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By Joey Ingram

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In these podcasts I have conversations with the best Online and Live poker players in the world about mindset and lifestyle!

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Phil Ivey

One of the greatest poker players of all time, Phil Ivey, joins me today as my Poker Life podcast returns to YouTube!! I've been doing my podcast since 2014 and Phil Ivey has been one of the most requested guests. Happy to be able to bring the fans this episode, sit back and enjoy :)

Jun 10, 2021

NEW PLO Launchpad training course:​ (Dylan on the show Weds to discuss)


DOUG POLK AKA THE SUPREME LEADER AKA DOUGLAS K POLK AKA DEBATABLY THE BEST HUNL PLAYER IN THE WORLD AKA THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND is BACK on the Poker Life podcast today. We are talking all about the epic HU challenge vs Daniel Negreanu and how Doug came out victorious for $1,200,000. Doug has spent the last 3 months battling Daniel at a $200/$400 high stakes HU battle. Doug was the big favorite coming into the match and the pressure was on him to deliver a victory vs Daniel. The match was pretty anti-climactic in terms of who would win as Doug was the odds on favorite to win and wasn't in much danger of losing. At one point later in the match, Daniel had a massive near $400,000 victory over the course of a few hours that forced Doug to rethink his strategy. Doug came out using a limping strategy which caused Daniel to start tanking which caused a major controversy as Phil Galfond needed to step in to mediate the dispute. In the end, Doug came out with the victory in the match and in the side bets worth millions of dollars. Today we discuss more on it! NEW GTO NEWSLETTER:​ REDLINE KING MERCH (PRE-OFFICIAL RELEASE):

Feb 09, 2021
Guest Anthony Pompliano aka Pomp (Bitcoin | Investing | Business)

MY PODCAST HAS RETURNED!!! Sorry about taking so much time off from the podcast, have been focusing on the Daniel vs Doug event the past few months!!! Wanted to try to crush that! My podcast will be returning with a mix of poker and non-poker world people I find interesting and want to learn more about!




My guest today is Anthony Pompliano aka THE POMP. I started following him earlier this year during the LOCKDOWN when I was researching the history of money, currency and the federal reserve! Pomp is a massive BITCOIN advocate like many people in the poker world have been for quite some time - his Twitter is filled with Bitcoin related content and he has over 500k followers on that platform. He brings a nice mix of value - knowledge, humor, hype, family, positivity. Pomp also puts out a new podcast just about every single day and has turned that into one of the most popular podcast in his world. He has a wide variety of guests on from all different parts of the finance, content, investing, and business world. I'm very excited and interested to learn more about his background and how he came to be in this position that he is in now!

Feb 02, 2021
Ryan Depaulo (YouTuber/WSOP Bracelet Winner) Part 2

(Timestamps below) Ryan Depaulo is back after we had some technical issues our last time around!!! Ryan recently won a bracelet for $160,000 playing from a parking lot of a Whole Foods (he is known for doing random type of things like this.) Ryan is a poker player here on YouTube who makes VLOGS and plays online poker. Ryan has a very hardcore fanbase who enjoy following his degenerate adventures around the USA as he plays poker and gamblers on other types of games. His girlfriend and friends are often apart of the adventure as well.




0:00 Guest introduction, skateboarding while playing a WSOP event, software glitches while playing final table

15:21 Going pro, punting, GTO in poker, RDP relationship with his gf and poker, RDP vlogging career progress

30:42 RDP broadway job, parkour running joke, the degen lifestyle, lifestyle change for the better

57:35 Answering chat questions, ACR problems/improvements, ghosting in poker, changes in poker popularity between MTT/cashgames 1:30:22 Marketing in poker, security issues in poker, interacting with chat, Doug Polk story

1:49:36 Doug Polk confrontation story, Dnegs marketing strats, RDP future goals and more

Jul 23, 2020
Ryan Depaulo WSOP Parking Lot Bracelet Story

Making his debut on the Poker Life podcast today is fellow poker YouTuber Ryan Depaulo. Ryan has been making videos here on YouTube for a couple years now specializing in the VLOG format where he travels around to different casinos to degen it up in all different ways. His videos are hilarious and his fans love him. He just took down a WSOP Bracelet and $160,000 in a fucking Whole Foods parking lot in New Jersey. Excited to have him on.

Jul 23, 2020
Adam Pliska (World Poker Tour President)

Adam Pliska is the World Poker Tour President and he joins me today on the Poker Life Podcast. Adam has been with the WPT since 2002 (That is a LONG time) graduate of University of Southern California’s Film School and University of California Berkeley’s Law School, Boalt Hall, Adam has been with the World Poker Tour since 2003. As President, Adam oversees the entire WPT, from live events to online services to the televised broadcasts, and was named the American Poker Awards Industry Person of the Year for 2014. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 0:06 Guest introduction and how he became and why he is the current WPT president 9:35 WPT events complications because of Covid19, how WPT runs as a business 27:11 Positive changes in the poker world, poker content and its evolution 38:05 Systems about how to become expert at anything, how to balance your life around systems that improve it 47:05 Poker and traveling around the world with WPT, WPT organization management quality, poker companies and their business strategies and more

Jul 16, 2020
Issac "Hollywood" Haxton (All-Around TOP Poker Player)

Issac Haxton aka Hollywood Haxton is back on the Poker Life Podcast today. Ike is one of the top all around poker players in the entire world. He regularly plays the highest stakes cash games and tournaments around the world.

Jul 11, 2020
Fedor Holz (High Stakes Legend)
Fedor Holz is my guest today on the Poker Life Podcast. The first time Fedor was on was WAY back in 2014 after winning the WCOOP Main Event. Fedor is back sponsored by GGPoker and will be playing the upcoming WSOP event on their website. We will talk to Fedor about what life has been like back in the high stakes online poker tournament world and see if he considers himself still one of the top players.   0:02 Intro 0:05 Fedor introduction, future guests and plans for the podcast, Fedor acomplishments/plans for the future 2:55 Both of them talking about how they met, their first podcast, where Fedor is living atm what he has been doing and what's going with his return to poker 6:33 Fedor talks why he stopped and started again to play poker, what poker meant to him what he likes and dislikes 11:46 Other revenue streams besides poker why you need them, why Fedor chose to work with GGpoker 20:28 Fedor consluting GGpoker about rake and rakeback related systems, GGpoker what is all about 28:20 Why GGpoker does much better than other sites, the poker player experience and what should change to make it more enjoyable 43:00 Predatory aspect of poker pros and why they ruin the game, how the game should change for the better 57:25 WSOP/MTTS formats discussion, rakeback system structure/rules on GGpoker, shouting out chat after Fedor disconnects 1:22:08 Fedor reconnects after technical problems, GGpoker rakeback system positives/negatives 1:29:01 Sponsors and the value they bring, Fedor talks about being back in poker, studying poker, DTO and what is next 1:38:55 Poker project called "The Academy" focused on MTTs, 500 to 5k challenge discussion, Fedor Twitter phase, discipline in poker and more

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Jul 11, 2020
Rob Yong (Casino Owner/High Stakes Poker Player)

High stakes poker player, casino owner, and Partypoker partner Rob Yong joins me again on the Poker Life podcast today to talk about the state of the online poker world, where to look for opportunity in the poker world, his adventures at the very highest stakes cash games in the world, his adventures at the high stakes tournaments on PartyPoker, the upcoming World Poker Tour Championships on PartyPoker and more. It will be a fun show


0:01 Joey shout-outs his plans for his next future poker content 1:05 Joey introduces Rob Young and they start talking about what's been going on with Rob's life and history how he got into the poker business 5:24 Joey and Rob talk about MTT suggestions that Rob shared on his twitter how to better the MTT experience for the regs and recs 16:20 Joey and Rob talk about the WSOP and how to make it more authentic experience 23:20 Joey and Rob talk about the competition between the poker clients like PartyPoker, Pokerstars, GGPoker 34:12 Joey and Rob talk about possible plans for PartyPoker in America and their competitors plans and business strats 43:55 Joey and Rob talk about the possible future for poker with bitcoin and innovations and how poker should grow 57:25 Joey and Rob talk about PokerBros and how the app functions, poker regulations and Rob's accomplishments n the poker industry 1:14:15 Joey and Rob talk about Jungleman and Bill Perkins cheating incident and why it is bad for the poker community 1:24:25 Joey and Rob talk about GGPoker uncapped rake games and why rake should be reasonable and beatable 1:32:15 Joey and Rob talk about PartyPoker and GVC regulations, rules and other poker problems around regulations 1:44:55 Joey and Rob answer twitter/chat questions and they talk about the BBJ $350k incident, the poker industry risks/rewards/models/series/practices 2:17:35 Joey and Rob talk about stables and how they function, game assistance, ACR intentions, rating poker companies from best to worst for the poker players 2:31:33 Joey and Rob talk about why poker companies should do right about poker players and not exploiting them 2:38:00 Joey and Rob do shout-outs, answer more questions and pick giveaway winner for the $1k 5mil GTD WPT

Jul 08, 2020

Phil Galfond talks coming back from $900,000 down to win the Galfond Challenge with less than 100 hands

Apr 15, 2020
Phil Galfond Talks $900,000 Comeback!

Phil Galfond is doing the Galfond Challenge right now and came back from being down $900,000 a few weeks ago to take a brief lead in today's session against Veni Vedi. They are playing a 25,000 hand challenge and are about 20,000 hands in so far. We talked more about the challenge. 

Apr 03, 2020
Mike Mcdonald aka Timex - He Bet The World Series Of Poker Would Be Cancelled...

Mike Mcdonald aka Timex joins me on the podcast. Mike operates the betting website Poker Sharers which allows you to bet on players for poker tournaments and cash games. Mike has been actively following the current pandemic taking place and was one of the first people to list odds to bet against the WSOP taking place. This should be a great conversation.

Mar 20, 2020
Great Conversation W/ Rob Yong (High Stakes/PartyPoker)

Rob Yong joins me again on the podcast today. Rob is a regular high stakes poker player in some of the biggest games around the world - I did commentary on his week for Poker After Dark in December that had JRB and Rick Solomon playing. It was wild. He is also one of the powers that be over at Party Poker and doing his part to try to provide a great place for poker players around the world to play. Rob recently closed down his poker room in the UK and we will talk about that + his recent high roller poker series in Sochi, Russia that was derailed because of the pandemic.

Mar 20, 2020
Doug Polk Says GOODBYE TO POKER & Fires Parting Shots...
Mar 18, 2020
Bill Perkins (CoronaVirus, Markets, GTO Wisdom)

This  was a great conversation related to the CoronaVirus, how to think about it, the markets, its impact on poker/world and much more. Love having Bill on, he is a fucking legend. 

Mar 17, 2020
Ultimate Vegas Experience Giveaway + New PLO Course

The new Upswing Poker PLO Mastery course is out now:… If you sign up this week you get the Live PLO Dominance course as well. Will be choosing at least one person who signs up through my link for an Ultimate Vegas Experience during this years WSOP. Dylan & Chris have been working on this course for the past 6 months. Chris is one of the top PLO players on & has a VERY solver based style. Dylan plays live/online high stakes here in Vegas and is one of the best teachers that I've worked with.

Mar 02, 2020
Brad Owen (Top Poker YouTube Vlogger)

I really enjoyed this one guys. Brad Owen joins me on the Poker Life podcast today. Brad is one of the top YouTube poker vloggers in the world right now with over 180,000 subscribers and millions of views on his videos. Brad has been a professional poker player since 2015 in the Las Vegas area playing $2/$5-$5/$10 on a regular basis. He also host Meet Up Games w/ Andrew Neeme all around the world on a regular basis.


TIMESTAMPS  0:00 Intro 3:10 How do you feel where your career has gone? 5:10 Poker audience about women 6:50 Dealing with mean comments 10:30 How Brad started & why are vlogs popular 15:05 Hoodie and Hat vs Suit Jacket 19:29 Why I think Brad is successful 20:00 Brad's old career vs playing poker professionally 22:00 Brad's poker career and having to quit 32:00 Are winning players competitive? 32:40 Meet Up Games question 38:00 GTO MANIFESTATION 40:30 Brad & family importance 42:00 Farrah Galfond & Phil Galfond 44:50 VLOG TITLES & WINNING SESSIONS 52:30 How do you handle meeting fans? 56:30 Global Poker Awards 1:00:00 YT poker taking videos down 1:05:00 International MeetUp Games 1:18:00 ACR Talk 1:22:00 Instagram Poker World 1:26:00 Brad's Cat Rap 1:28:40 1st round of shots 1:31:00 Promotional Modeling & My High Stakes 1:39:00 PLO more popular outside of the USA 1:41:50 Future of Poker VLOGS & MeetUpGames 1:45:50 How does it feel to be so viewed? 1:51:00 YouTube Poker Content 1:55:00 Selling candy in middle school 1:58:30 2nd round of SHOTS 2:00:30 Bart Hanson 2:04:40 Doug Polk 2:07:40 Ryan DePaulo vs Doug Polk 2:14:30 Spraggy 2:15:11 Is Spraggy scared of Brad? 2:19:00 Bar Poker Open & Support 2:23:00 Is Twitch better than YouTube 2:36:00 Brad $100k year 2:41:00 Catholic Schools 2:44:50 Car getting broke into 2:50 More shots and chaos

Feb 22, 2020
Phil Galfond Talks Challenge & Being Down $900,000

Phil Galfond joins the podcast today to talk being down $900k in Match 1 of the Galfond Challenge against Veni Vedi on Run It Once Poker. We will ask Phil all the questions that so many of you out there want to know about. 

