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Jarrod Micale and Chris William talk into microphones

Episode Date
Rocky Dennis Doll

Chris got married on Friday and Jarrod survived the rehearsal, ceremony and reception. Now you're going to hear all about it. Chris has a problem with the semi-absentee planner on an expensive wedding for a marriage that "better last." Jarrod brings his dad cake and helps him clean the house. Plus they discover Eric Clapton is a racist. 

Jun 29, 2022
Get Sirius

Chris is getting married on Friday. More important, though: He might be getting Sirius for an entire year. Jarrod has him ready to go. They talk about Shark Tank and watch some Vines. Jarrod gets kicked out of the Goodwill store for a day -- because he's 12 -- and Chris predicts he'll be a big baby on his special day.

Jun 22, 2022
Illegalize It

You've got to be 16 years old to get a driver's license in Pennsylvania. But no one ever said you had to be emotionally mature. Ride along with Jarrod while he plays The Jimmy Game and listen to Chris ruin a woman's life by spite-driving. Plus they discover the true winner of Madden football. Also, a friendly tip for the fans: If you plan on listening to Bush around middle-aged dads, wear protection. You'll be glad you did. 

Jun 01, 2022
Coconut Cream Pie

The boys are alone with their thoughts and you're gonna hear all of them. Chris and Jarrod brainstorm a Three's Company reimagining and an idea for an Al Pacino movie. Jarrod dreams of one day having his own gas station and Chris would be the most considerate wrestler to ever take his spot in the ring. Plus they get political. It's got everything Manny ... What's-His-Name wants. 

May 25, 2022
My Mom's Baseball

Erick Sanchez and Rob Cibik return to the podcast to discuss their favorite fast-food places, gas stations and just how much child abuse is too much child abuse. Jarrod dives deep on pizza and knows where to find the best sushi. Erick got spit on by his friends, but it's all right because he had his weed-scented pencil. Rob saved a Chuckie doll from suffocating in a hot car.  Chris' mom finds her national pastime and it's called abandonment and neglect. 

May 18, 2022
Uncle Charlie

The phone lines are open. For now. You people are weird, so it might not last much longer. Chris and Jarrod didn't feel like doing the work, so they put it on you. They had good reasons, though. Chris learned his booty is "looking so biiiiig" and Jarrod is been watching We Own This City and learning to offend a new region with an attempt at an accent. Plus he compares The Wire to the Andy Griffith Show. Take that, Baltimore. 

May 11, 2022
Game On

Mike O'Donnell came to Phantom Power to talk wrestling, guns and the glitzy history of the military with Jarrod and Chris. Jarrod missed a murder on TikTok, but he knows all about Elvis Aaron Presley now. Mike's roommate and podcast co-host, Manny Santiago, lost a near-fatal bet about a cake. Chris is afraid of video games. But don't worry because Rob Riggle is going to protect them all. 

May 04, 2022
Beach Blanket Bingo

Kyle Shahan joins Chris and Jarrod and the three of them talk about farming, French people and Pennsylvania Dutch. Jarrod unveils the test of true love -- and it involves a canoe. Chris believes women actually belong in the gaming community, ultimately jeopardizing his standing within the gaming community. Will this be the time Kyle's podcast episode finally airs? Are you reading this? Then yes, you idiot. 

Apr 27, 2022
Aunt Tifa Missin'

Did you ever wonder how tall Metallica is? Of course not. You've got better things to think about. That's why you've got Riffbusters. Does Simple Plan feel awkward singing "I'm Just a Kid" minutes after signing up for AARP membership? Who showed up at Jarrod's comedy show? Is Zach Braff really an asshole? Jarrod and Chris discuss. 

Apr 20, 2022
Robot Doc

Jarrod and Chris are back in person and at it again -- this time in song form. Is it Kenny Loggins? Is it Don Henley? Is it Jim Croce? Eh. Whatever. It really doesn't matter because we're exploring Chris' prostate in this one. They rename the cream pie and have a unique vision for the future. 

