by our past or those around us, life can feel exhausting, unfulfilling, and dull.

  1. Have you taken some time to reflect on your values? What’s really important to you? Do you want to have a peaceful life? Do you want to feel good in your body and be happy? Do you want to have time to cherish the things and people that you love? 
  2. Now reflect on your exercise and nutrition habits. Do they align with what you really want in your life? What is one small way you can shift what you are doing to better align with your values?

Your Story:

In this episode, Jess and Jen shared a bit about their backstories and how they got to where they are with their movement and nutrition practices (and careers). 

  1. Take some time to reflect on your journey. How did your early childhood look in terms of eating and movement? Did you play sports throughout your early years? Was appearance highly valued in your family or the culture around you? Notice how your past may be influencing your present. Are there things that you want to do differently? You have the power to make the future what you want.

Aug 16, 2022