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 3:30 How does Phil feel about the challenge??  5:12 Why not end the first match??  7:30 Will time off make a difference in the results??  8:30 Does Phil think he has an edge??  11:53 At what point does Phil quit the match??  15:24 If I think he is better, I will quit....  22:52 What has made the match so tough?? (Pattern Recognition)  27:00 Why did Phil choose Veni as first opponent??  32:50 Has Run It Once Poker traffic grown??  34:20 Free $10 on RIO Poker now  37:50 When will RIO Poker make money?  39:00 Possible bankroll challenge for myself on RIO Poker  42:20 Do you think Veni is cheating?  47:00 Luke Schwartz comments  51:30 Thoughts being down $400,000  53:00 How has Phil's wife Farah handled challenge?  58:53 Adam Levitan question on God Mode...  59:30 Downswing piece of advice   1:04:40 When will challenge resume?  1:09:00 Dealing with criticism  1:11:30 Does Phil have all his own action??  1:13:30 When will MTTs be on RIO Poker?  1:18:00 Aussie Matt story  1:21:00 RIO NEW PLO Product Vision 

Feb 20, 2020
Mike McDonald Weighs In On Vibes/Polk/Deeb CONTROVERSY, Poker Staking & More

TIMESTAMPS. Mike McDonald aka Timex joins me today. Ever wonder what happens after one has become one of the best poker players in the world, where can you go from there? After Mike had poker success, he went on to start a very successful poker related business called PokerShares (Knowledge he gained from being an expert in Markup) and is now expanding to other areas. The man most definitely has many valuable poker/life lessons to share.



Timestamps 0:00 Intro 2:35 Life After Poker 8:00 Chess and Checkers BOTS?! 11:45 Starting up Pokershares 13:00 Mike McDonald on Markup Prices 23:00 Investing in yourself through Pokershares (“Good Buys”) 31:30 BB/100 in TOURNAMENTS? (How to Price that in Relation to Markup) 35:00 Tournament vs Cash Players 38:25 The “Messages” 40:10 Mike McDonald and Kitty Kuo POWER COUPLE! (Party Poker Contest) 42:55 Incentivized to play GG Poker Series 46:00 Pokerstars Sponsorship Deals Back in the Day 49:00 “Negative Content” 51:00 Reactionary Comments in Sports Content 53:30 BTC and Crypto 1:06:00 FIRED UP PAPI 1:07:30 Poker and Timex 1:09:30 SHOUTOUT TO PLP 1:11:00 Poker Content Styles 1:15:00 - 1:17:20 Disparity between Poker vs Other Games 1:19:30 Life Skills and Poker 1:33:00 “Unique Bettors on Pokershares” 1:40:20 Story Time w/ Timex! 1:47:45 Shoutout to JOEY 1:50:00 Biggest sports bets! 1:52:00 Mike’s Hobbies and Improving Your Daily Life 1:59:30: “Comparison” 2:03:00: Lambo Thoughts 2:06:00: HDB STORY 2:08:00 Diet and Transferring Knowledge 2:17:00 Mike on Being Older and the “Jamie Gold Hand” 2:21:00 Bad Players Winning 2:31:00 SHOUTOUTS 2:37:00 Luke Schwartz Story 2:41:00 Jungleman Timebank Tower! (Great Clips from Livestream) + Jungleman Review! 2:46:00 Will Mike be the NEW Jungleman 2:50:00 Life Advice 3:00:00 Marblelympics 3:07:00 Outro

May 19, 2019
Matt Berkey Is Back On The Podcast

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Matt Berkey is BACK on the Poker Life Podcast to talk about how he is preparing to play a full 2019 World Series Of Poker Schedule.


3:00 Live at the Bike and Poker After Dark


6:28 Giving Back to Recs

7:10 Shoutout to Israeli Ron

8:00 Negreanu’s Masterclass

10:30 Chip Tells

11:35 Matt’s Tournament Schedule

12:30-13:04 Money in the WSOP

13:30 Berkey vs Foxen

15:45 Meeting Kristen Bicknell in 2003

17:30 Berkey’s Thoughts in the Poker World (Tournaments and Cash Games)

20:50 Berkey’s bracelet thoughts

24:30 Bonomo Mixing it Up

26:30 Power of Twitter (Strawberry vs Grape) Opinions

49:00 Lack of Coordination in Poker Media

57:00 Combatting Narratives

1:00:00 Calling out People Elegantly

1:07:30 Poker Police on Twitter

1:14:05 Authority Figures

1:16:00 Berkey SHOUTOUTS 1:19:30 Vertucci vs Berkey

1:24:00 The Martin vs Garrett Hand

1:40:00 Content for Clicks (Vlogs) included

1:54:00 “Tryhards”

1:55:30 Million Dollar Cash Game

2:00:00 “The Grind”

More Shoutouts

2:04:00 Barry and Attractive Women

2:08:00 Berkey’s Take on Pornography and Being Disciplined (2:08:00)

2:14:00 Supporting Friends

2:18:00 WSOP Prep

2:26:00 Tournament Mistakes

2:28:00 Cash Game Mistakes

2:30:30 Berkey/Negreanu/Jungleman OOL?

2:34:00 Christian Soto Review (and Dressing well)

2:38:00 Rio Parking

2:42:00 6 Max DREAM SCENARIO

2:46:00 Midstakes vs High Stakes Grinders

2:48:00 The folding full house hand

2:51:30 Poker and Life

2:52:45 Christian Soto Graph

2:54:00 Lowest and Highest Tournament Berkey has Played 2:55:00 Being backed and bankroll

2:58:30 Markup

3:05:00 Actionable Advice

May 16, 2019
(Legendary) Barry Greenstein DROPS WISDOM On Poker & Life

This is another legendary episode w/ Barry Greenstein on the Poker Life Podcast.


TIMESTAMPS (THANKS LANDON) 1:58: Getting Back into the Podcast Grind 3:25: Poker Relationships! 12:25: “Getting mad at dealers” 17:45: Barry’s Recent Life (Home Game Experiences) 28:20: Markup Situation (Backing Tournament Players) and Staking in General 43:54: Phil Ivey’s Whereabouts 46:26: Patrik Antonius on making poker fun again 49:35: Jamie vs Sammy Hand (sidebar) 56:25: Barry and Pokerstars 1:04:00 Barry in China (BUSINESS DEAL?) 1:23:50: Poker becoming a “no-win game” 1:33:00 Alex and Sports! 1:35:35: Barry blowing money 1:37:00: BARRY AND WOMEN! 1:42:30: Jungleman Review 1:47:30: College Barry 1:50:00 Sex Life Barry 1:54:18: Why Barry looks “much older” now then when he was on TV a decade ago 1:56:57: Last time Barry didn’t have a moustache 1:57:56: THE LEGENDARY PHOTO 1:59:50: Negreanu Package Photo Review 2:02:58: Daniel Negreanu Social Media/ Poker Stars Ambassador Review 2:08:20: SHOUTOUTS! 2:10:25: Monetizing Your Passions (Hustler Brand Owner Larry Flynt sidebar) 2:18:33: Barry Playing Props at GUNPOINT 2:25:38: Rake in Texas Games (Redman's Club) 2:32:00: Barry’s Gunpoint Experience (Police Robbery?) 2:36:30: Barry’s Life Now (WSOP Schedule) 2:40:15: “Stealing Tournaments” 2:45:06: Tournament Mistakes 2:54:00: Long Tournament Day Prep 2:59:10: Stu Ungar Stories 3:05:46: Why Tournament Players and Cash Game Players Differ 3:07:00: People coming up to Barry for Knowledge 3:08:55: PLO tournament advice 3:11:55: JOEY PLAYS THE MAIN EVENT???? 3:13:40: Barry’s TOUGHEST Opponents 3:19:23: THE HAND (KK vs AA) vs. SAMMY FARHA 3:26:25: Bringing BACK High Stakes Poker 3:32:00: Supporting Poker Stars 3:35:25: ACR Legality Sidebar 3:36:00: College Barry vs. FBI (Home Game Story) 3:44:35: Vietnam War Draft 3:48:00: Keeping Focused in Tournaments 3:59:55: “Getting it in Good” Principle 4:04:00: Midstakes Games vs the games Barry Plays in 4:07:20: Barry on LIVE at THE BIKE? 4:15:00: Poker After Dark 500K Buyin Cash Game! 4:18:15: Barry’s Reputation 4:29:50: STOP AND SAY HI TO BARRY AND ASK HIM YOUR QUESTIONS AT THE WSOP! 4:32:25: Superstar Barry and Phil Hellmuth during the peak of popularity! (Foxwoods Prank) 4:34:50: Outro

May 14, 2019
ALLinPav REVEALS How to CRUSH MTTs and Build YOUR Bankroll !

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. My guest today is legend in the making ALLinPav. Pav has been crushing the online tournament world this year while streaming almost everyday on Twitch. One of the hardest working guys. People have been asking for this one & it's time we make it happen.




0:00: Intro 3:55: Taking Poker Seriously (Grind Nation) 5:55: How Streaming Gives a Competitive Mindset 7:00: HOW TO GET BETTER (Poker + Mindset) 11:53: Mentally Recovering From Losing (Downswings) 14:17: ACR Situation (Bots + Legality) 19:30: Party Poker Team Pro Details 25:30: Joey vs the Bots 30:00: Pav’s Greed (Why he doesn't want to sell action) 32:15: Pav’s Rules for Poker 35:00: How Pav Improved in Poker 37:55: Pav’s “Goals + Friendships” 40:30: Genuine Personality 42:00 Doug’s “Fire Starting” in Pav 46:10: Open About Financials 48:00 Attitude (Confident, Cocky Style) 51:25: Grind House! 55:15 Learning From Roommates 58:00: Advancing in Tournament Stakes 1:01:00: Proving Yourself 1:07:00: The GREEN Tag 1:09:30: “Live High Roller Tournaments” 1:11:00: Doug vs. Tournament Streamers 1:15:15: Shoutout to Upswing + Petrangelo’s WPT Course 1:21:00: Gary V Approach 1:23:00: Finding Strategy Content 1:24:00: Belief before results 1:25:00 Shoutout to Patrick (IrEgption) 1:27:15: Tournament Downswings 1:30:00: Long Term Poker Approach 1:35:00: Tournaments vs Cash Games 1:39:00: Future Things 1:41:00: YT Content and Editing 1:45:40 Shaved Head 1:47:30: Bed Making Theory 1:50:15: From Pleb to Crusher Mentality 1:56:00: Studying vs the Illusion of Studying 1:57:00: Favorite Podcast Guests 1:59:45: Jungleman Video! 2:09:15: Grinding “High” 2:14:00: Competitiveness in Streaming 2:16:00: Passion vs Grind 2:20:00: Serbian Roots (Parents) + First Job 2:28:30: Parental Support for Poker (SHOWING RECEIPTS) 2:35:00: JOEY’S SELF HELP BOOK 2:39:00: Pav’s WSOP Thoughts 2:42:00: Passions and Motivation 2:45:00 Girls and Poker (Happiness and Life Things) 2:51:00 Outro

May 11, 2019
(SHOTS FIRED) Bracelet Winner Jared Jaffee On Negreanu, Deeb, WSOP & More...

Jared Jaffee is a long-time tournament & cash game poker player based here in Las Vegas. Jared talks about the state of the World Series of Poker and gives his thoughts on notable poker players Daniel Negreanu, Shaun Deeb, Justin Bonomo & more.



TIMESTAMPS 0:00: Intro 2:24: Jarred’s other Podcast Ventures/ GPI Awards 4:20: A little bit about Jarred 5:55: Jarred’s Outlook on the Poker Scene 9:20: Shot Clocks Everywhere 11:05: Patrik Antonius Circuit Making an Example (Banning Scarves, Sunglasses, Hoodies) 16:35: Rake and Bracelet Situation in Tournaments (Online Bracelets Included) 23:25: Lower Stake Tournaments vs. High Buyin Events (Casino Competition) 25:25: Hallway Hounding 27:10: Women in Poker 30:30 Angle Shooting Tournament Buyin Situation (+Women in Poker continued) 34:25: Thirst Lounge Jarred?? (BIG Shoutout to the Thirst Lounge) 38:18: Jarred’s LOVED Twitter Thread (Poker Players in 5 Words or Less) 43:23: Jarred’s Opinion on Justin Bonomo 46:40: Jarred’s Opinion on Shaun Deeb 51:50: Friendships in the Poker Community 52:50: Saying Things How They Are 54:25: “Voices of Poker” 1:00:00: Lawyer Life 1:03:30: Backstory 1:06:10: Remodeling (Shoutout to Jeff Gross) 1:08:40: DEGEN STORIES! 1:11:45: Fixing Life Leaks 1:12:45: Ensuring WSOP Success! 1:15:25: Playing Cash Games During WSOP 1:17:15: “Life Changing” Scores During the WSOP 1:21:06: Poker Advice for the WSOP! 1:25:00 SHOUTOUTS! 1:26:50: Poker Fantasies?? 1:29:50: Poker’s Help in Everyday Life 1:30:40: Jarred’s Thoughts on Daniel Negreanu + Phil Hellmuth 1:40:35: Overselling Tournament Package 1:42:30: Food Places in Vegas!

May 11, 2019
Devon Larratt | Arm Wrestling World Champion | Podcast

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Devon Larratt is one of the baddest men on the planet and one of the top arm wrestlers in the entire world. I've been watching his matches, videos, and YouTube content over the past half year and is by far one of my favorite athletes out there. We reached out to him on Instagram to get him on the podcast and here we are now. Super fucking excited for this one. 0:00: Introduction 5:20: Intro to Arm Wrestling (Starting weight, cutting, etc.) 14:00 Arm Wrestling as a recognized sport 15:00: Devon Getting into Arm Wrestling 17:30: Accepting Victories and Defeats 19:45: Arm Wrestling Strats! 28:30: Arm Wrestling Theatrics 41:30: Devon’s YT Content 47:00: Poker on Tours 49:00: Sacrifices and Selfishness 51:45: Rematch With #1 in the World 53:00-60:00 WATCH THIS 1:01:00: Sports and What it’s Given to Devon 1:07:00 Shoutout to Devon’s Wife (Strength of Fans and Support) 1:09:00: Arm Wrestling Teachings 1:15:00: Outro

May 11, 2019
Lex Veldhuis On Overcoming Mental Health Issues

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Lex Veldhuis is a long time poker player and one of the most successful poker streamers in the industry right now. He currently streams regularly on Twitch to thousands of people while pursuing poker excellence in the tournament format. Lex is a fan favorite of the podcast and someone I've known for a long time. Very happy to have him back on.

0:00-3:45: Introduction

3:45-9:00: Twitch Audience and Understanding Viewership

9:00-14:00: Stream Grind vs Twitch Grind (ex. Playing high roller tournaments with NO HUD)

14:00-18:00: Streaming When Downswinging

18:00-21:25: Competitive Mindset and Emotions

21:25-30:10: Competition Between Twitch Streamers + No Days Off Mentality

30:10-42:00: UFC + Pokerstars Deal

42:00-44:30: Lex Documentary???