Apr 13, 2022
Skinny Privilege

Antonio is back with the guys and Chris teaches him all about aphantasia while Jarrod eats trail mix and waits for the noise to stop. Chris accuses Jarrod of having skinny privilege. Jarrod takes a hard stance against Target fashion and accuses Chris of having an affliction simply for attention. To be fair: Who gets lost in a Buffalo Wild Wings? 

Apr 06, 2022
Scorpion Insurance

Antonio joins Jarrod and Chris from Arizona to talk about gaming and Taco Bell. Jarrod reveals the whitest Subway order of all time and they develop a new use for the pocket protector, specifically targeted for the fitness-challenged person. Plus the crying native American is Italian? The horror.

Mar 30, 2022
CTE Insider

The guys are back and, well, they're pretty much the same. Is Madonna still sexy at 63? Why did Betty White die? Do you want to hear Hank Hill rap? How about we have a Mumford & Sons sing-along? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Especially the one about Betty White. All that and a hot tip on a new magazine. 

Mar 23, 2022
Lolita Express

Jarrod Micale and Chris William spend a few more minutes in the Phantom Power studio talking about their favorite airline and which celebrity didn't mind getting a little dirty in exchange for a free ride. How many minutes exactly do you spend dwelling on a problem? How many gummy bears should you eat in one sitting? Who is the greatest American rock band? Is the answer to all three Jerry Lee Lewis? ... No.

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Mar 09, 2022
Beta Pack

The guys are back and they're ready to smash every kid's dreams. Learn about when they discovered that Santa wasn't real. Jarrod found porn and ammunition and Chris found porn and promptly masturbated while his friend ... stood guard? Pennsylvania is weird, man. There's a Family Guy T-shirt and Magic cards and Jarrod likes Dickies. Did you know Jarrod likes Dickies? He really likes Dickies. 

Mar 02, 2022
Worst-Case Scenario

Jarrod and Chris got together to talk about the past. They start with Perfect Strangers and Mork and Mindy and end up dissecting the music of 1999. Chris found out the truth about Evanescence and he and Jarrod learned he had three days to live. Oh, dads. Plus they show off their singing voices and show us why they do stand-up instead.

Feb 23, 2022
John Candy Porn

Wise Crackers manager Nick Bruce stopped in to join Jarrod Micale and Chris William and talk all about Jackass Forever. They talk about the new additions, the fallen members and the abundance of penises. Then they reminisce about past pranks and how to bankrupt GameStop one "return" at a time.

Feb 16, 2022
Violet Gloop

Jarrod drove to Chris' house without some important things, but they rallied and recorded anyway. They tried to figure out who really killed Bobby Kennedy and Jarrod talked about his show with Mark Normand. Chris taught Jarrod about taxes and they launched a new segment, Pitch an Idea, and made a call to a real-life accountant.

Feb 09, 2022
Johnny Condom

Artist, musician and Welshman Chris Stringer joined Jarrod and Chris to talk about middle-school sex education practices gone wrong and looking down teachers' shirts. Just some wholesome fun. Jarrod shows off his American education -- mainly skateboards and TV -- and Chris William brags about the freak show at the Bloomsburg Fair. Stringer, the artist behind the new Riffbusters' logo, and William met on the internet and it hasn't gotten creepy ... yet.

Check out Chris Stringer & the Rocketeers on Bandcamp: https://chrisstringermusic.bandcamp.com/.

Feb 02, 2022
Snapple TV

Jarrod and Chris are back at it without a guest this week. It's for the best because they're all about getting away with murder. Perhaps they had a guest lined up before the podcast and a murder happened. You weren't there, so how do you know? Anyway. They compare the Ten Commandments to the Ten Crack Commandments and talk a little football. Jarrod sells hubcaps on Facebook and Chris is a magician who doesn't get his hair wet in the shower. They're an eclectic pair.

