Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Producer Bill.

By Bill Ryan

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2020 is going to be remembered for many things, most of it not good. For me, 2020 hit the reset button on my life. This podcast will help me figure out what's next. In the meantime, I'm going to talk to a bunch of people more talented than me.

Episode Date
It's Not Goodbye, it's "See You Soon"

Bill explains the reasons why he is hitting the "pause" button on this podcast. 

Apr 19, 2021
The strongest drugs I have in my house are first aid supplies.

Bill is joined by some of the regulars on his Friday night zoom call, including his friends Bill, Kevin, and Phil.  They crack open some beers and Bill updates them on his job search, and also tells them the unusual way he got rejected for a job last week.  They also get into worst jobs they've ever had, an update on Bill's wife Paula and her crusade to destroy their neighbors across the street, how Bill feels left out of the drug game, the first movie that they've ever seen in a theatre and the first movie that made them cry, living in an on-demand world and LOTS LOTS more!!!  

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Apr 12, 2021
Complete Chaos At My House (or as we like to call it, Sunday)

It's a real family affair for this one!  First, Bill has more details about the upcoming podcast with Delaney that drops on April 5th, then talks about a project he'd like to work on.  After that, his 6-year-old son Drew stops by as there's suspicion that he might be involved in a kindergarten love triangle.  Then, Bill plays "5 Second Rule" with Drew and 9-year-old Will before his wife Paula joins him to explain the unusual reason why their neighbor knocked on their door the other night. 

This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy or sell your home!

Mar 29, 2021
Why I Was Fired from Z100 in Portland And Other PDX Memories

My friend and former intern Kelsey joins me on this podcast to reminisce about our time in Portland, which spanned from early 2003 to late 2004.  We talk about all of the chaos at work, all the instances we put Kelsey into embarrassing situations, and how we both love and miss the Pacific Northwest.  Also, I FINALLY found the audio of the segment that got me fired from Z100 in Portland....the time I dressed up as a Wal-Mart employee and "quit my job"!  If you make it to the end of this podcast, you'll hear the entire thing! 

This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy or sell your home!  

Mar 22, 2021
A Regular Conversation with the Boovie Girls

Bill is joined by Rosha Safarmehdi and Hannah Kress, former co-workers and hosts of the podcast "The Boovie Girls".  They talk about businesses that over-confirm their appointments, pressure to give businesses a 5-star rating, over-friendly Dutch Bros. employees, following celebrities on social media, and lots more!  Follow the Boovie Girls HERE and listen to their podcast as they discuss what was better...the book or the movie?!? 

This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy or sell your home!

Mar 15, 2021

It's a bonus episode for this week!  You may have seen the video of the literal fight that broke out at the Bath and Body Works inside Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale on Saturday.  The creator of the video is Genevieve, who you can follow at Twitter HERE.  Read more about what happened and see the video HERE.  Genevieve joins me to properly analyze this video and we break it down like it's the Zapruder Film.  Seriously, we don't miss a frame.  

Mar 09, 2021
Checking In On Myself

This one is a littttllle all over the place.  I recorded this podcast all by myself and I explain the reasons why.  I also talk about my hopes for the future of this podcast, the feelings of loneliness I've been experiencing, and the best birthday gift I've ever received.  Honestly, this podcast may just be a self-indulgent mess that you can totally skip over and I'll try and come up with something better next week. 

Even though the podcast may not be my best, it's still sponsored by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy or sell your home!  

Mar 08, 2021
Sleepless in Nashville with Sam Alex and Chad Mitchell

It's a podcast follow-up!  A few weeks ago on the pod Bill and Chad talked about a guy who they believed slept in his car during a radio seminar they all attended in Nashville back in 2009.  Well, that guy was Sam Alex and he joins Bill and Chad to set the record straight on his exact sleeping arrangements that weekend.  The three also talk about how Country artists are nicer than anyone in the music industry, and is it possible to maintain a successful friendship with a celebrity?  Check out Sam's website HERE.  Follow Chad @thechadradio to find his podcast "That Just Happened."  Follow Bill @dollabilltre

This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy and sell your home!  

Mar 01, 2021
A Fireside Chat with Billy The Kidd

Billy The Kidd is a fixture at one of the biggest stations in the country, 106.1 KISS-FM in Dallas.  He was also hosting his own morning show at the KISS station in Austin, but the pandemic and more industry-wide budget cuts ended his successful run after almost 5 years.  Billy discusses how he's dealing with the loss, and what kind of projects interest him going forward.  We also talk about life with 9-year-old sons and Billy has tremendous stories about his late friend and radio legend Kidd Kraddick.  This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy or sell your home! 

This conversation was recorded before the recent Texas winter storm.  Billy is very involved in his community, and I thought it would be appropriate to post a link for anyone looking to provide aid and resources to Texas.  Click HERE for ways to help Texas.  

Feb 22, 2021
Living It Up with Lady La

If you listen to radio in Phoenix, then you know Lady La!  She worked mornings at LIVE 101.5 for many years and then afternoons at KISS-FM.  Or maybe you've seen La serving up delicious shaved ice from her Mahalo Made food truck!  Unfortunately, La and I have the unfortunate distinction of being let go from the same company on the same day.  What has she been doing the past 3 months and how has she handled the unexpected life change?  Follow her @theladyla, and @mahalomadeit.  This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to buy and sell your home!

Feb 15, 2021
It's a Love Story, Paisley Just Say Yes!

It's a BONUS podcast this week!  Valentine's Day is days away, and Friday is a very big day for Bill's 6-year-old son Drew because not only is it the day of his class Valentine's Day party, but Drew confesses his SECRET CRUSH!!!  I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious!!!  Also, the past few nights both Will and Drew have been eating all of their dinner....OR HAVE THEY???  Bill confronts both of them because he's on to their latest (and very disgusting) scam.  This podcast brought to you by HOMIE, the easiest way to sell your home! 