44:30-53:45: PokerStars Streamers Going to PartyPoker

53:45-1:15:00: Pokerstars Rake Situation

1:15:00-1:20:00: The State of Tournaments

1:20:00-1:26:00: Lex’s Goals (Top 10 Streamer)

1:26:00-1:48:15: Lex’s Stress and Health

1:48:15-1:51:00: Lex’s “Purpose”

1:51:00-2:00:00: Toxic Chats

2:00:00-2:14:00: Tournament Strategy

2:14:00-2:18:00: Intrinsic Motivation

2:18:00-2:38:00: Tweet Review With Lex!

2:38:00-2:44:00: WSOP MAIN 2009 and Bluffs

2:44:00-2:47:00: Old School Series

2:47:00-2:49:00: Poker advice!

2:49:00-2:58:00: Podcast Guest Recommendation 2:58:00: Patrik Antonius PLO Cash Game and Outro

May 02, 2019
(SHOTS FIRED) Shaun Deeb Adresses Negreanu Feud, Markup Comments & Upcoming 2019 WSOP Preparation

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Shaun Deeb discusses Negreanu feud, comments on markup, upcoming 2019 WSOP preparation and more. 


(0:00) Intro, Shaun Deeb (2:30) What poker game formats and stakes has Shaun been playing lately? (3:00) Shaun explains why it's so important to seize opportunities arise in poker. (4:00) #DadLife with Shaun Deeb (7:00) Shaun's recent Twitter dispute with Daniel Negreanu re: JohnnyVibes WSOP package markup (10:00) Shaun's qualifications as an all-time poker tournament grinder (11:00) Is Shaun being a "bully" with his commentary as the 'Markup Police' (14:30) Addressing Negreanu's negative Twitter remarks about Deeb (16:30) The struggles and guilt that comes with being married to a poker pro (17:30) The Twitter "marriage last longer" prop bet (19:30) Ashley Deeb's Twitter response to Deeb-Negreanu dispute, prop bet offer (20:30) Papi defends some of DNegs' #OOL interactions (21:00) "Touchy-feely" incident involving Amanda Leatherman and DNegs on "The Big Game?" Out of court settlement and Non Disclosure Agreement? (21:30) Deeb says Daniel has DNegs crosses a lot of lines (22:30) Mason Malmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu, and other feuds (23:30) Daniel has taken fat checks and hurt poker players, says Deeb (24:30) Should Daniel Negreanu adjust his approach as an ambassador? (26:00) Shaun promotes and defends Daniel Negreanu's 2019 WSOP package (27:00) Why dealing with mass backing payouts as a WSOP players is a huge headache (28:30) Both Shaun and Joey believe Phil Hellmuth is "underrated" (29:30) Shaun's action with Kane Kalas, Joe McKeehan, and Phil Hellmuth (30:30) The Phil Hellmuth hype is real (31:30) 50 Cent vs. Randall Emmett Instagram sh**storm (32:30) Was Negreanu's YouTube coverage of #FoftyGate hypocritical? (34:00) Shaun justifies shaming those who owe debts in the poker world (35:00) What would have been next step if Randall hadn't paid debt to 50 Cent? (36:00) Lala Kent interviews and memes that have gone viral (37:00) Daniel Negreanu "doesn't back down," is a "hypocrite," says Deeb (40:00) Daniel Negreanu's chivalrous defense of Eric Lindgren, while burying Mike Matusow (40:15) "Daniel gets so much enjoyment out of making other people miserabe." -Shaun Deeb (40:30) Deeb confirms Daniel's dress-to-the-left bulge is big (42:00) Phil Hellmuth has advised others to be more discreet while working to clean up industry (44:00) Discussion of JohnnyVibes WSOP package, tournament markup, poker hand ranges (52:00) Promotion of Poker Sasha PLO package, Ryan LaPlante's package, and high roller ROIs (55:00) Deeb's thoughts on PLO edges, shout-outs to Alex Foxen and Chance Kornuth (59:00) In-depth thoughts about poker tournament markup (1:03:00) Confirmed: Shaun Deeb is markup police, but sucks at Twitter punctuation (1:05:30) Deeb responds to JohnnyVibes in-chat commentary (1:07:00) "GTO is not as solved as people thought is was." (1:07:30) Shaun Deeb doesn't hold back in critique of JohnnyVibes poker skill level (1:11:30) "Day 1" poker pro tournament social media outreach is typically less than Day 2+ (1:13:00) Example of exploitative poker hand play (1:14:00) Shaun Deeb says JohnnyVibes is "full of shit" and "doesn't belong in poker." (1:16:00) Recent 3Bet poker clothing store closure. RunGoodGear best apparel brand? (1:17:00) Shaun Deeb's inner-circle in the poker world (1:18:00) More discussion about tournament markup (1:20:00) Paul Volpe cash game and WSOP tournament skill (1:23:00) Jason Mercier has immersed himself into the #DadLife, Shaun says (1:25:30) Poker Life Podcast chat interaction (1:28:00) The great Wizard-Assistant Jonah Vella has moved on to big things (1:30:30) 50 Cent vs. Randall Emmett re-dux (1:32:00) What are the biggest mistakes tournament players make? (1:34:00) Ashley Deeb Poker Life Podcast cameo will have to wait (1:35:30) Shaun Deeb's high profile "slowroll" of Mike Matusow (PNIA - 2013) (1:36:00) Whatever happened to...? Doyle Brunson appreciation. (1:40:00) General thoughts on poker player outreach and sincerity (1:43:00) Ashley Deeb has Shaun Deeb's complete respect it seems (1:46:00) Shaun Deeb believes non-profitable pros to find something else to do (1:49:00) The diminishing returns and expected value of almost all poker pros (1:50:30) Poker vlogs (1:52:00) Shaun Deeb's "go with the flow" WSOP prep strategy, making two "Day 3's" in 2018 (1:53:00) Shaun believes a prop bet is necessary to motivate him to perform at peak in 2019 WSOP (1:54:30) WSOP phone chargers, and how they tie into ongoing markup debates (1:56:30) Shaun Deeb refuses to initiate HU "Daniel Negreanu pool challenge" (1:57:30) First-hand thoughts on Daniel Negreanu's 2010 WSOPE £10k "pound you back" incident (2:04:30) "It's gonna be a fun summer!" Has Shaun Deeb "evolved" as a poker personality? (2:05:00) Why "transparency" is important in all aspects of the poker world (2:06:00) How Shaun and Ashley Deeb met at a poker table (Chad Brown charity event) (2:08:00) Papi reveals he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment (2:08:30) Upcoming Poker After Dark episodes on PokerGO (2:09:30) Eli Elezra debt to Shaun Deeb, talks with Mason Malmuth and David Sklansky at 2+2 (2:11:00) Joey Ingram's first experience at American Poker Awards, meeting Las Vegas gamig lawyer David Gzesh, Antonio Esfandiari and others (2:12:00) Back to Eli Elezra book (2:13:00) Shout-out to Allen Kessler (aka "chainsaw") (2:14:00) Upcoming Poker Life Podcast episodes, arm wrestling ambassador conversation (2:17:00) Why "limit" poker and "mixed games" underperform in broadcast viewership terms (2:19:00) Parting thoughts: "Never be scared money." Some MTT players are so... (2:20:30) "Tournament Playing Papi" -- Run It Up Reno (2:21:00) Shaun Deeb slowroll in Jacksonville, Florida. "I slowrolled my grandmother when she was alive." (2:23:00) Shaun has never been given the opportunity to properly "defend" one of his 3 WSOP bracelets (2:25:00) Final thoughts. "Kids are expensive." More to come... thanks for watching!

May 01, 2019
America's Card Room CEO Addresses Cheating

ACR Ceo Phil Nagy joins me on the Poker Life podcast today. I've made a number of different videos in the past about the cheating taking place on America's Card Room. Botting, colluding, tournament exploits, and who knows what else might be or have been taking place. Refunds near $500,000 have been issued to players. We deserve some answers and we will get them today. Sign Up for Upswing Poker's PLO Matrix. A precise and easy to use visual representation of GTO preflop ranges: Sign Up for Upswing Poker's Tournament Course from Nick Petrangelo:

Apr 30, 2019
Daniel Strelitz - Is Randall Emmett The Most Annoying Person In Poker??

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. My podcast guest today is Daniel Strelitz aka dDeoxyribo. Daniel is a long-time MTT player who finished 2nd in this years PCA Main Event and is also a coach for Chipleader Coaching. I also love his dads Twitter account :)

Chip Leader Coaching WSOP bootcamp:

Randall Emmett Annoying Good/Bad For Poker Discussion 59:24

Apr 28, 2019
Chance Kornuth On Negreanu's Package, $100k Workout Bet, Hellmuth Positivity

High Stakes Pro Chance Kornuth joins the Podcast today. Chance is a high stakes PLO & MTT player, co-founder of Chip Leader Coaching, tournament & cash game backer, and a master of the live tells.

Chip Leader Coaching WSOP bootcamp:

$100k Workout Prop Bet 3:00 Negreanu's Package discussion 1:10:45 Hellmuth Positivity Video: 1:21:18 One Piece Of PLO Strat: 2:30:27

Apr 25, 2019
(Legendary Episode) Alex Foxen (#1 GPI Ranked Tournament Player In The World)

Chip Leader Coaching WSOP bootcamp:

Today's podcast guest is Alex Foxen. Alex is the #1 ranked GPI tournament player in the entire world totaling around $8.5mm in cashes since 2018. Very excited for the world to get to know more about Alex.

Apr 24, 2019
Johnnie Vibes Responds To Controversy
Apr 22, 2019
Doug Polk Is BACK Firing Shots All Around

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 START 0:28 Intro 1:50 upcoming podcast guests 2:30 Doug's weight loss 3:50 Content grind and burnout 4:54 Counting calories vs Working out and overall Fitness/health 7:15 Doug's Vids 8:40 Freedom and traveling 10:00 Hit the Poker Ceiling 10:59 Doug Shoutouts 12:15 VR Poker quick thoughts 13:30 Joey returns and talks about Cocaine 14:20 The GPI awards 18:30 Where is Doug traveling 19:22 Fake Positive people's personas 26:20 Johnnie Vibes/Poker markup 38:30 Poker Vlogs 45:20 Social Media/Instagram content 48:39 back to vlogs/vloggers and what we idolize in poker 55:10 F*** the pros - what is poker about 57:30 Future of Online and Live Poker (BOTS) 59:20 Phil Nagy (ACR CEO) podcast and ACR bots 1:07:10 Bots possibly sharing cards in PLO / Weird hands/trends 1:10:24 Ryan Fee and playing poker 1:12:18 NLH vs THE GREAT GAME of PLO 1:16:40 What makes a game better than others 1:18:00 back to vlogs / Johnnie Vibes 1:19:40 Marle 1:20:40 shoutouts 1:23:07 ASMR 1:23:50 Charlie Carrel and controversial topics / F*** GTO 1:29:40 How Doug plays and teaches poker; GTO vs Exploitative 1:32:30 Why Doug doesn't see value in debating Charlie Carrel 1:34:55 Game of Thrones 1:39:33 Conspiracy theories 1:41:09 Cat incident (played in wrong tournament) 1:45:40 how Joey asks questions 1:47:40 Drugs in Poker (weed/addy) 1:49:00 What's new in Poker? How positive and negative stories compare 1:52:20 Poker Streaming (ALLINPAV crushing) 1:54:20 Ziigmund making out on Antonius stream 1:55:40 Garrett Adelstein - wanting to be the best at your hobbies/career 1:58:40 What does Doug have planned to do next? 2:00:00 DID I MENTION THE GIVEAWAY!? / Upswing Poker 2:02:10 Making money in the content space 2:06:10 Fight Videos/Breakdowns 2:08:40 Making Videos in other spaces-- dealing with hate comments 2:12:50 Trying not to upset people and wanting everyone to like you 2:16:50 OOL discussions on the Pod 2:00:20 Luke Schwartz bad mouthing Doug on the Pod 2:24:00 Mending Fences with people / Refusing to admit wrongness 2:27:20 Pretending to be butterflies ending the pod

Apr 19, 2019
Nick Vertucci On Life Wisdom & High Stakes Poker
Apr 19, 2019
(Legendary Episode) Garrett Adelstein Goes Deep On His Battle W/ Depression

TIMESTAMPS BELOW: Garrett Adelstein is a high stakes poker player regular on the show LiveAtTheBike and one of the most popular poker players in the poker world today. Garrett is known for his ability to bet any amount at any given time with any two cards. I don't play much Texas Hold'em but if I did, I would never fold top pair in my life to Garrett (and I would probably lose a bunch of money with this strategy.) I'm excited to have Garrett back on as he is one of my favorite people to talk to and our previous podcast today was one of the most popular.


Apr 12, 2019
Steffen Sontheimer Reveals SECRETS To Crushing Poker!

Steffen Sontheimer aka goosecore aka rungooserun aka goose joins me today.