Jan 26, 2022
The Au Pair

Kyle Shahan drops by Phantom Power to talk with Chris William and Jarrod Micale and ... Alex? The guys take a shot at their Michael Kane impressions and make anybody who eats inside of a Sheetz question themselves. Jarrod discovers Burger King coffee isn't why people go to Burger King after all. Chris likes to get drunk in the early evening. Kyle knows more about Jaws 4 than the star of the movie. Then there's Alex, who became an au pair in Switzerland and went on a getaway to Paris with his boss/kid's mom and her ex-husband and their two daughters and pet squirrel ... or something like that. There were a lot of moving pieces. Just listen to it.

Jan 19, 2022
It Burns

Jarrod Micale and Chris William are back at Wise Crackers, talking about the musical talents of Bruce Willis, Ryan Gosling and Shaq. Chris gives advice to the next Doug Stanhope and explains why he's not able to drown, even if things get really sad. Jarrod learns which movies he should see, but he won't. Not until Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is remade with James Gandolfini and Marlon Brando.

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Jan 12, 2022
Gallagher One

Jarrod Micale and Chris William sat down with Wise Crackers' owner and booker, Nick Bruce, to talk movies, comedy and more movies. Bruce grew up in the comedy business and took over the club from his dad, Scott. The guys talked about the character mastery of Gary Oldman and Gary Sinese's timing. Chris teams up with Wikipedia to teach his students about the Vietnam War and Jarrod springs a lightening round on Nick, who talks about some memorable experiences at the club. 

Jan 05, 2022
Nothing's Changed

Tyler Wegert and Rob Cibik dropped by Phantom Power to try to talk some sense into Jarrod Micale and Chris William. Unfortunately, Tyler mentioned his entire family ate dinner inside a Taco Bell and the train went directly off its track. Bob Barker is still alive, which is news to Tyler, and Rob remembers when McDonald's burgers were 10 cents. Chris teaches his kids about Bon Jovi and Jarrod dates a fifth-grader. Not even Charlie Kelly could keep up with this one.

Dec 29, 2021
Racist Sticks

Chris William and Jarrod Micale are back at the Phantom Power studio to give out the one life hack everybody needs: How to get a self-made, deli-meat discount at your local grocery store. Jarrod admits to his new addiction and discusses the benefit of doing crack. Then they talk about which celebrities they'd like to meet. It's another episode that just has it all. 

Dec 22, 2021
Mrs. Nixon's Done

Kyle Ziegler, Vince Kowalski and Rob Cibik joined Jarrod Micale and Chris William on RiffBusters. Jarrod and Chris try to find out how old Rob is by testing his knowledge of presidential elections and dirt. Vince tells us why O'Jung's Tavern in Philly has a special place in his heart and Kyle is watching Rocky. Plus Chris thinks he can beat up every magician and Jarrod invests in ladders. 

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Dec 15, 2021
Holy Shart

Erick Sanchez and Jackie Benhayon came to Phantom Power to eat cupcakes and got tricked into talking to Chris William and Jarrod Micale. They talked about the conflict on the Gaza Strip, the ramifications caused by economic inequality between generations and ... who are we kidding? They talked about the George Lopez Show and Nickelodeon's Guts. Chris compared Ben Stiller to 2 Chainz and Jarrod has access to Philly cheesesteaks anytime he's in Arizona. That's more like it.

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Dec 08, 2021
Back to Winnipeg

Chris William and Jarrod Micale are back for Season 2 and they sacrificed their cars to entertain you. Chris had hand surgery and is about to throw away his Madden season because of it and Jarrod survived a trip to AutoZone and found out just how patriotic his parents' favorite president really is. 

Dec 01, 2021
German Toilet

Lewisburg comedian Adrien Duran stops by to teach Jarrod how to cook eggs. They talk about doughnuts, pork and the YMC ... Gay? Poor Chris. Plus the Germans' infrastructure takes a dump. 

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Oct 13, 2021
Devious Licks

Joey Tepedino joins the guys and gives them his resume. They exchange stories about pranks at work, Target thefts and surprises on the pizza delivery routes. Jarrod kind of trains for a job at Sears and Chris outs himself as a member of the Magic Mafia. Then Joey meets a blind guy and his friend, Tom. It's ... a lot. 