Feb 12, 2021
Late Night Confessions to my wife Paula

Producer Bill waited until the last-second to record this week's podcast, but he has good reasons why.  His wife Paula joins him late at night around the dining room table and they discuss his fascination with the Reddit/Gamestop saga and Bill confesses to Paula how he spent $200 in an attempt to get a job.  This podcast also features an interruption by their 6-year-old son who should have been in bed hours ago.  This week's podcast brought to you by Homie, the easiest way to sell your home!

Feb 01, 2021
Conquering Addiction with Shawnda McNeal

Shawnda has worked in radio since she was a teenager in Chillicothe, OH, moving all around the country to cities like Indianapolis, Houston, and Dallas.  After a recent layoff in Boise, she says she's done with radio forever.  But is she really?!?  We discuss this and more as I wonder if there really are possibilities outside of radio.  Check out Shawnda's podcast called "Intentionally Disruptive" HERE.  

Jan 25, 2021
A Planned Intervention with Chad Mitchell

Bill cracks open a beer or two and is joined by Chad Mitchell, formerly of the "Mojo In The Morning" show in Detroit, and host of his own show in Phoenix, most recently at KOOL-FM and KMLE-FM.  They talk about their 20+ years of friendship, the rollercoaster ride that's been their careers, and Bill is perhaps too harsh on Kim K. (not THAT Kim K., another one).  Follow @thechadradio for all of Chad's projects, and click HERE for his new podcast "That Just Happened".  

Jan 18, 2021
From the Farm to the Beach with Alyssa Haberman

Alyssa Haberman was most recently at ALT 94.9 in San Diego.  Before that she was working in Canton (Bill's hometown) at Q92.  Before THAT, she attended Bill's alma mater, Kent State University.  Knowing his fixation on anything Ohio, it was a no-brainer for Bill to track Alyssa down to have her on the podcast!  Alyssa is very talented and funny and you should follow her on IG @lyssahabes and you should definitely follow her on TikTok @lysssa.rose

Jan 11, 2021
It's the first night of 2021 so of course we're talking about 1996

Bill and 3 friends from college record their weekly zoom call and tell stories from their glory days in the 90's as students at Kent State University in Ohio.  Hear about the night of Bill's 21st birthday, how he got the nicknames "Gulli-BILL" and "T-Bone", the mystery of the blue underwear behind the bathroom door, and the night Bill slept in the backseat of his car.  

Jan 04, 2021
Home for the Holidays with Alex Gervasi

Alex Gervasi is amazingly talented and worked for many years at one of the pinnacles of modern radio, the legendary KISS-FM in Los Angeles.  Her 2020 got off to a rocky start and that was before the world was hit with Covid-19.  She joins me to talk about the highs and lows of this past year, how she managed and mourned the loss of her high-profile job, and how it led to her finding a "dream job" in the music industry!  Follow Alex @alexonthemic and check out her podcast "Alex Tries Her Best".  

Dec 28, 2020
A Covid Christmas with Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson is one of my oldest friends and a former co-worker from Cleveland.  We started producing morning radio together at the same time and share some of our favorite memories and not-so-favorite memories from that time.  We also talk about fake radio names, being typecast in our industry, and living the Dad life.  Glenn works afternoons at Star 102 in Cleveland, follow him @funnysongglenn on Instagram.  

Dec 21, 2020
Beer. Popcorn. And Kristina "With A K....Hey!!"

Kristina Kage is Kristina "With A K...Hey!!!" and has her own show in Phoenix, Portland, Detroit, Tampa Bay and other cities.  However, recently Kristina lost her main gig and joins me to commiserate and speculate what we might do next.  We also talk about living in Portland, online dating, and should we start an OnlyFans?!?  Follow Kristina @KristinaOnAir

Dec 14, 2020
Catching Up with Carla Marie and Anthony

Carla Marie and Anthony are the hosts of the "My Day Friday" podcast and you can watch them multiple times a week on Twitch.  (Twitch.TV/carlamarieandanthony).  We talk about some of the events which have led us all to be unemployed, how we're dealing with the change, our careers and the future of radio, Anthony moving into Carla Marie's spare bedroom....AND we play a round of 5 Second Rule!

Dec 07, 2020
Definitely not talking sports with Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison is currently in Miami where she worked for the legendary Y100. She was also heard in other cities like St. Louis and Charlotte.  She was released on the same day I was, and we talk about her career, the current state and future of radio, and what she has planned next.  Follow Brooke on Instagram @iambrookemorrison and Twitter @onairbrooke.  

Nov 30, 2020
Kickin' It with Kasper

Bill first heard Kasper on the radio when they were both starting out over 20 years ago.  They've traded messages over the years, but have never met in person or even had a conversation.  (Or did they?)  Kasper was most recently with US 99 in Chicago but lost his job due to Covid cutbacks back in April.  They talk about navigating through this difficult year and speculate on the future of radio in a post-Covid world.  

Nov 23, 2020
A trip down Memory Lang

Bill is reunited with a former co-worker and South Florida broadcasting professional Deena Lang.  They trade war stories during the 3 years they worked together, talk about staying positive during unemployment, and they speculate on the future of radio and their careers.  Follow Deena at Emotional Support Threads.  

Nov 16, 2020
First podcast TRAILER!

I share some initial thoughts on launching my very own podcast.  Thank you so much for subscribing and for coming with me on this journey.  The official first podcast will drop on Monday, November 16th!  

Nov 10, 2020