Apr 12, 2019
Guest Andrew Neeme

The Poker Life podcast is back this week starting off w/ Poker VLOG God Andrew Neemee. Garrett Adelstein will be on the show this Thursday. I'll also be playing on Poker After Dark $25/$50 PLO this week on PokerGo Monday & Tuesday at 6pm EST


TIMESTAMPS (0:00) Intro, Andrew Neeme -- Global Poker Awards "Vlogger of The Year" (1:29) 2019 Global Poker Awards commentary (6:03) Andrew says sponsorship & venue concerns may have hindered the actual GPA show (8:26) The origins of the Poker Life Podcast (Pot Limit Omaha focus) (9:28) Suggestions for future poker awards processes and shows (12:12) Discussing the Randall Emmett poker experience (13:40) Popularity of Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen Meet Up Games (MUGs) (18:10) MUG event at Maryland Live! casino attracted 22 tables of poker players (22:12) Feedback that Andrew and Brad have received from casinos regarding MUGs (22:26) Taboos associated with filming on the gaming floor (24:13) Balancing responsibilities of vlogging, MUGs, fan outreach, dealing with casinos, etc (27:10) What motivates Andrew Neeme professionally at this point? (29:50) Fans are currently demanding MUGs in their local area (31:13) A few poker personalities have risen in recent years due to self-promotion efforts (32:51) Andrew Neeeme believes poker player popularity will still be based on"meritocracy" (34:06) New poker personalities are definitely more approachable than the "old guard," says Neeme (34:51) Exchanging vlog tips for PLO tips (37:08) Explaining the "Poker Sasha" PLO strategy theory (38:31) Discussion about the "industry-wide" PLO scene (40:25) How the Poker Life Podcast evolved once Papi moved from Indiana to Las Vegas (42:28) How high of a priority does Andrew place on different elements of his responsibilities? (44:13) What about content other than poker? (47:42) Brad Owen YouTube channel growth (49:44) Andrew's YouTube video that focused on fellow vlogger Marle Cordeiro (51:25) Why people NEED Las Vegas tips (53:11) Why Carl Trooper deserves a poker vlogger "lifetime achievement" award (53:43) More Las Vegas tips (bars, restaurants) Carl Trooper Las Vegas "coffee shop" tips (56:28) Patented Poker Life Podcast "Papi Shoutouts" (58:12) Papi's $25/$50 PLO game on Poker After Dark (Phil Galfond will be in the booth) (59:55) Poker live streams, adjusting strategy when live streaming (1:03:21) Live streams and booze (1:04:11) What's an attainable winrate for different games in Las Vegas? (1:06:56) How to move up stakes as a poker pro (1:11:03) Private poker games discussion, how Las Vegas is "embracing" private games now (1:13:52) Industry-created "high hand" bonuses and "jackpot" poker games (1:14:23) Phil Galfond, Run It Once Poker, streamR program, and "Splash The Pot" feature (1:15:54) Why continuing to promote old-school poker personalities is important (1:18:55) Papi's dating mindset has changed in last 2 months -- now considering "settling down" (1:21:38) The importance of putting people at ease when conversating (1:25:49) Viewer questions, upcoming podcasts, Brad Owen vlogging skills (1:27:27) "Mr. Beast" YouTube channel and content, Casey Neistat and Jaman Burton appreciation (1:29:58) What's the best way to identify "leaks" in one's game? (1:34:34) Andrew Neeme's upcoming MUG schedule, Run It Up Reno, and other commitments (1:36:27) Social media followers -- watch Joey Ingram on Poker After Dark TONIGHT on PokerGO (1:37:26) Instagram and Instagram Stories (1:39:01) Conclusion, upcoming Poker Life Podcast conversations, future collaboration possibilities

Apr 12, 2019
Run It Once Poker IS LIVE (Brand New POKER Site) !!!

Phil Galfond discusses the official launch of Run It Once poker.

Apr 12, 2019
Bill Perkins Delivers LEGENDARY Life Wisdom (Live From Bahamas)

We are LIVE from the PCA Bahamas 2019 with Bill Perkins today. This is our first podcast ever with a live audience. It should be a fun time.

This podcast was epic, Bill dropped some amazing wisdom on us all. I love talking to him.

Apr 12, 2019
Dan Smith Talks High Stakes Poker + Million Dollar Charity Donation

King Dan aka Dan Smith joins me on the Poker Life podcast today to talk his high stakes cash game & tournament adventures over this past year. Dan finished 3rd in the $1mm BUY-IN ONE DROP this summer for $4mm & has about $26mm in lifetime winnings. In addition to tournaments, Dan plays some of the highest stakes cash games in casinos around the world. We will also be discussing Dan's million dollar charity drive, DoubleUpDrive, in which Dan and others will be contributing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to charity.

Apr 12, 2019
Phil Galfond: Is Ike Haxton The Perfect Poker Specimen?

Talking Super High Roller Bowl w/ Phil Galfond, its champion Ike Hollywood Haxton and more.

Apr 12, 2019
Matt Berkey Talks Million $$$ Cash Game Hands + Super High Roller Bowl

**TIMESTAMPS BELOW** Big Bet Matt Berkey joins me to talk about his recent play on the million dollar cash game on Live At The Bike and the $300k Super High Roller Bowl event so far.

2:13 Super High Roller Bowl Changed From Years Past 4:33 Thoughts on the SHRB Field This Year 9:57 Divide between Theorists/Data Analaysts/Vs. Copycats 13:55 Players being critiszed 16:25 There is more to solvers than only the data 17:30 Has poker strategy discussion gone to far solver based? 22:00 AA vs J7 Hand vs Nick Vertucci 24:00 SHRB Coverage For Viewers -24:00 Nick Schulman commentary 26:04 MTT vs Cash Game Players 26:52 Me Being More Active on Twitter during SHRB 28:10 PokerGo Being The WWE 31:30 Garrett Adelsein aka Your wife or your money 35:00 Andrew Neemee Popularity 38:10 People afraid of having rivalries 39:00 Gus Hansen 40:40 MVP Of Super High Roller Bowl 42:00 Lowkey MVP of SHRB aka Hollywood 43:05 My MVP Vogelsang 46:10 Theory on top poker players influence 52:30 SHRB Final Takeaways 56:08 LATB Million $$$ Cash Game -56:50 Deep stacks killing action -59:45 Using Short Deck structure for NL cash -1:01:00 Berkey Aggressive Play -1:03:20 Hand vs Garrett Adelstein 1:06:00 Plan on playing more live streams?? 1:09:33 Jonah Searches For Nudes 1:14:40 SolveForWhy VLOGS 1:15:24 My VLOG IMPRESSION 1:16:09 Marlz Vlog __

Apr 12, 2019
Scarmak3r aka Poker Millionaire (partypoker millions)

We all cheered Scarmak3r on during my partypoker millions live stream as he final tabled the event !! The 21-year-old student from Slovenia managed to qualify from a $5 satellite to the $5,300 MILLION Online and got 3rd for $1.3 million.

Apr 12, 2019
Jack Sinclair: WSOP Main Event Europe CHAMPION!

WSOP Main Event Europe 2018 Champion Jack Sinclair joins me on the Poker Life podcast today. Jack also final tabled the 2017 WSOP Main Event.

Apr 12, 2019
Guest Dankness aka Will Jaffe (PLO Regular)
Apr 12, 2019
Ebony Kenney: I Want To Be GREAT At Poker

Long time poker player, poker personality, multiple time guest of the podcast, and one of my favorite people in the world Ebony Kenny joins me today on the Poker Life podcast to talk about her winning poker player exploits as of late, her time spent in the lab, her bid to become host of Bill Perkins Thirst Lounge and more!

Apr 12, 2019
Phil Galfond: Is Online Poker DOOMED???

Phil Galfond is back on the Poker Life podcast today to discuss the latest updates on his poker site Run It Once Poker.

Sign up to Run It Once to get better at poker:

RIO YouTube:

Apr 12, 2019
Guest Marle (Poker VLOGGer)

Marle is a new poker VLOGGER who has been taking the content world in poker by storm w/ her very sarcastic style. You can find her channel here:

If you want to put yourself in the best position to beat Russian bots, South American poker houses, @plenopads bitB headquarters & learn poker from an amazing content creator. Check out UpswingPoker's BRAND new MTT course by @npetrang today!!

Apr 12, 2019
Impromptu Kelly Minkin In-Studio Podcast (Acid??)
Apr 12, 2019
Doug Polk: "Poker Players ARE SOFT!"
02:09:01 - Sign up for Upswing Poker NEW MTT course by one of the top tournament players in the world Petrangelo. This gives you the best chance to beat all the bots and twitch streamers out there.

Apr 12, 2019
Discussing Self-Improvement W/ Ed Latimore (Boxer/Author/Speaker)

My guest today is Ed Latimore. Ed is a heavyweight boxer, self-improvement wizard, author, speaker & is my favorite person I follow on Twitter. Ed is awesome at bringing the fucking fire on a consistent basis through his content & it has helped me & many others out very much.

I'm super excited to branch out from my normal Poker only guests and talk w/ people from other parts of the world about how we can all improve at our lives.

Apr 12, 2019
Makeboifin ($10/$20 HSNL Pokerstars Reg)

My guest today is Makeboifin. He is a high stakes cash game regular on Pokerstars playing Texas Hold Em. He only started playing poker a few years ago and has been able to become one of the best players. We will talk more about how he did it, the state of online NL and more. It should be a great conversation :D

Apr 12, 2019
Rob Yong (Head of Party Poker, Casino Owner, High Stakes Poker Player)

My guest today is the founder of Party Poker Live, partner in Party Poker, owner of Dusk Till Dawn casino, lover of Pot Limit Omaha & high stakes cash game player Rob Yong 🚀 


My favorite part of this episode was when Rob called me out to play him in Pot Limit Omaha after watching my commentary on his play during the $1,000,000 cash game in Montreal. 

Sep 20, 2018
Kevin Martin (Twitch Streamer)

Kevin Martin is a Pokerstars sponsored professional poker player who also regularly streams on Twitch.

Sep 20, 2018
Phil Galfond Talks WSOP Main Event 2018 + Bracelet Win

Phil Galfond joins me to talk all things World Series of Poker Main Event and our 2018 WSOP experience.

Sep 02, 2018
Charlie Carrel aka Epiphany77

Charlie Carrel is my guest on the Poker Life podcast today.

Check out for cash game & tournament staking/coaching for online & live poker play, as well as getting set up playing on the various untracked poker sites of the world. Play at your own risk!! Don't lose it all!!

Aug 26, 2018
Matt Berkey Is Back On The Poker Life Podcast

Aug 26, 2018
Joe Hachem: Is Poker Dying??

Joe Hachem joins me on the Poker Life Podcast today. Joe is the 2005 WSOP Main Event champion, Australia poker ambassador and Pot Limit Omaha enthusiast. We discuss is poker dying and how can we make it better, the great game of pot limit Omaha, Joe's personal life & personality, and his new tournament poker format idea that he will be bringing to his local Crown Casino on October 15th!! He really loves the idea so check it out and give him feedback. I think it sounds fun and really hope it can do well.

Aug 20, 2018
Guest Kelly Minkin || Poker Life Podcast

Kelly Minkin joins me on the Poker Life podcast today. Kelly recently made a run in the WSOP Main Event 2018. I'm excited to have Kelly on to learn more about her.

You can check out Imawhale staking over at

Aug 16, 2018
Guest William Kassouf || Poker Life Podcast


Aug 16, 2018
Doug Polk Talks VERY SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS | Poker Life Podcast

You can sign up for the Upswing Lab and all Upswing content (INCLUDING POT LIMIT OMAHA) here to get better at poker and you will support my channel

My response to JNandez video:

JNandez former workers statement:

Doug Video:

Aug 16, 2018
Guest Shaun Deeb || Poker Life Podcast

Shaun Deeb is back on the Poker Life podcast to talk about his 2 WSOP Bracelets this summer, leading WSOP player of the year, an altercation that took place with the WSOP floor and more!

Podcast tomorrow with Kelly Minkin

Aug 16, 2018
JohnnieVibes Talks LiveAtTheBike Angle & Video Blogging

JohnnyVibes is an up and coming poker video blogger and long time poker player. He joins me to talk about commentating on LiveAtTheBike during the biggest poker angle I've ever seen last week, his video blogging adventures and more. 

Aug 16, 2018
Ryan Feldman Talks LiveAtTheBike Angle Incident!!

LiveAtTheBike producer Ryan Feldman joins me on the podcast to talk about the debatably the biggest angle in poker history that took place on the show against Armenian Mike last week!

Aug 16, 2018
Dominik Nitsche | Super High Roller Bowl Recap

Dominik is back on the podcast to help discuss the Super High Roller Bowl won by Justin Bonomo for $5,000,000 and 2nd place Daniel Negreanu.

You can sign up for Upswing Poker's new Elite No Limit Hold em course or any other course/lab here & support the channel:

You can use promo code "Joey" if you sign up to watch the World Series of Poker on PokerGo and save $10.

Aug 16, 2018
Jason Koon Breaks Down His Million Dollar Pots!!
Aug 16, 2018
Guest Bryn Kenney (High Roller Beast) || Poker Life Podcast

Everything on Upswing Poker is 25% off right now! Sale ends Friday at midnight. If you've considered an Upswing course, now might be the time to pull the trigger.

Aug 16, 2018
Talking Sports Betting Law W/ Jonathan Bales (DFS/Fantasy Labs)

My buddy Jonathan Bales is on the podcast today. Jon is a high stakes DFS player, avid prop bettor, co-founder of Fantasy Labs, author of many great DFS related books, and overall very GTO person in the world. We are going to talk about the new sports betting law in the USA and how it might impact things for himself and for the gambling world. 

Aug 16, 2018
Guest SrslySirius aka Thomas Keeling || Poker Life Podcast

My podcast today is with video editor expert SrslySirius aka Thomas Keeling. Thomas works together w/ Doug Polk to help create all the poker/crypto videos Doug puts out & has helped turn Doug into a YouTube content beast.

You can sign up for Upswing Poker's new Elite No Limit Hold em course or any other course/lab here & support the channel:

Aug 16, 2018
Phil Galfond Talks Run It Once Poker Update! || Poker Life Podcast

Phil Galfond is back on the Poker Life podcast to discuss his recent updates for his upcoming poker site Run It Once Poker. Phil wrote a blog discussing how the poker site will be all anon tables, will not let players use a HUD, will allow players to have dynamic avatars and more. You can read it here!!

Aug 16, 2018
Maria Konnikova (Up & Coming Poker Player/Best Selling Author) || Poker Life Podcast

This podcast is really great! Maria has a view on the game that I haven't heard from many poker players. Maria is a psychologist & NY Times bestselling author who started playing poker for a new book, was coached by Eric Seidel, began crushing & now is playing poker full time! She is the author of the Times best-seller “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes,” which was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Nonfiction, and “The Confidence Game,” about the psychology of the con. I'm excited to have her on the podcast and find out more about her. A bit of her story is below for those who haven't read about it.

You can sign up for Upswing Poker's new Elite No Limit Hold em course or any other course/lab here & support the channel:

Aug 16, 2018
Will Doug Polk Take Aim At Dan Bilzerian
May 04, 2018
Sasha Liu aka The PLO Monster #2

My wonderful friend Sasha Liu joins me tonight! Sasha is a professional poker player that plays PLO cash games and NL MTTs. She is one of the most GTO people that I know in my life and is always full of wisdom that has helped me out very much. Sasha was the one who helped make the Barry Greenstein podcast happen!!! She is the definition of GTO!