Oct 06, 2021
Sky Angel

Kyle Neff and Kyle Ziegler join Jarrod Micale and Chris William on a special religious episode of Riffbusters. Christianity, Mennonites and backhoe trips to the gas stations are just three of the topics discussed at this roundtable. Jarrod talks about how his dad had kids because of society and Chris tells a story about almost sending his dad to jail. Plus a Creed concert. Jail doesn't sound so bad anymore, huh?

Sep 29, 2021
Genuine Pat

Pat George and Dom George stop by the home-away-from-home studio to talk to Jarrod and Chris about ghost stories, Danielle Steele pajamas and Martin Scorsese movies. Of course Scorsese makes an appearance. Jarrod gets a front-row seat to a Buddha Boys reunion and has a damning revelation involving Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg. And Chris wears a nightshirt, everybody. 

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Sep 22, 2021

Comedian and foster kid Chris Chimmer makes a rare podcast appearance with Jarrod Micale and Chris William.  Chimmer talked about how he received stolen silk boxers from his seventh-grade girlfriend, his days as a car salesman and why you can't buy food at the South Williamsport 7-11 between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Plus Jarrod's dad taught him how to steal a grown man's dignity, Chris William split his pants and they learn rappers' real names and which famous people don't have parents.

Sep 15, 2021

Chris and Jarrod are back with a brand new episode and answer the questions no one has ever thought of asking. What if Macho Man was on the Sopranos? Does Glenn Danzig mow his lawn? Is Devon Sawa still alive? It's another good one. 

Sep 08, 2021
Keep Texting and Driving

Pat House stopped by the makeshift studio at WiseCrackers to talk comedy and true crime with Jarrod and Chris. House reminisced about hosting for Patrice O'Neal and Greg Giraldo and then traded billboard jokes with the guys. Chris tells a joke that no president would like and Jarrod discusses "community porn."

Sep 01, 2021
Patron Saint of Stromboli

The guys set up shop at WiseCrackers and traded their favorite Bible stories. Jarrod likes the wholesome one about how Jesus was cool with the lady giving a small offering. Chris' favorite is about Rocco, the Italian stereotype with the necklace collection. Then they put Jesus in Jackass to firmly secure their places in hell. Afterward, they traded hometown homicide stories and sang a classic country duet.

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Aug 25, 2021
Local Donkeys

Manny Santiago and Mike O'Donnell join Jarrod Micale and Chris William to discuss horror movies, what exactly is hay and which animals have the most boring lives. Chris takes the guys on a trip to the Coal Region and they bring the Saw franchise to Central Perk. This episode has it all.

Aug 18, 2021
Big Mess

Jarrod and Chris are back at it again. They're asking the big, pressing questions this week: Was my pregnant art teacher a bitch? Is the goomba character on Super Mario Bros. racist? Is this the line for the vintage clothing show? It's about damn time we got some answers. 

Aug 11, 2021
Fart Mike

Jarrod paid a visit to Chris' home studio and had easy access to the soundboard and made sure to take full advantage. Chris talked about his time at Camp Anarchy while Jarrod took Keith Morris down a level or two. As if that was possible. All of that and a whole lot of Jackass history.

Aug 04, 2021
The Worst Episode

Jarrod and Chris argue over the pronunciation of one of Italy's greatest heroes and test out their impressions of comedians a tad more famous than they are. They also dig deep into the Peters family crime syndicate of Endicott, N.Y.

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Jul 28, 2021
Daily Double

Harrisburg comedian Avery Quinn stopped by to talk to Chris William and Jarrod Micale for an all new RiffBusters. They discuss the legacy of Penn State football, if elderly people should still be having unprotected sex and why kangaroos are the jerks of the animal world. You know, the usual. 

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Jul 21, 2021
Smart Goats

Joey Tepedino dropped by the makeshift RiffBusters studio to talk to Jarrod Micale and Chris William. Joey and Jarrod bond over growing up in Italian homes while Chris dishes about the White Trash Mafia in Central Pennsylvania. Chris also talks about growing up in strict homes and the time goats ate his shirt. ... I mean, yeah. 

