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By Nimai Delgado

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Category: Health & Fitness

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Nimai Delgado is a vegan professional bodybuilder, mechanical engineer, lifestyle coach, and motivational speaker. He’s been featured on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine as well as James Cameron’s upcoming documentary “The Game Changers”. In this podcast, Nimai aims to bring a modern, more conscious perspective to health and fitness by sharing inspirational stories and knowledge from the younger generation of vegans who are on a mission to make a difference.

Episode Date
How to start a mindfulness practice - With Manoj Dias |Nimai Delgado Podcast EP 34
Jan 05, 2023
Communication Expert's Top Strategies for Effective Conversation - with Neel Bhandari | Nimai Delgado S3 EP34
Aug 16, 2022
How to Embody Spirituality as a Daily Practice - with Andrew Sealy | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP33
Aug 09, 2022
Non-Negotiables in Our Relationship & Q&A - with Bianca Taylor | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP32
Aug 02, 2022
Being Told He’d Never Walk to Becoming a Race Car Driver -with Nicolas Hamilton | Nimai Delgado EP31
Jul 19, 2022
Vanquish Your Inner Victim & Connect to your True Power - with Jason Goldberg | Nimai Delgado S3 EP 30
Jul 05, 2022
The Future of Food is Female - with Jennifer Stojkovic | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 29
Jun 28, 2022
Holistic Health, Reiki, & Alternative Healing - with Dr. Gemma Newman | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 28
May 10, 2022
Conscious Relationship Q&A - with Bianca Taylor | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP27
Apr 26, 2022
A Guide to Clear and Effective Communication - with Richard Newman | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP26
Apr 19, 2022
Doctor's Tips for Healing the Gut Microbiome - with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP25
Apr 05, 2022
Healthy Mindset Habits for Overcoming Life's Challenges - with Maxime Sigouin | Nimai Delgado S3 EP24
Mar 29, 2022
Bodybuilding at Gold’s Gym in the 90's - with Celebrity Trainer Mike Ryan | Nimai Delgado S3 EP23
Mar 22, 2022
From Combat Wounded Veteran to Strongest Powerlifting Amputee -with KC Mitchell | Nimai Delgado S3 EP22
Mar 15, 2022
Childhood Trauma, Mental Health, & Manifestation - with Bianca Taylor | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 21
Mar 08, 2022
From Toxic Male Friendships to Healthy Brotherhood - with Chris Moore | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 20
Mar 01, 2022
The Art of Becoming Your Truest Self - with Bee & Azrya Bequer | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP19
Feb 22, 2022
Vegan Myths DEBUNKED & Why it IS Better for You - with Dr. Matthew Nagra | Nimai Delgado S3 EP18
Feb 16, 2022
What Your Body is Trying to Tell You - with Aaron Alexander | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP17
Feb 08, 2022
How to Find Fulfillment in Your Life - with Robert Cheeke | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP16
Feb 01, 2022
Create Emotional Freedom for Yourself - with Peter Crone | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP15
Jan 25, 2022
What we Wish we Knew about Relationships - with Bianca Taylor | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 14
Jan 19, 2022
Vegan Propaganda and Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You - with Earthling Ed | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP13
Jan 05, 2022
Becoming Your Most Authentic Self - with Blu | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP12
Dec 07, 2021
How to Survive the Fitness Industry - with Bikini BodyBuilder Crissi Carvhalo | Nimai Delgado S3 EP11
Nov 30, 2021
The Power of Positive Thinking, Overcoming Addiction, & Ironman - with Alexander Buck | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP10
Nov 23, 2021
Liberate Yourself with Gratitude - with Londrelle | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP9
Nov 16, 2021
How Yoga Transforms Your Health & Well-being - with Jonah Kest | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 8
Nov 09, 2021
Journey, Success, and What’s Next for ‘Game Changer’ James Wilks | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 7
Nov 02, 2021
The Science Behind Why Veganism Really Works - with Simon Hill | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 6
Oct 26, 2021
How breath work can transform your life - with Lukis Mac | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP5
Oct 19, 2021
How to Live Your Life to the Fullest - with Paul De Gelder | Nimai Delgado Podcast S3 EP 4
Oct 12, 2021
How to Heal Yourself & PREVENT Disease TODAY - with Dr. Christian Gonzalez | Nimai Delgado Podcast EP 3
Oct 05, 2021
From Engineer, to Pro Vegan Bodybuilder, to Finding Your Purpose - with Nimai Delgado | Nimai Delgado Podcast EP 02
Sep 28, 2021
We Are Not Your 'Couple Goals' - with Bianca Taylor | Nimai Delgado Podcast - New Season,EP 1
Sep 21, 2021
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