May 04, 2018
John Duthie (High Stakes Cash + PartyPoker LIVE President)

John Duthie is a high stakes cash game player, founder of the European Poker Tour and current president of PartyPoker LIVE events. John helped turn the EPT into one of the best tournament series in the world before joining forces with Pokerstars. John left the EPT a few years ago and in early 2017 joined PartyPoker as president of its live events. John is currently working on turning PartyPoker LIVE into one of the best tournament series in the wor

May 04, 2018
Barry Greenstein IS BACK!

After our last legendary podcast together, Barry Greenstein is back again!! OG Merch is back up for ONLY 3 DAYS before it goes away forever

Apr 23, 2018
Sasha Liu (PLO Player) aka The Wisdom Queen aka My Future Wife??

My wonderful friend Sasha Liu joins me tonight! Sasha is a professional poker player that plays PLO cash games and NL MTTs. She is one of the most GTO people that I know in my life and is always full of wisdom that has helped me out very much. Sasha was the one who helped make the Barry Greenstein podcast happen!!! She is the definition of GTO!

Apr 21, 2018
Mike Vacanti Talks Staples Brothers PROP Bet!|
01:54:50 OG Merch is back up for ONLY 7 DAYS before it goes away forever. Mike Vacanti is one of the best personal training nutritional wizard experts that I've ever met. He just helped the Staples Brothers win their $150k weight prop bet and we will talk all about that and THEIR NEW PROP BET! 

Apr 21, 2018
Garrett Adelstein aka Gman (High Stakes NL Beast)

Garrett Adelstein joins me on the Poker Life podcast today. Garrett plays High Stakes NL hold'em cash games and has been battling on LiveAtTheBike and Poker After Dark in the last 6 months.

Apr 14, 2018
Gus Hansen Talks His HIGH STAKES POKER World!

The legend Gus Hansen joins me today on the poker life podcast to talk about his high stakes poker world, his million dollar swings over the years, his future in the poker world, his epic online play & much more.

Check out UpswingPokers new Elite Cash Game Mastery course on 6max NLH and other Upswing courses available:

Apr 10, 2018
Legendary Barry Greenstein Poker Life Podcast!!

Wow, this was one of my favorite podcasts of all time. So much wisdom & great stories told!!


Thanks Pam for these!

Here are a few timestamps for reference.

Time Content 22:58: First Phil Ivey story 36:25: How to learn mixed games 50:17: Badugi book 56:05: PokerStars rake changes 1:31:00: Tom Dwan story 1:43:15: Don’t invest in cryptocurrency 2:17:35: Buy in for short 2:30:00: Second Phil Ivey story 2:44:50: Phil Hellmuth story 2:57:52: On Stu Ungar 3:28:00: The secret to a good relationship 3:55:48: On Playing Live at the Bike or Poker Night in America 4:04:35: If you want to become a pro player 4:06:05: On the next poker boom
Apr 10, 2018
Fedor Holz is Back!
Apr 10, 2018
Apotheosis92 aka Chris Kruk (HSNL/HSMTT Pokerstars

Apotheosis is a Run it Once coach that plays HSNL cash & MTTs on Pokerstars and also has started playing live high roller MTTs in recent months 🚀🚀

Apr 10, 2018
Dominik Nitsche
Apr 10, 2018
Jason Mo Returns To Fire Shots!

Check out UpswingPokers new Elite Cash Game Mastery course on 6max NLH and other Upswing courses available:

Apr 10, 2018
Arlie Shaban (Twitch/BigBrother)

Arlie Shaban joins me on the podcast today. Arlie just completed 125 days straight streaming poker on Twitch and now has the longest streak in poker. He is an up and coming tournament poker player with an insane work ethic and great attitude. He was also on Big Brother Canada. 

Apr 10, 2018
PokerCentral Vice President Sam Simmons Joins To Talk All Things Poker

Sam Simmons joins me on the podcast today. Sam is the Vice President of Content for PokerCentral & PokerGo.

Apr 10, 2018
David Peters (High Stakes MTT'er)

My guest today is David Peters. David is one of the best tournament players in the world right now and regularly plays the highest stakes around the world. 

Apr 10, 2018
Michael Josem (Poker Security Expert)

My guest today is Michael Josem. Michael is a former Pokerstars security team expert, current Coin Poker head of security & the man who helped uncover the old AB/UB cheating!!

Apr 10, 2018
tonkaaaaP aka Parker Talbot
Apr 10, 2018
Cumicon Talks His $7,423,000 Poker Graph! (HSPLO CRUSHER)
Apr 10, 2018
Doug Polk FIRES SHOTS!! #BangBang
Apr 10, 2018
Vivian Saliba is a RISING POKER LEGEND!

Vivian is a poker player from Brazil who loves to play the great game of pot limit omaha and no limit texas tournaments! She has recently been signed to 888poker and will be a legend in the poker world one day if she isn't already!

Apr 10, 2018
Matt Berkey RESPONDS To Doug Polk

TIMESTAMPS (Shout out to David Huber for timestamps!!)

(0:00) Intro, Poker Life Podcast with Matt Berkey (2:10) This week's Poker After Dark shows (2:49) Matt Berkey's response to Live at the Bike lineup changes (5:13) Matt says $200/$400 NLHE LATB game promotion was a "partial truth" (6:37) Funds for high profile nosebleed poker games are not easy to move around (8:05) Matt Berkey talks about Doug Polk, YouTube video and TV poker cancellations (12:34) Live poker stream organizational challenges, not everyone has incentives (14:06) Matt sends a BANG BANG to Doug's Facebook Live clip (17:26) Matt Berkey's business growth, personal brand vision (18:47) LATB, Andrew Feldman get high praise (19:56) Should big name poker players become more active in organizing TV games? (21:30) Andrew Robl "leads with value" as "the bank" for some big games (23:36) Matt says Global Poker League is incosiderate of value to its players (25:01) More thoughts on Doug Polk (26:50) Joey talks about an upcoming surprise, Friday episode with Doug Polk (28:15) Cryptocurrency discussion, CoinPoker (35:39) The current state of online poker, middleman Internet wagering (43:30) Private poker games, cannibalization of stake levels (46:53) Why the Los Angeles poker scene is different from Las Vegas (50:06) The continued growth of poker tournaments (52:05) Promotional ideas... OMG Bomb Pots! (55:02) How short-stacking No Limit games is harmful (59:42) Joey talks about Doug spreading awareness of poker, cash games (1:00:30) Matt says Doug's LATB clips were long on critique, short on solutions (1:02:50) Matt Berkey's relatives look just like he does, nephew talk (1:06:09) Joey missed Tony Robbins event, was uploading Deep Thoughts on YouTube (1:11:12) What Matt learned from recent conference featuring Tony Robbins (1:12:31) Mental health, supression of creativity (1:14:39) Solve for Why acadamey (1:18:11) The "Young Prince" Fedor Holz (1:19:47) Matt Berkey's plans for rest of 2017 (1:24:34) Joey Ingram's recent and upcoming YouTube content (1:24:55) Adderall, caffeine and other substances that affect brain activity (1:29:24) Outro

Apr 10, 2018
JNandez REVEALS The Secrets To Being GTO AT LIFE
Apr 10, 2018
Has Doug Polk Lost The Love For Poker???

Thanks to David Huber for these GTO Timestamps!!

TIMESTAMPS (approximate)

(0:00) Intro, Corona sponsorship, PLO Lab (1:53) White socks aren't a thing? (3:00) Doug Polk the YouTube celebrity, ongoing projects (4:43) Poker is a relatively small space, slowed YouTube channel growth (11:48) Doug's new cryptocurrency site CoinCentral (16:43) Joey and Doug talk about cryptocurrency industry (18:26) Proliferation of virtual currencies in poker (20:01) Papi pimps 27 million bonus crypto videos, PolkCoin (23:00) Pot Limit Omaha discussion, PLO popularity vs. No Limit Hold'em (23:53) Fernando Habegger @JNandez87 PLO Lab, solvers (26:02) How does Joey feel about PLO solver scrutiny? (27:45) Phil Hellmuth GOAT? Upswing White Magic Lab? (30:33) King of The Hill 3 preview -- live stream starts Wednesday 6:00pm Eastern Time (33:30) GTO Blonde hair & heads-up prop bets (34:14) Doug's brother Elliott Polk debuts on Twitch (35:00) Twitch live streaming can be extremely draining (38:30) Importance of being #1 in Twitch category directory (39:00) Current big name Twitch Poker streamers (40:30) YouTube Poker discussion (45:30) Politics discussion. Papi for Secretary of Energy? (49:00) Doug's hypothetical political aspirations (49:30) Tom Dwan/Dan Bilzerian clickbait potential in politics (51:00) Viewer shout-outs (56:00) Stupid fk'n channels making stupid fk'n content (56:30) Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu run-in at Golden Knights hockey game (58:00) "Double-A" Alec Torelli surprised Papi at 2017 American Poker Awards (59:30) Poker personality glad-handing (1:02:00) Joey's channel has higher percentage of winning players vs. Doug's (1:03:30) What has Joey been up to lately? (1:07:00) Doug's recent YouTube content churn didn't result in expected growth (1:09:00) Doug's YouTube content collaboration with @SrslySirius (Thomas Keeling) (1:11:00) Doug's traveling commitments have absorbed his time (1:12:00) Jaime Staples to overtake Douglas K. Polk? (1:14:00) Content creation quality vs. quantity, creative independence (1:15:30) Learning as you go, constant adaptation is necessary in poker space (1:18:00) Doug had "most profitable year" in 2017, money isn't everything though (1:19:30) PokerStars, politics, corporate shilling, plus money & happiness (1:22:00) Doug is a workaholic, both he and Joey somewhat miss full-time poker grind (1:23:00) The "magic" of old-school poker competition, JNandez quote + Sammy Farha (1:26:00) Poker content creation ideas, PokerGO's lovebird programming (1:30:00) Balancing poker giveaway, marketing and affiliate outreach (1:31:30) UK Supreme Court rules against Phil Ivey, "dishonesty" & "cheating" (1:33:00) PokerStars Power Up, Team Pro stroke-shilling (1:37:00) Veteran players have lost faith in PokerStars (1:38:30) ToS, PokerStars Chests and becoming compromised (1:40:00) Upcoming Live at the Bike streams in November (1:43:00) Poker Central should have made Joey the star of "Chasing Hearts" (1:44:00) Major Wager hosted by Joey Ingram on PokerGO, show has writers (1:45:00) Doug Polk vs. Ryan Fee heads-up? (1:47:00) Doug got "boned" in Thursday PokerGO game (1:49:00) Lineup issues in high stakes games, Tom Dwan no-show 2 out of 3 days (1:51:00) High stakes televised poker vs. smaller stakes programming (1:53:00) No-showing a TV poker event has zero consequences for cast members (1:55:00) Doug officially retired from poker? (1:56:00) Poker Night King of The Hill 3 starts tonight (1:57:00) Pot Limit Omaha struggles in TV setting, Joey crushed (1:58:00) The televised poker dream -- Papi, Polk & Dwan (1:59:30) Luke Schwartz discussion, Jake Abdalla tee-shirt design (2:02:00) Even Doug/Joey/Negreanu matchup wouldn't boost PLO past NLHE on TV (2:05:30) Pot Limit Omaha is un-American? Joey and Doug debate. (2:13:30) Doug shares off topic story from high school (2:16:30) Politics (2:18:00) King of The Hill 3 at 6pm ET, Fernando Habegger podcast tomorrow (2:20:00) Outro

Apr 10, 2018
Guest OhhhHeyCindy ($25/50+ HSNL Pokerstars Reg

OHHHHHHHEYYYYYCINDY is my guest on the Poker Life podcast today!!! Cindy is a regular at the highest stakes games of No Limit Holdem Texas aka 2 card pot limit omaha on Pokerstars right now and is fucking insane!! Excited to talk to him!!

Apr 10, 2018
High Stakes Home Game Stories W/ John Beauprez (HSPLO/HSNL Player)

My guest today on the Poker Life podcast is John Beauprez aka KasinoKrime. John is a long time high stakes PLO and NL live/online cash game player. John founded, as well as co-founder of! He has also had success in tournaments over the years but has primarily focused on the great game of Pot Limit Omaha in recent years. For those who purchase the PLO Quick Pro Manual this week, let me know on YouTube or other social media, and I will add you to a special group including myself and others, to ask questions and discuss the great game!!!

Apr 10, 2018
Nick Schulman Talks High Stakes Poker Success

The legend himself Nick Schulman joins me on the Poker Life podcast. Nick is a very long time high stakes player and has also become one of the best poker commentators in the game. I'm super excited to have him on the podcast.

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Apr 10, 2018
JNandez Talks PLO UNIVERSITY closing + PLO Lab

Special offer for the Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other 15 PLO/GTO Club related video materials from myself|| ► 

Oct 09, 2017
Svzff aka Steven van Zadelhoff (WCOOP Main Event Winner) Joins Me

Svzff aka Steven van Zadelhoff who won the WCOOP Main Event for $1.6 Million DOLLARS joins me on the Poker Life podcast today!!!

Special offer for the Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other 15 PLO/GTO Club related video materials from myself|| ►

Special offer for the Upswing MTT aka Tournament course w/Pratyush Buddiga & Doug Polk. You will receive a copy of my book + 20 BONUS Poker/GTO Club material || ►

Oct 09, 2017
Steffen Sontheimer REVEALS SECRETS To Winning Poker Tournaments!!

Steffen Sontheimer aka goosecore aka rungooserun aka goose joins me today. Steffen recently won the Poker Masters purple jacket after making the final table of all five events. We will find out more about this German wunderkid today.

Special offer for the Upswing MTT aka Tournament course w/Pratyush Buddiga & Doug Polk. You will receive a copy of my book + 20 BONUS Poker/GTO Club material (AT SOME POINT)|| ►

Oct 03, 2017
Phil Galfond Talks PLO After Dark, Run It Once Poker & New DFS Site

Phil Galfond is BACK on the Poker Life podcast to talk PLO After Dark week hands, Run It Once, his new DFS site & much more! For those who purchase the PLO Quick Pro Manual this week, let me know on YouTube or other social media, and I will add you to a special group including myself and others, to ask questions and discuss the great game!!!