Jul 14, 2021
Porch Pirates

Chris and Jarrod are back with a brand new episode of RiffBusters. Is it more intelligent than the last one? Absolutely not. They explore the legendary acting careers of Daniel Stern, Anthony Hopkins and Bart the Bear and reminisce about where they saw their first pair of breasts. But wait: There's more. Chris has a cool shirt -- on an audio-only podcast -- and thinks he'd make a pretty good bear. 

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Jul 07, 2021

Chris and Jarrod invited their friend and comedian, Audrie Marsh, onto the podcast and she actually said yes. Does she regret it? Probably. She talked about when she knew she was gay and Jarrod tried to sell Chris on "fat kid privilege." Chris took the high road (the one with powerful suspension).

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Jun 30, 2021
You Have a Prescription Hat?

Chris William and Jarrod Micale started their new podcast, Riffbusters, by talking about conservative comedians, Christmas Eve drug-busts and which religion is going to keep Chris out of hell. 

Jun 23, 2021
"Dick Trauma? That's a Real Thing?" with Jarrod Micale and Chris William

Chris William is back to teach Jarrod all about the ancient art of "rumpology." Jarrod nearly has an embolism after Chris calls Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 "phenomenal" movies and they try out a new podcast, A Creature Like This. Plus Bill Russum drops by for a bit.

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Jun 01, 2021
"Ireland Doesn't Count" with Jarrod Micale and Chris William

Shamokin comedian and friend of the podcast Chris William subbed in for David and challenged Jarrod to a game of Google. They talked about the NBA awards, chose their "guilt-free threes" -- male and female -- and picked their favorite fat celebrities. As a bonus, Jarrod takes another shot at the Irish. When will the beatings stop?

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May 25, 2021
"Would You Know That CEO?" with Jarred Micale and David Feinberg

The guys are back with a brand new game: Would You Know That CEO? Jarrod wonders if Super Mario is really Italian. David buys a new vest. And they both pay homage to the fallen, imprisoned elite. 

May 18, 2021
"The Gentleman" with Jarrod Micale and David Feinberg

The guys are back together and it sure was a grand time. Jarrod mentioned his favorite Simpsons episodes much to the delight of David, who talks about the time he discovered mayonnaise at Wendy's. Then the two debate on a new substitute for a discarded word.

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May 11, 2021
"And She's Always Stuck in the Fridge?" with David Feinberg ft. Producer Mike Peters

Jarrod was off this week, so David and Mike caught up. David talked about his newfound fascination with swords and Mike revealed why he's afraid of them. Mike terrorized a crazy, squirrel-throwing, Korean War veteran and David talks about his favorite parts of horse statues.

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The Ben Raemers Foundation: https://thebenraemersfoundation.com/

May 04, 2021
"Who is the Jewish GOAT?" with Jarrod Micale and David Feinberg

The guys are back to regale the audience with their favorite classic sex moves, a drunken wedding with Taylor Swift and Jarrod's favorite Vine video. Plus David finally puts an end to the age-old question: Who is the greatest Jew of all time?

Apr 27, 2021
"What Ad is This?" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys are back with a karaoke version of the So Tell Us... Podcast. They cover all the gems, from Steely Dan to the BareNaked Ladies and Fleetwood Mac. Jarrod remembers a joke from a childhood friend and David reveals a years-old family argument. 

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Apr 20, 2021
"How's Chris Beniot Doing?" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys celebrate the podcast's first birthday by letting the listeners do the work for them. Typical Jarrod and David. It's a good time. Jarrod explains what a "Hitler tribute tattoo" is, David talks about his favorite documentaries and they both take a hard look at what their lives have become over the last year.

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Apr 13, 2021
"I Will Fight Any Irish Person" with Jarrod Micale and David Feinberg

The guys are back with stories about Tony Hawk's Bagel Bites, a pair of shrimp-smelling fingers and a couple impromptu stand-up sets. Plus, Jarrod has a cleft-palate joke and a Craigslist ad you won't forget and David gives good advice for any elderly, Jewish man.

