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Frances Frei is a Harvard Business professor. Anne Morriss is a CEO and best-selling author. Anne and Frances are two of the top leadership coaches in the world. Oh, did we mention they're also married to each other? Together, Anne and Frances move fast and fix stuff by talking to guest callers about their workplace issues and solving their problems – in 30 minutes or less. Both listeners and guests will receive actionable insights to create meaningful change in the workplace – regardless of their position on the company ladder. If you want to be on Fixable, call our hotline at 234-Fixable (that's 234-349-2253) to leave Anne and Frances a voicemail with your workplace problem.

Episode Date
Lola Bakare - "How do I balance what I want to do with what I NEED to do?"

Lola Bakare is an author, marketer and advisor who was recently named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Marketing – unsurprisingly, she has a ton of projects on her plate. But recently Lola has been struggling with balancing her most energizing and creative endeavors with the, well, boring tasks that keep a business running. Anne and Frances dig into the things that stop Lola – and many of us – from creating space for our passions and suggest ways to reclaim the time needed for our most invigorating work.

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May 29, 2023
Jai - "How can I build trust with my coworkers?"

Jai is an ethics and compliance officer at his company, working to make sure the business’ actions align with their values. However, he often feels pressure from management to let things slide. Jai turns to Anne and Frances for help and they give him a surprising remedy: approach conversations with more understanding. And Frances learns something new too, as they outline Jai’s strategy to help him communicate more effectively to upper management.

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May 22, 2023
Delaney - "How do I make the most of my time at my soulless job?"

Delaney left a fulfilling teaching career to join the tech industry. But after a round of layoffs left her the sole remaining member of her team, she’s stopped feeling motivated and wants to start carving out time to pursue the artistic projects that actually inspire her. Needing to feel both invigorated and financially secure, Delaney turns to Anne and Frances for advice. Through a challenging conversation, they map a plan for Delaney to leave every workday energized and ready to chase her passions.

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May 15, 2023
Carl - “How do I embrace friction in my company?”

When Carl started working at a green-energy company, there were 50 employees. Now, Carl is in management and the company has ballooned to 400 employees. Recently, he’s noticed that some of the new hires don’t want to engage with the company’s inclusive culture, and that’s creating friction. With the help of Anne and Frances, Carl discovers that the problem isn’t about a few toxic employees — it’s the culture of conflict aversion at the company. Transcripts for Fixable are available at

May 08, 2023
How to finally make meetings productive with Master Fixer Claire Hughes Johnson

Anne and Frances are joined by their first “Master Fixer," author Claire Hughes Johnson, who’s here to help you fix your meetings! Her book Scaling People: Tactics for Management and Company Building draws on her executive experiences at Stripe and Google and reveals her techniques for getting the most out of the people she’s leading – especially while they’re gathered together. In this episode, Claire shares her recipe for better meetings, including how to make them more inclusive, why it’s crucial to delegate tasks, and how to make space for dissent.

May 01, 2023
Nai’a — “How do I get the attention of a distracted manager?”

Nai’a is a product operations manager at an education technology company that has gone through a major restructuring. With a shifting team and a brand new manager, she struggles to make sure her colleagues recognize the value of her work and what she needs to continue achieving success in her role. Anne and Frances help Nai’a reframe her mindset to be around approaching the situation with curiosity rather than judgment, effectively communicating her needs, and seeing her manager as a collaborator.

Apr 24, 2023
David - “How do I turn my passion project into my career?”

David and his brother have co-founded a non-profit helping Black youth in Miami… but David still has a full-time job. Wanting to turn his passion project into paid, full-time work, David asks Anne and Frances how he can grow his organization without losing his energy. After, Anne and Frances share strategies for fundraising and approaching non-profit work like an entrepreneur.

Apr 17, 2023
Teresa - "How do I move fast without breaking things?"

Teresa is the head of strategy at a small food startup, and she's having trouble balancing her desire to think things through with the fast-paced decision-making her role requires. After she shares stories of the collateral damage from the startup’s quick choices, Anne and Frances help Teresa reframe her concerns and discuss how the problem isn’t necessarily about speed, but trust.

Apr 10, 2023
Kelli - “How do I deal with a communication breakdown?"

Kelli is a nurse at a leading teaching hospital where communication issues are not only leading to resentment – they could also be affecting patient care. After hearing from Kelli about the larger problems at play in the healthcare space, Anne and Frances discuss the link between communication and transparency and guide Kelli into taking matters into her own hands.

Apr 03, 2023
Fixable premieres April 3rd

Beloved Harvard Business professor Frances Frei and her wife, CEO and bestselling author Anne Morriss, pull back the curtain on leadership advice that's typically reserved for their exec-level clients. This show offers listeners a chance to sit down with two of the top leadership coaches in the world to help solve everyday organizational challenges—big and small. Each week, Frances and Anne host unfiltered conversations with a handful of guests that tackle unique work challenges. Drawing from their work advising companies that have confronted the toughest of workplace situations (Uber, Riot Games, and WeWork), this wise duo is bringing their practical, battle-tested tools to the masses. If you want to be on Fixable, call our hotline at 234-Fixable (that’s 234-349-2253) to leave Anne and Frances a voicemail with your workplace problem.

Mar 06, 2023