Oct 01, 2017
Talking Pot Limit Omaha W/ JNandez87! || Poker Life Podcast

JNandez joins me to discuss last weeks PLO After Dark, the great game of Pot Limit Omaha & more!

Special offer for the Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other PLO/GTO Club material || ►

Oct 01, 2017
Doug Polk On Tom Dwan's Return, Daniel Negreanu Side Bets & More!

|| ► || PLO Quickpro Manual is one of the best Pot Limit Omaha books for players new to the game, transitioning to PLO from NL, and players who are established, professionals.

Doug Polk is back on the podcast to talk about Tom Dwan's return to the poker world, side bets with Daniel Negreanu for the upcoming Poker Masters, his appearance on Poker After Dark this week, King of the Hill with Phil Hellmuth and more!!

Special offer for the Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other PLO/GTO Club material || ►

Oct 01, 2017
Mike McDonald Talks WSOP, PokerShares, PokerGo & More
Oct 01, 2017
Bill Perkins is BACK on the Poker Life Podcast!

Podcast favorite Bill Perkins is back on the Poker Life podcast!!!!!

Oct 01, 2017
Guest K.L. aka Highhands89 || Poker Life Podcast

K.L. aka Highhands89 joins me on the Poker Life podcast today fresh off his World Series of Poker Main Event cash. K.L. won a seat to the main event through a giveaway from Daniel Negreanu!!! We will talk more about K.L.'s adventure in Las Vegas and learn more about him! 

Oct 01, 2017
WSOP Main Event Chip Leader Scott Blumstein Joins Me!!

Scott Blumstein joins me to talk about making the WSOP Main Event Final table as the CHIP LEADER and in line to win $8,000,000!

Oct 01, 2017
Can Jack Sinclair WIN $8,000,000!? WSOP Main Event FINAL TABLIST!!

Jack Sinclair joins me for today's Poker Life podcast to talk about making the final table of the WSOP 2017 Main Event!!! Jack is still alive to possibly win the $8,000,000 first place!!!!!!!!! We will find out more about Jack and see how he is feeling going into the final table!

Oct 01, 2017
Doug Polk RESPONDS to Alec Torelli's VIRAL VIDEO!!! (REAL & UNEDITED!)

Doug Polk is back on the podcast today to talk about Alec Torelli's latest viral video, upcoming Upswing Poker party on Friday at Surrender, our out of line 1/1 PLO game, the GIVEAWAY, and much more!!!! Wisdom is shared by Doug at the end of the podcast!!!

Jul 05, 2017
Doug Polk Talks About Winning $3.6 MILLION DOLLARS

Timestamps courtsey of David Huber (Thanks David!)


(0:00) Intro, Live from Doug's Vegas-area stomping grounds (1:25) Doug's One Drop win still hasn't completely sunk in (2:10) Doug shows off WSOP High Roller for One Drop bracelet (2:55) One Drop + Tag Team winners' photo story from 2016 (4:45) Doug's One Drop victory still hasn't sunk in for Joey either (6:10) Doug's One Drop vlog on YouTube has 250,000 views (6:20) Joey makes affiliate push, tank tops incoming (7:00) Has Doug officially changed his tune about MTTs? TPP! (9:30) The grind of a live MTT pro - Doug doesn't want to be "slave to the system" (10:25) Joey ties it all together for us (11:50) Dong Kim once tried poker tournaments, he didn't like them (12:37) How is Doug treated by some of his poker tournament peers? Nonstop hate from a ton of people? (13:45) High Roller poker community consists of less than 100 individuals (15:00) Doug talks about misapplications of "Group Think" in tournament poker strategy (17:35) Doug grades competition, cash game vs. tournament players (19:00) Name 7 WSOP Main Event winners (20:25) Jerry Yang not great at poker? WHAT?! (22:50) Doug shoots on German High Roller crew (23:40) "Hollywood Ike" Haxton hypothetical discussion, name recognition is GTO, hard-on for small pairs? (25:30) Doug believes one-third of the field is losing in typical High Roller events (26:28) Daniel Negreanu "Memes-n-dreams" - Doug's live poker telecast wardrobe (27:10) Conversation about Luke Schwartz - Doug says Luke is "too cray" (28:35) World anxiously awaits response after "Double-A" Alec Torelli's June 6th Tweet (29:40) Doug explains why he doesn't shy away from all controversial topics in the poker industry (30:45) Doug explains stance on Alec Torelli live poker hidden chips controversy (32:25) Goodwill shout-out to "Jim The Floorman" (33:00) Doubling-down on being wrong is BS - better to own up to mistakes (35:40) Alec Torelli "three buttons down" shirt module coming soon? (37:35) Joey's new module on #WSOOOL available soon, Tournamnet Master Class discussion (38:40) The Rise of Upswing Poker, even Doug is amazed at Upswing's rapid growth (39:55) Doug fulfilled by success of Jason Les, Dong Kim, Daniel McAulay, Jimmy Chou (43:45) Jonah The Wizard Assistant + SrslySirius shout-outs (44:05) Doug's plans for rest of 2017, considering cryptocurrency or comedy channel (46:20) Joey and Doug give their shout-outs (47:00) Joey wants advice on surviving the Las Vegas summer elements (48:40) Joey crystal-balls future Doug/Kaitie matrimony? (49:15) One fan actually got down on his knees and HAILED Supreme Leader Douglas K. Polk at WSOP? (49:40) Believe it or not, Doug used to get OOL frequently in his younger days (51:35) Upswing Poker Party at Surrender Nightclub at Wynn Casino - July 7th (52:20) Joey & Doug will find girls for shy poker players who attend, Joey's Giveaway TOS (54:10) Joey not impressed with "two free drinks," asks about open bar for 1k people in Vegas (55:10) Joey deserves "Upswing Poker Affiliate of The Year" award, ceremony TBD (56:00) Meet Doug, Ryan Fee, Matt Colletta, Joey and many players + personalities this July 7th (57:40) Jonah met chain smokers recently, is doing great work, has legit skills (58:40) Drama between Doug & DNegs? Negreanu's recent hairstyle comment referring to Doug. (1:00:20) Doug gets around to thoughts on Daniel Negreanu (1:03:45) Joey thinks Doug doesn't receive enough support from mainstream poker hierarchy (1:05:00) Doug appreciates "more than fair share" of media coverage, has issue with APA politics (1:06:00) Winning & crushing helps when it comes to poker recognition and acceptance (1:08:30) Doug & Joey adapt to WSOP "celebrity" experience, fan outreach (1:11:15) Fans mis-stating Doug's patented intro - Doug still gets called Vanessa Selbst a lot (1:12:20) Ryan Fee cameo - Joey promotes #WSOOOL get together with one lucky fan (1:14:30) Mike Dentale in-person versus his social media persona (1:14:50) PokerGO WSOP 2017 paywall coverage - Pros & Cons - Good or Bad? (1:18:38) Fedor Holz joins DougPolkPoker YouTube Tuesday at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern) (1:19:50) Doug's YouTube content (1:20:28) "Marked cards" controversy during 2017 WSOP High Roller One Drop final table (1:24:05) Doug's plans for Vegas -- vlogging, cash games, tournaments (1:24:30) The GREAT GAME of PLO (1:25:17) Joey explains the reality of the Poker Tournament World - Born to mincash? (1:26:10) Mr. TPP in the house! Tournament Playing Papi (1:26:39) Papi's plans at 2017 WSOP... stayin' alive & gettin' hitched prop bet? (1:29:40) Shout-outs and 3-way, Joey comes up with all-new giveaway, next frontier (1:31:57) New Upswing Poker pro TBA this week! One more pro TBA in July! (1:34:00) Conclusion, Pot Limit Omaha plug + Fedor Holz podcast with Doug tomorrow 2pm Pacific (1:35:08) Have we mentioned the Giveaway?

Jun 14, 2017
Leon Tsoukernik (Kings Casino Owner)

Leon Tsoukernik aka Loose Leon joins me live from Las Vegas/World Series of Poker 2017 for the Poker Life podcast today. Leon is the legendary owner of the Kings Casino in the Czech Republic and recently final tabled the $300k Super High Roller Bowl at the Aria.

Jun 05, 2017
FINAL TABLE $300k Super High Roller Bowl Discussion

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My instagram:

Jun 05, 2017
Day 3 $300k Super High Roller Bowl Discussion W/ Mike McDonald

Timex aka Mike McDonald joins me to discuss Day 3 of this years $300k Super High Roller Bowl. GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

My instagram:

Jun 05, 2017
Day 2 $300k Super High Roller Bowl Discussion W/ Patrick Leonard

Patrick Leonard aka Pads aka Mr. Party Poker joins me to discuss Day 2 of the $300k Super High Roller Bowl. 


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May 30, 2017
$300k Super High Roller Bowl Day 1 W/ Mike McDonald Discussion

Timex joins me to talk all about Day 1 of the SHRB. Kevin Hart, Phil Hellmuth, PokerGo, & more. 


Special offer for the NEW Upswing MTT aka Tournament course w/Pratyush Buddiga & Doug Polk. You will receive a copy of my book + 20 BONUS Poker/GTO Club material || ► GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

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May 29, 2017
Jason Koon
May 29, 2017
Mike McDonald Talks $300k SHRB Odds, PokerShares, WSOP & More.mp3

Mike McDonald Talks $300k SHRB Odds, PokerShares, WSOP & More.mp3

May 25, 2017
Phil Hellmuth PUNCHES BACK With Stories From His Rich Poker Life

The man, the myth, the legend Phil Hellmuth joins me on the Poker Life podcast today! :)

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May 23, 2017
Matt Berkey In One Of The Most GTO Episodes Ever

This is one of the best episodes I've ever done. Matt is a long time cash game/tourney player that has focused on higher stakes in recent years. He finished 5th in the Super High Roller Bowl last year for 1.1mm. He also has a new show called Dead Money coming out today on PokerCentral new app PokerGo. 

May 23, 2017
Mori Eskandani Talks HIGH STAKES POKER, Great Poker Stories, $300k SHRB, & More!!

Mori Eskandani is the legendary producer of High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark, World Series of Poker, Super High Roller Bowl and many more epic poker shows. He joins me to talk about the upcoming $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl, High Stakes Poker on GSN stories and hints at a comeback for the show in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, tells some great old school poker stories and much more :)

Special offer for the NEW Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other PLO/GTO Club material || ► GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

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May 21, 2017
Lynn Gilmartin

Lynn Gilmartin is an Irish Australian television presenter, best known as the anchor of the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports.

May 19, 2017
Doug Polk

TIMESTAMPS (0:00) Intro – Doug in Vancouver for 2017 SCOOP (2:25) Update on Luke Schwartz’ recent PokerNews interview (6:30) Heads-up match between Doug & Luke will “never happen” (9:10) Poker Content – Information vs. Drama (13:10) Doug’s ability in NLHE vs. PLO (16:20) “Poker Pro” and “Poker Entertainer” are two different skill sets (17:40) #InstagramPoker a “weird” place? (19:10) Some Instagram personalities are “faking it” (20:10) Chips + Hole Cards + Naked Women = Instagram Success (21:25) Recent Poker Night in America Choctaw drama (29:30) “Positive” things in poker – Doug’s SCOOP streaming plans (30:50) May 22nd “MTT Master Class” with Pratyush Buddiga (33:50) Joey learns that Doug isn’t transitioning from cash games to MTTs (35:00) Doug in the market for new Lamborghini? (36:40) “Busto Lambo” vs. “Baller Lambo” (37:50) Tai Lopez shout-out (38:10) Doug & Joey talk about Kevin Hart signing with PokerStars (41:15) Poker 2017 – the good stuff (43:50) Daniel Negreanu discussion (45:50) DNegs “extremely mad” about a dissent in the ranks? (46:40) Doug shows off shout-out game – Ryan Meese love (48:20) h3h3 Productions & Pewdiepie mentions (49:00) Doug & Joey beatboxing next YouTube sensation? (50:30) Doug’s YouTube channel will reach 100,000 subscribers soon (52:10) Achieving satisfaction in life (53:45) Reinventing the Dunder Mifflin paper company may not result in success (55:05) Doug & Joey give some love to Daniel Negreanu (56:30) Patented Doug Polk dance move – The “Hip Bump” (57:50) Doug Polk pickup lessons (58:40) Joey demonstrates how to do the Doug Polk Hip Bump (1:00:30) More Upswing Poker courses on the way – Dating courses on hold (for now) (1:01:10) Joey torn between PLO and picking up women (1:02:05) Questions from live chat (1:05:10) More to life than viewers and subscribers? (1:06:00) Joey offers NBA-guest prop bet for Poker Life Podcast (1:08:05) Doug & Joey $2,000 USD prop bet booked (1:09:50) Doug’s Twitch streaming schedule for SCOOP – DougPolk.TV (1:10:20) Invest in Doug on StakeKings (1:12:45) Doug shoots on YouTube Poker “travesty” – the GPL video (1:15:15) Things Doug will “never do” (1:16:30) Doug relives Jason Mercier drama (1:17:50) Doug talks about Ben86 – Joey wants the dispute to get fixed (1:18:45) Doug relives LATB, Ben Limon podcast drama (1:22:45) Doug talks about Joey’s ability to “walk the line” (1:24:40) How the BGG originated (1:25:20) Snapchat vs. Instagram (1:26:30) Joey’s “Instagram Stories” audience is 100:1 men-to-women (1:28:00) Doug’s main focus will remain on Upswing Poker and YouTube (1:29:00) Joey shows off old-school Supernova Elite card (1:29:30) Doug talks about shift in strategy following Black Friday (1:30:20) Doug’s focus from now until 2019 (1:32:05) Doug wants to give “mainstream YouTube” a shot (1:32:35) Doug also wants to do stand-up comedy eventually (1:33:05) Thomas “SrslySirius” Keeling shout-out (1:33:50) Doug’s favorite YouTube video is his clip about the GPL (1:35:20) How does Doug respond to negative comments? (1:37:10) Should Doug copy Jimmie Stayplerz’ hairstyle? Swoop it to the side! (1:37:20) More live chat questions (1:38:40) Doug wants to get into politics eventually (1:41:10) President Polker? (1:42:00) Doug battles #RoundLife, down 10 pounds so far (1:44:30) Doug’s WSOP 2017 plans (1:47:10) Joey’s YouTube plans (1:48:00) STFU Jim? (1:48:30) OMFG it’s Jason!!!!!!1111oneoneeleven (1:49:50) #F*ckJim (1:51:50) Joey cuts a promo on Jim (1:52:15) Things Ben86 would say (about Jim) (1:52:35) Joey knows math (thanks to Jim) (1:53:45) Jim is welcome over at DougPolkPoker (1:54:30) Joey is GTO with his trolling range (1:55:30) Joey extends “special offer” to those who purchase Upswing’s MTT Master Class (1:56:30) Joey’s promotional efforts for Upswing’s PLO course featuring Fernando Habegger (1:57:20) The drawbacks of uninspired affiliate marketing, Twitch streamers (1:58:40) Chicago weather to blame for Joey’s sniffles? (2:01:50) Joey trolls WSOP tournament package pimping – StakeDraft @ 1.4 markup (2:02:45) Upswing MTT Master Class will cost $699 USD – available May 22nd (2:04:00) Joey advises Doug on sales pitch to backers (2:05:00) Joey’s QE4 live cardroom stable-backing plan (2:05:45) Conversation about Joey’s GTO Club (2:08:30) Doug talks about yesteryear’s $1.1 million session loss to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (2:10:20) Doug’s thoughts on Phil Galfond’s RunItOnce Poker (2:12:35) Doug’s PokerStars Snapchat post – spin a wheel for money (2:14:50) Are PokerStars Spin & Gos crack cocaine? (2:16:50) Upswing Party at WSOP 2017 could draw 1,000 people – #FreeDrinks (2:20:15) Upcoming Mori Eskandani, Dan Colman & Aria SHRB Poker Life Podcast episodes (2:21:30) Watch DougPolk.TV starting this Sunday for 2017 SCOOP coverage

May 16, 2017
Anatoly Filatov aka nl_profit

Russian MTT player and Party Poker sponsored player Anatoly Filatov joins me to get out of line when it comes to all things being Russian. We also made a prop bet during the episode that requires me to visit Russia by September. 