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Apr 06, 2021
"His name was Jay Gudykunst" with Jarrod Micale and David Feinberg

The guys are talking about a whole new batch of nonsense this week. Jarrod's dad gets a new car. National treasure and Grateful Dead-loving Glen Feinberg meets his doppelganger, conservative radio host Michael Smerconish. And we're introduced to a new character in the So Tell Us... universe: Jay Gudykunst. 

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Mar 30, 2021
"Oh. So You Got Shekeled?" with Jarrod Micale and David Feinberg

The guys are back to their riffing ways. David talks about doing a comedy show. Jarrod learns what Vanilla Ice's name is. And they both take a trip to Irish Hell. This one's for you, River. 

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Mar 23, 2021
"Oy Vey and Anthony," the Drunk Bill Explains Crossover Episode

In a very special episode, David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale bring So Tell Us... in for a group hug with the Drunk Bill Explains crew, A-List and Bill Russum, and White Men Can't Bump and Up N Up co-host Chris William for a crossover. Russum drunkenly explains the "Christian Side Hug," listen to the whitest rapper on the planet and exchange some wholesome 9/11 stories. 

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Mar 16, 2021
"His Dad's Vietnam was when Hair Metal was Popular" with Andrew Schiavone and Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers and Andrew Schiavone, hosts of the Panic Attacking podcast, stopped by to talk to the guys about Jerry Seinfeld, clean comedy and just how many people is too many people for an orgy. 

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Mar 09, 2021
"I Went to the Guggenheim School for Yiddish Crooning" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys are back after a week off to talk about their days at the public pool, what friendly act will get you sent to a military prison in Israel and the healing power of Whitesnake. 

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Mar 02, 2021
"This is Something Britney Spears Could Never Do" with Sam Ike

The guys bring back Sam Ike to talk about movies. David reveals the sexiest part of a woman in cinema and Jarrod drinks champagne on a plane. Because he's better than you.

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Feb 23, 2021
"I Have Emphysema From the Rubble" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys get back to work, discussing the topics that are shaking up the world. Have the prizes at Chuck E. Cheese have lost their value? Was "Macho Man" Randy Savage at Ground Zero? And what does Bruce Springsteen actually sound like?

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Feb 16, 2021
"Time For Your Medicine" with Glen Feinberg

They said it couldn't be done.  Or shouldn't be done. One of them. Either way, the guys sit down with the one and only Glen Feinberg. He talks about the Grateful Dead, how he's spent his pandemic and explains why it was best to wait to become a father. And David talks about a "Piss Corner." What a pair.

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Feb 09, 2021
"They Used to Call Him 'The Soup'" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys are telling stories about open mics, bad skateboarding injuries and why you should never trust a man named "The Soup." You know, the usual. 

Feb 02, 2021
"That's the Worst Thing I've Said" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys are back and talking about their dads, Peter Frampton's magic and how much better Jarrod's life would be if he only had more pens.

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Jan 26, 2021
"All Our Dads Are Gonna Be So Horny" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

David is back with a screwed-together wrist to talk to Jarrod about the magic of Good Burger and why Joe Biden's inauguration is going to be great for dads everywhere. Plus there's a Patreon now. 

Jan 19, 2021
"Be Careful in Traffic" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

In a very special episode, David sends in a message from his hospital bed and Jarrod updates the audience on the NBA standings and what Vincent Gallo has been up to since his 1984 Soul Train appearance.

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Jan 12, 2021
"Rent with an Option to Bisexual" with Jarrod and David

The guys start 2021 by talking about working with Jack Osbourne, digging deep in the Cameo catalog  and how O.J. Simpson can really make a wedding special. Plus the Trenchcoat Mafia, Big Lurch's after-PCP snack and NAMBLA. You know, the usual.

Jan 05, 2021
"Are Jews Obsessed with Germans?" with Jarrod and David

The guys wrap up the year by answering the questions everybody's thinking about: What should a kid do when he sees an adult penis? How much Italian meat should you eat in front of your dad when he can't have any? And are the Jews still pissed at the Germans?