May 16, 2017
Fedor Holz

Instagram: GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

May 02, 2017
Shaun Deeb

Timestamps*** (0:00) Shaun Deeb intro (3:00) Choctaw weekend PNiA drama with #HashtagKing (4:10) What started personal row between Salomon Ponte & Shaun Deeb? (5:40) Entertainment value of Friday’s PNiA Choctaw live stream (6:50) How did it feel when Shaun stacked #HTK? (7:50) Ponte’s personal attacks and Deeb’s restraint (9:40) Fans take Deeb’s side vs. Ponte & Cantu on stream (11:00) #HashtagKing attempts to pawn belongings, wears free clothes (12:20) Deeb boycotts future LATB casts – #StandStrongWithShaun (17:30) Deeb warns community about HTK’s downward tendencies (20:00) Community galvanized? Good or bad for poker? (21:15) Brandon Cantu drama on PNiA Choctaw’s Friday telecast (22:00) Phil Hellmuth vouched for Cantu loan from Deeb – $12,000 USD (23:20) Difference between “settling” a debt vs. “acknowledging” a debt (25:30) The Brandon Cantu Story… as told by Shaun Deeb (30:00) Deeb from prepared for Cantu’s ire after previous Pittsburgh drubbing (31:00) Deeb warms community about Cantu’s downward tendencies (33:00) Details behind “Banker” Deeb extending loans to players (36:00) Cantu drama good or bad for poker? (38:25) David Viffer enters convo (39:10) Shaun “Moneybags” Deeb shout-out (41:00) Kid’s birth vs. WCOOP equals tough spot (46:15) “Recently single” Matt Glantz – Fedor Holz announcement teaser (47:00) PokerStars SCOOP 2017 – Deeb’s abilities in mixed games (51:10) Advice for live players who want to attract recs (53:00) Private games discussion (58:00) New casinos popping up on East Coast (59:00) The “Great Game” of Pot Limit Omaha (59:40) NINE cards? Super Stud 8? (1:00:30) Mixed game WSOP hype + Shaun’s Vegas plans (1:02:40) Shuan’s thoughts on Supreme Leader, Douglas K. Polk (1:07:50) Viewer comments & questions (1:08:50) PNiA is coming to the East Coast soon! (1:09:20) The Elder Statesman, Mike Dentale (1:12:30) Falling out between Shaun and Jason Mercier (1:13:30) Rising popularity of Poker Night in America (1:13:50) The need to provide a marketing push to modern-day players (1:14:50) Shout-outs (1:15:50) #StandStrongWithShaun boycott of LATB action (1:15:50) #StandStrongWithShaun boycott of LATB action (1:18:00) Conclusion – Follow on Twitter: @ShaunDeeb

May 02, 2017
JNandez87 Talking POT LIMIT OMAHA!

Special offer for the NEW Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other PLO/GTO Club material || ►

JNANDEZ is back on the podcast to talk THE GREAT GAME of Pot Limit Omaha and his new course on Pot Limit Omaha for Upswing Poker!!! GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

May 02, 2017
Ongun Yagci aka WayneDaBang (GTO Club Member)

Special offer for the NEW Upswing Pot Limit Omaha course. You will receive a copy of my book + other PLO/GTO Club material || ►

I'm going to have on the only MTT player in my GTO Club and one of the smartest and most wisdomatic people that I've ever met named Ongun Yagci aka WayneDaBang on Pokerstars. He's been on a 300k upswing in the past months on all the different sites he plays and I thought it was about time he was introduced to the world. I think that most of you will very much enjoy it.

May 02, 2017
CSURAM88 aka Peter Jennings || Poker (DFS Edition)

DFS legend CSURAM aka Peter Jennings is my guest today. Peter is one of the best Daily Fantasy Sports players in the world and regularly plays the highest stakes. 

May 02, 2017
Discussing Self-Confidence W/ Dr. Ivan Joseph

Timestamps Below!!! Dr. Ivan Joseph has given my favorite TED talks and one of the most popular TED talks of all time on the skill of self-confidence. We will discuss self-confidence and belief more in-depth and find out ways that poker players can work on their own self-confidence.

Link to the talk:

2:38 famous TED speech 3:58 (over) self-confidence 7:22 source of the knowledge 9:41 dysfunctional family situations

14:14 career background 16:29 balance feedback/criticism 19:38 family/work balance 22:21 sabbatical year plans 32:29 tough coaching 34:43 public speech strategies 42:08 identify self-confidence 45:57 his book “You Got This”


6:27 mental self check 18:36 work ethic 21:29 motivation 25:02 career / job transitions 33:22 focus on the top 39:17 expression of success 43:10 be prepared 44:24 books 48:37 simple tasks

May 02, 2017
Lex Veldhuis aka Raszi
02:24:29 GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

My instagram:

May 02, 2017

The legendary Kevin Mathers is on the Poker Life podcast today!!! GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

May 02, 2017
Matt Glantz

Matt Glantz is a long time poker player and working for Poker Night in America. Matt helped to make the Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale HU SHOWDOWN take place!! GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

My instagram:

May 02, 2017
Doug Polk
01:28:35 GTO is a Way of Life, Eat/Sleep/PLO, #MoreRake tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies are available now in different colors!!!

My instagram:


May 02, 2017
tonkaaaaP aka Parker Talbot

My guest today on the podcast is Parker Talbot aka Tonkaaaaaaaaaaa. Tonka is an online MTT player who has been gaining a follow on Twitch in the past year because of his outgoing personality and his ability to win/go deep in every tournament possible. It feels like I see him final tabling something every single night on Twitter.

My New Instagram:

GTO is a Way of Life Merchandise:

Eat Sleep PLO Merchandise:

May 02, 2017
Bill Perkins is BACK to deliver AMAZING LIFE WISDOM!!

Bill Perkins is back on the podcast!! We will be discussing the Streamboat, Twitch, all-female poker tournament, Dan Bilzerian on Twitch and much more :D

GTO is a way of Life merchandise:

May 02, 2017
Andrew Neeme

Andrew Neeme has been one of the most requested people to have on the podcast and today it is going down. Andrew started a YouTube channel where he Vlogs his poker adventures last year and it has become a very successful channel! The quality of his content is some of the best out there when it comes to poker video blogs! I'm excited to have him on and get to know more about him :)

May 02, 2017
Luke Schwartz is BACK!!!

My new Instagram:

Luke Schwartz aka FullFlush is back on the Poker Life podcast!! Luke's first appearance on the podcast is a viewer favorite and I'm very excited to welcome him back. Luke comes out firing shots at Doug Polk in one of the most epic rants ever on the podcast.

May 02, 2017
My Amazing Assistant Jonah Vella Makes His Podcast Debut!!!

Jonah is a one of the hardest working, driven, and all around great guys that I've met in the poker world. We've been friends for a couple years, and he has been my wizard assistant extraordinaire for less than a year. Jonah is my go to guy for brainstorming on everything that I do. Jonah is a 22-year-old from Malta who recently put off his last semester of law school to pursue his dream of traveling the world and creating awesome video content on YouTube.

Jonah Twitter:

Jonah YouTube:

May 02, 2017
Doug Polk Gets REAL On Videos Taken Down, Alec Torelli, Poker Awards & More

Me and Doug Polk are together in Beverly Hills for this Poker Life Podcast Episode. We discuss Doug being snubbed at the American Poker Awards (1:30) Cate Hall poker awards speech (9:14) Limon/Live At The Bike incident (19:45) Famous JJ hand vs Alec Torelli (30:53) Bang Bang Alec (35:00) Poker coaches (36:24) Bang Bang training sites (40:00) Chasing The Poker Dream book (40:30) Future of poker content (41:30) Bang Bang Twitch (44:15) Doug HU course (Best HU course EVER) (45:30)

Free month of GTO Club for HU course purchasers (47:11) Anyone that purchases Doug's HU course will get a free month into my exclusive GTO Club. Sign up here:

GTO Club (48:45) Prop betting (52:05) Doug HSP videos being taken down from YouTube (53:18)

GTO Club information ||►

My book Chasing The Poker Dream: The Qualities of a Successful Poker Player ||►

May 02, 2017
Kelly Winterhalter

My guest today on the Poker Life Podcast is Kelly Winterhalter. Kelly is an entrepreneur who started a company called Ellovi. Kelly started playing poker about two years ago. She recently appeared on Poker Night in America playing $25/50 NL and plays tournaments as well. We shall find out more about how Kelly got into poker, how she started her business, does she play THE GREAT GAME OF PLO, her future in poker and more. #liveGTO

May 02, 2017
Kevin Martin

Finally, the time has come for me to have Kevin Martin OFFICIALLY ON the Poker Life Podcast. Kevin started playing poker in the last couple of years and has been continuously improving his ability, success and is turning himself into one of the future greats in poker!! (imo :D)

Kevin is a well known twitch streamer who primarily plays MTTs. He is also a Pokerstars sponsored player and once of the nicest guys that I know. I'm very excited to get to know more about him today :)

I WROTE A POKER BOOK!!! Chasing The Dream: The Qualities of a Successful Poker Player!

Kevin Twitter:

Kevin Twitch:

May 02, 2017
Ryan Fee(Discussing MY NEW POKER BOOK!!!)

I WROTE A POKER BOOK!!! Chasing The Dream: The Qualities of a Successful Poker Player!

Ryan Fee is back on the Poker Life podcast today! Ryan contributed to my poker book and we will discuss the qualities that make up a successful poker player :)

Ryan has been crushing it with Upswing Poker lately and THE GREAT GAME of Pot Limit Omaha!!!!!!!!!! LETS FUCKIN GET IT

May 02, 2017
JNandez87 (Discussing MY NEW POKER BOOK!!!!)

I WROTE A POKER BOOK!!! Chasing The Dream: The Qualities of a Successful Poker Player!

JNandez is back on the Poker Life podcast today! Fernando contributed to my poker book and we will discuss the qualities that make up a successful poker player :)

Fernando is the Pot Limit Omaha specialist over on team UpswingPoker and also has a popular Twitch stream playing THE GREAT GAME! He is full of love, wisdom, hope, and harmony.

May 02, 2017
Doug Polk

Doug Polk is back on the podcast to discuss the 500k scam story aka YayoGate , Dan Bilzerian playing HU and the video Doug made about it, the current Bot challenge the humans are playing, announcing Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale HU, crushing YouTube, Table Talk and more :D

2p2 500k Story

Thanks to David Huber over at Upswing Poker for the timestamps and to stop the people in comments from crying (this is meant as a joke, calm down people crying about this comment about crying) :D

(0:00) Introduction (3:10) #Yayogate commentary (15:50) Fake news Charlie Tuna shout-out (24:10) Doug’s comments on Dan Bilzerian get mainstream distribution (33:00) Doug’s experiences with ACR (35:30) Doug reiterates concerns about unenforceable operator rules (37:30) YouTube Poker is attracting loads of casual fans (38:32) Doug reveals YouTube channel viewership demographics (39:30) PokerStars’ marketing efforts interrupted by ‘Dan Polk’ reference (45:25) Bill Perkins love (50:20) Poker news versus mainstream news (51:25) Bot Challenge (Poker Pros vs. Carnegie-Mellon University) (1:00:00) Big name personalities making a mark on poker? (1:01:45) Cate Hall vs. Mike Dentale Showdown (1:07:10) Old-school HU4ROLZ poker challenges (1:15:30) Recent EPT Prague live stream n00b comments (1:18:00) Why Doug doesn’t place ads in his videos (1:19:00) YouTube analytics — graphs are GTO (1:20:30) More statistics on Doug’s YouTube channel (1:21:30) Whatever happened to Table Talk? (1:25:33) Doug’s content is receiving a genuine “pop” on YouTube (1:26:10) Twitch vs. YouTube + “Rise of the Vlog” (1:29:28) Cardrooms and poker vloggers (1:35:10) Thoughts on Twitch Poker potential (1:38:00) Rekful Twitch streams and high-dollar PLO swongs (1:39:40) Patented Papi shout-outs (1:42:00) Upswing Poker content gets some love (1:42:18) 2017 American Poker Awards (1:43:55) Fake #RaiseIt campaign in the works? (1:48:40) Doug shares Phil Hellmuth story (1:53:20) The art of complaining and its uselessness in poker (1:55:50) Background story of Doug and Joey’s friendship (2:01:30) Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure (2:02:30) Wrap-up

Check out my new series PLOker Hands on YouTube!