Dec 29, 2020
The Jingle Jangle Special 4 Boyz Hu CRiii with David and Jarrod

The guys celebrate the holiday season by talking about their favorite movies, childhood presents ... and subscribing to Only Fans? Merry Chanukah, everybody. 

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Dec 22, 2020
"It's Not Cool to be a School Shooter" with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale

The guys catch up with each other about Jarrod's dad's heart attack and David's middle-school memories. 

Dec 15, 2020
"I have to work at Verizon" with Bill Russum and Chris William

The guys sit down to talk comedy with White Men Can't Bump co-hosts Bill Russum (Drunk Bill Explains) and Chris William (Up 'N Up Podcast), who tell their worst bomb stories.

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Dec 08, 2020
"Tom Hanks Sucks, Dude" with Dru Montana

The guys sit down with Philadelphia comedian Dru Montana, who Chet Hanks blocked on Twitter for trying to pick a fight with his dad.

Dec 01, 2020
"Like Father, Like Son" with Simon Bloch

New York City comedian Simon Bloch joins the boys to talk about three of the most important things in life -- comedy, cereal and what David ate for dinner.

Nov 17, 2020
"On the Mic" with Mike Peters

This week the boys flip it on Mike Peters and interview him. "You ain't got no credit cards?"-Leon. Mike Peters is a comedian/producer/podcaster from upstate New York who has smoked weed 8 times. Check out "On the mic" with Mike Peters every Friday wherever you get podcasts.  

Nov 10, 2020
"Quarantine" with Benny Feldman

Bennys been inside for too long! Listen as the boys welcome Benny Feldman. Benny was the first guest on the So Tell Us podcast and he's also wild!

Nov 03, 2020
"Harlem Shakes" with Shafi Hossain

Shafi Hossain has a ball talking about comedy, pumpkins and Albany  with the So Tell Us boys, 

Oct 27, 2020
Halloween Spooktacular

Warning! We don't talk about Halloween. Just Davids mom and some other junk.  No guest no problem. Enjoy!

Oct 20, 2020
"Rookie and The Vet" with Betty Smithsonian and Manny Brown

FUN is the only description for this episode. Manny and Betty aka Womanny make us laugh while talking about comedy and Tony Dungy. No one likes you when your on episode 23.

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Oct 06, 2020
"For My People" with Katonya Mosley

Stand up comic and comedy producer Katonya Mosley stops by to chat with David and Jarrod. We talk to her about the state of comedy, online comedy and being a producer of two of Philly's best shows. Don't miss this one 

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Sep 29, 2020
"SLUT" with Xazmin Garza

Xazmin Garza stand up and podcaster joins us today. We talk about her start, life in Utah, Vegas and NYC. Check her new podcast SL,UT and follow her at startswithanX. 

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Sep 22, 2020
"Lovable Monsters" with Ryan Foster and Peggy O'Leary

It's Tuesday and we've got Ryan Foster and Peggy O'Leary. Both are stand ups from Philadelphia and have a podcast/show called Lovable Monsters. Check them out wherever you get podcasts. 

Sep 15, 2020
"Feel Feelings" With Dan Getz and George Brudermann

Feel Feeling boys on this week! Two great Philly area stand ups talk about comedy, music and the Adam Sandler film Pixels. This is a really fun one!

Sep 08, 2020
"Chicken Wire" with Joe Rumrill

The dudes are back with special guest Joe Rumrill. Joe is a standup and general funny man who makes us laugh the entire episode. Google Joe Rumrill right now!

Sep 01, 2020
"First time magic" with Chloe Radcliffe

This week we welcome Chloe Radcliffe. Chloe is a writer/standup living in NYC. We talk about writing for late night, stand up and bad haircuts. 

Aug 25, 2020
"That's how it's done!" with Jake Mattera

This week we have Philadelphia stand up comedian Jake Mattera, Jake is a regular at Helium and gives former guest Sam Ike a run for his money for best bombing story. Later!

Aug 18, 2020
"Memory Lane" with David and Jarrod

Episode 15! We made it! It's just David and Jarrod looking back and talking about the podcast. This episode was planned we swear no one cancelled on us! 

Aug 11, 2020
"First or Last" with Caitlin Peluffo

Todays guest is Caitlin Peluffo. Caitlin Peluffo is a stand up from NYC and one of the most energetic comics in the biz. Check out her Colbert set after listening to this episode that we think is one of our best yet! 

Aug 04, 2020
"Anxiety" with Steven Rogers

Number lucky 13 is perfect for this weeks guest NYC stand up comedian Steven Rogers. Steven has been on The Late show with Steven Colbert and has recently been touring with Brian Regan. We talk about anxiety, open mics, corn, joke writing and more anxiety. 

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Jul 28, 2020
"Elite Steakhouse" with Alyssa Al-Dookhi

This week the guys sit down with Alyssa Al-Dookhi. Alyssa is a stand up comic, writer and comedy game show host from Philadelphia. No topic is left off the table. We talk about childhood, hosting, joke writing and how people have no shame when handing trash to bartenders.  Enjoy!

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Jul 21, 2020
“Chanel No.1" with Chanel Ali

It's Tuesday and it's your lucky day because this week we welcome Chanel Ali. Chanel talks about her album Chanel No. 1, her comedy start in Philadelphia and whats next for her career. Sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing episode. 

Jul 14, 2020
"Chip, Mary, Kill" with Mary Radzinski and Chip Chantry

Philadelphia comedy royalty Chip and Mary stop by to talk about their new podcast called "Chip, Mary, Kill", the pandemic and you guessed it stand up comedy.  

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Jul 07, 2020
"You're welcome" with Sam Ike

This week the dudes talk to comedian Sam Ike. Sam is a rising staf in the Boston comedy scene and a personal favorite of ours. We discuss movies, baseball and one of the best bombing stories ever. 

Jun 30, 2020
"Bro" with Usama Siddiquee

This week on So Tell Us we talk to NYC standup comic Usama Siddiquee. We talk about Comedy, David being out of touch with rap lyrics, Terry Crews and how important being present in a room is. 

Jun 23, 2020
"She ain't hurting nobody" with Chip Chantry

This weeks episode features stand up comedian and writer Chip Chantry. Chip hails from Philadelphia and has been a big inspiration to us at So tell us. We talk about the building blocks of being a comedian, Philadelphia comedy history and blue goo. 

Jun 16, 2020
"Work ethic" with Jamie Wolf

It's Tuesday so were back with another barn burner. This episode we interview Jamie Wolfe. Jamie is a stand up living in NYC who was just named "Comic to watch" at the NYC comedy Festival. We talk about stand up, family, joke writing, bombing and a whole bunch more on this fantastic episode. 

May 26, 2020
"Christ Scissor" with Rose Luardo

This week the guys zoom down with the one and only Rose Luardo. Rose discusses preforming, her father, psychedelics, Chris Farley, and all forms of comedy live from her beautiful backyard in South Philadelphia. 

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May 19, 2020
"Kutztown's got talent" with Kirk Griffiths

So tell us with David Feinberg and Jarrod Micale welcomes Kirk Griffiths! Kirk discusses his comedy start at the Comic Strip in NYC and his standup journey so far. Check out his Podcast Proper Ebonics and his social media @captainkeith24.

May 16, 2020
"I drink alone" with Benny Feldman

The first episode ever with no intro music! The pilot if you will. We welcome funny man Benny Feldman. Benny is known as a stand up who was featured on Tosh.0 and was the runner up of last years Phillys Phunniest. 

May 12, 2020
"Cinnaminson cribs" with The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie

This week So Tell Us welcomes The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie sketch team. These two are a hoot! We talk about sketch, dead comedians, conspiracy theories and how these two fell in love.

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May 12, 2020
"I closed for Gallagher" with Kris Fried

This week So Tell Us welcomes comedian Kris Fried. Kris talks about his new Pilot "Collecting", his Album "We're all adults here" and early influences in comedy. 

May 10, 2020