Me vs Sauce -|

$1.3 Million Dollar Pot Online!!!! Patrik Antonious vs Isildur1 -|

May 02, 2017
Cate Hall

Cate Hall is back on the Poker Life podcast to discuss her upcoming HU challenge with Mike Dentale, her Aussie adventures, quitting #pokertwitter for #politicaltwitter, hair color GTO and more :D 

May 02, 2017
Buehlero! (GrindNation/Twitch Streamer)

I am joined by my fellow Grind Nation member Henri Buhler aka Buehlero on Pokerstars and on Twitch. Henri is a 20-year-old German who has been playing MTTs for a short period of time and has quickly been seeing results and rising through the ranks of the Twitch Poker world. He might not be well known in poker yet, but I think that with the type of attitude and work ethic he has, his future is looking very bright. I'm happy to have him on the podcast today! 

May 02, 2017
Timex aka Mike Mcdonald (Announcing Launch of PokerShares)
May 02, 2017
Iimitless (HSNL Online Cash Pokerstars

Timestamps Below!! Many people say that it is impossible to go from the micro stakes to the highest stakes cash games on Pokerstars in 2017. My guest today Iimitless aka Viktor started playing online poker in 2014 after tearing his ACL multiple times playing handball. He has been able to work his way up to $25/$50 and $50/$100 cash games on Pokerstars and has become one of the top regulars in the game :)


1:07 intro 3:58 poker career 17:32 strategy 22:58 battling 29:25 NL power rankings

32:30 back story 36:40 martial arts 40:42 daily approach 44:29 no tilt 48:53 mid stakes vs high stakes 50:55 study habbits 53:43 GTO / Pio 57:20 rakeback 1:09:09 Prague adventures 1:12:09 screen names with ratings 1:14:35 difference nl2k – nl5k 1:22:56 regular in the life 1:38:08 scripts / bots 1:46:39 his brother and poker 2:07:04 site improvements

2:16:12 Iimitless wisdom


1:24:58 live on your own rules


1:51:28 the dream machine 2:11:45 Trueteller story

May 02, 2017
Randy Blumer (Planet Poker Founder)

My guest today is a man named Randy Blumer. Randy founded the FIRST EVER REAL MONEY POKER SITE back in the late 90s called Planet Poker. We will about how the website came to be, what it is like to run an online poker site and much more :D 

May 02, 2017
William Kassouf IS BACK (Marvelous)
May 02, 2017
Dan Smith

Dan Smith is back on the podcast to talk about his charity drive that has raised 650,000USD so far, the current high roller tournament scene/high stakes cash game scene in Las Vegas and much more :)

May 02, 2017
Mike Dentale

Timestamps below! Mike Dentale joins me on the Poker Life podcast today to talk about his Twitter feud and upcoming heads-up challenge with Cate Hall and much more.

If you have no idea what the feud is about, I made a video about it

Timestamps 1:22 Cate Hall beef 9:31 tweef 15:04 history w Cate 36:15 HU showdown 51:04 alleged cheating incident

30:29 growing up in the US 47:57 business background

57:48 steroids


8:28 fight negativity with more negativity

May 02, 2017
Luckychewy aka Andrew Lichtenberger

Luckychewy joins us on the podcast today to talk about opening up his own poker site called luckychewypoker and much much more. This podcast has been a long time coming and I am excited to finally have him on!!!


1:10 short introduction

2:18 4:07 idea of the site 6:56 development process 10:41 community “suggestions” 13:25 development experience 20:01 runitoncepoker 49:07 low stakes rake 53:39 bot concerns 55:09 third party software 58:15 available countries 1:10:02 feedback for the site

15:23 poker journey 43:38 poker ethics 47:23 PLO 59:39 poker / life plans 1:07:23 degen stories 1:22:12 Highroller (balance)

24:17 the “guru” guy David Burke 26:42 meditation 28:49 outer body experience (poker) 33:02 daily 39:52 motivation to write the book 40:43 India (travel / connections) 1:14:02 fashion 1:16:13 - clothes brand


17:09 thoughtfulness 30:27 in tune with yourself (do what you love)


1:13:19 Isildur1 story (impression)


Yoga of Poker – Andrew Lichtenberger

May 02, 2017
Adrian Fenix

Adrian is back on the podcast to share his wisdom with the world.

The audio is a bit out of sync on my end for some people and I tried to fix it throughout the podcast. I'm using a new setup here and I'm not quite GTO with figuring out this tilting delay!!! AHHHH


2:31 transitioning to PLO 14:13 “love” relationships 21:53 online PLO 27:03 daily routine 33:18 twitch 45:24 upcoming challenges 54:40 social media 1:12:33 party / alcohol impacts 1:34:52 DFS 1:49:39 auditing - productivity


6:10 learning 10:33 time management 47:54 working towards goals 1:02:13 value your time 1:16:43 habits (negativity) 1:43:42 working on (not against) your situation


1:41:59 bang bang LA poker

May 02, 2017
Legendary Sean Lefort 1st Appearance (Lost Episode)
Dec 27, 2016
JNandez1/Fernando Habegger || (The Lost Episodes)

This podcast initially aired on August 19, 2014 . JNandez aka Fernando Habegger is a long time Pot Limit Omaha player. He has since gone on to stream PLO on Twitch and continues to play the great game. 

Dec 27, 2016
StarsRegProblems || (The Lost Episodes)

This podcast originally aired on June 4, 2014. StarsRegProblems was previous only known on Twitter and no one knew what he looked or sounded like. This was his first public appearance on video. He then went on to be involved in an incident where he was staked by Alexo18 and then scammed him and was never seen again.......

Dec 27, 2016
Mike Sexton

Timestamps: 00:01:31 short introduction

00:02:39 poker career 00:04:42 homegames in the 70s 00:08:05 content in the early days 00:10:38 WPT Montreal WIN 00:16:02 WPT Tournament of champions (concept)

00:20:22 living with Chip Reese and Danny Robinson 00:24:01 poker and degenerate gambling 00:33:10 life degen story 00:35:41 partypoker development process

00:43:33 partypoker share shuffle

00:49:16 partypoker Punta Cana event 00:53:27 poker in the USA 00:59:37 idea to fund the government 1:00:45 all casinos missed out on the (poker) boom 1:09:01 Stu Ungar 1:11:22 Playground poker club 1:16:54 memorable WPT experiences

1:22:34 life advice


00:29:06 money management 00:30:17 staking (for higher games) 00:57:29 responsibility


00:27:54 Life's a Gamble – Mike Sexton 1:08:12 Life's a Gamble – Mike Sexton

Nov 24, 2016
Al Zeidenfeld || (DFS Edition)

My guest today is Al Zeidenfeld aka Al Smizzle. Al is a former poker player turned daily fantasy sports player. Al is well known in the community for his articles, podcasts and entertaining personality. He also won the Millionaire Maker on Draftkings early this year for 1 Million Dollars!!!! :D

00:02:35 poker background

00:05:17 basketball coaching career 00:11:34 AL-tweets

00:18:15 poker online / live

00:20:08 DFS beginnings

00:23:18 LA lifestyle

00:26:11 DFS incidents (colluding) 00:37:41 DSF lineups 00:47:03 DFS scripts (begginer problems) 00:52:45 DFS “celebs” 1:01:42 DFS for the mainstream 1:21:15 DFS - upcoming podcasts

1:23:02 DFS - deadspin article 1:24:51 DFS fanduel – DK merge (rake concerns) 1:32:40 DFS - Dnegs / Ivey

1:35:36 social media engineering 1:38:42 DFS ESPN content


00:08:35 twitter – mute


00:15:20 TG power rankings 00:19:47 #entrepreneurlife 1:13:29 Vegas trip report 1:33:39 Cmon BROux


Nov 24, 2016
Bill Perkins is Back!!|


3:59 recent past : THE YACHT 5:02 twitch – Thirst Lounge venture 16:45 weekly / monthly schedule 40:20 find your passion 44:27 Trump (P hashtag) 54:01 asking from Sam A. perspective 57:20 relationships 1:01:33 future high impact projects 1:10:53 PCA twitch FREEroll (10packages) 1:18:42 burning man experience 1:33:52 monogamous relationship (current) 2:00:46 ending relationship(s) 2:05:15 spend like a billionaire 2:05:55 burn calculator


3:16 experience – timing 6:31 loving what you do 10:53 prioritise your focus 18:32 organise – structure the life / company 22:33 positive (work) approach 32:55 money – time scarifies (family – kid example) 42:47 anything can happen 54:45 forgiveness (past) 1:50:41 take the maximum risk (usual life advice) 1:53:52 YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT 2:16:18 open your mind to different sources


1:21:04 LSD zombies 2:09:16 family appearance


2:10:22 fav restaurant 2:10:39 movie projects 2:10:58 odds to become a billionaire 2:11:18 next thirst lounge stream 2:12:07 mindset clicks 2:13:22 source of the wisdom


2:02:40 The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

Nov 24, 2016
Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth is my guest on the Poker Life podcast today. We will be discussing his recent high roller success, new project he is involved with Chipleader Coaching, world travels, the great game of PLO and more.......

4:35 GPL experience 4:59 11:44 JohnnyBax WSOP coaching 12:16 livetells 23:32 untracked US crushers 25:39 (married) travel life 30:16 upcoming life plans 33:31 top 3 MTT “coaches” 36:08 recent PLO games 41:44 GTO poker baby 43:06 state of poker 48:59 early poker career 1:00:59 luckychewy / Yoga of Poker 1:03:55 difference small / highstakes poker players 1:10:20 shot taking ( risk tolerance) 1:26:06 Macau games 1:29:23 the speech play (cc: William Kassouf)


14:36 balanced / GTO misconception 51:12 obsession / structure / balance 54:29 positive attitude / mind / meditation


17:21 Dietrich Fast (German Dnegs) 26:26 dine in the dark 31:44 no masturbation bet 36:45 “fake” Ansky's 39:03 PTR homage 40:42 dog appearance


The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle Mindfullness - Thich Nhat Hanh Yoga of Poker – Andrew Lichtenberger

Nov 24, 2016
Tristan Wade aka TristanCre8ive

Tristan Wade joins me on the Poker Life podcast today! Tristan is a live poker player who works with WPT Deep Stacks. He also works with students on becoming better with their poker/mind/body :D


2:10 back story 8:10 MTTs 10:40 WPT involvements 17:05 rake problems (live poker) 30:35 psychology studies 45:59 presidential election 50:46 WPT FT commentary / presentation 53:09 William Kassouf 59:25 dating on the circuit 1:05:53 GTO club 1:31:31 plans for the near future


32:18 perseverance


1:08:33 pick up line simulations 1:17:24 BGG 1:21:24 freestyle rap _____

Nov 24, 2016
Doug Polk
3:13 New show announcement 6:46 PoLkerhands 9:09 WSOP FT – Qui Nguyen (allegations) 36:28 poker ambassadors  41:42 William Kassouf 52:25 youtube content 54:14 Announcement #nonpokeryoutube 1:13:15 twitch – bankroll challenge fun: 1:07:27 (pokerstars) rake 1:12:01 a day in Doug's life (from Joey)
Nov 08, 2016
Guest Christian Harder || WSOP Final Table Discussion Post Day 2
On this impromptu late night podcast, me and Christian Harder discuss the action so far during the 2016 World Series of Poker Final Table. They played down from 5 to 3 players left and a winner will be decided later tonight LIVE on ESPN!! I am doing a giveaway for the release of my “High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha on Bovada Series” coming this November!!

This series will recap my last 12 months playing $5/10 and $10/20 on the wonderful poker site formerly known as Bovada.

You can enter the contest on both Twitter and Facebook by submitting your guess on how much money my graph is up in the last 12 months!! (Hint: It is somewhere between $100,000 and $300,000)

(Shout out to Doug Polk for giving me the GTO encouragement and inspiration to do something like this)

Nov 01, 2016
William Kassouf
If you have been watching the World Series of Poker coverage this year on ESPN, you have seen the man known as William Kassouf all over your television. William is the man who has poker players saying "9 high like a boss" all over the world right now. I take my turn and have William on the podcast tonight :D  Timestamps:  1:58 back story WSOP 2016 12:36 #9hiLikeAboss 14:57 post WSOP 17:26 lawyer career 22:40 poker career 24:55 speech play GTO 50:00 #keepPokerFun 59:44 Kassouf's Poker Podcast (taking over) 1:14:42 Kassouf Show (#saveGPL) 1:17:37 negotiation w 888 1:34:52 upcoming WSOP episodes fun: 3:14 Penalty - 15seconds 29:20 nuts – monkey nuts – absolute coconuts 1:01:44 #BornToWank 1:07:59 Dating speech play impression 1:10:25 Kassouf serenade  1:11:58 Robbie Williams serenade
Oct 27, 2016
Joe McKeehen (WSOP Main Event Champion)
If you watched the World Series of Poker Main Event last year, you saw a quiet guy named Joe McKeehen crushing the final table to win the Main Event and take home 7.6 Million Dollars.  Joe has been a pretty quiet ambassador for poker outside of his large personality over on Twitter. He hasn't really done many podcasts since his victory, instead choosing to remain pretty under the radar.  That all changes tonight as me and Joe will be podcasting together at 7pm EST :D  Timestamps [10/19/2016 7:36:04 PM] Maggu5: JoeInLove: [10/19/2016 7:36:05 PM] Maggu5: 0:59 blocked on twitter? 1:49:53 twitter 9:16 life before  WSOP 2015 9:53 victory WSOP 2015 14:46 twitter romance 30:35 WSOP 2016 episodes 50:47 Marty Derbyshire / pokernews 1:04:03 Philadelphia 1:05:21 GPL 1:22:09 PLO advertisement 1:41:32 health / mind / discipline fun: 6:20 north / south slang 1:15:00 romantic shout out  1:34:20 biggest post WSOP purchase 1:38:08 fav poker player
Oct 27, 2016
Kenny Hallaert (WSOP Final Tabler
I'm going to be back podcasting today at 6pm est with one of the members of this years World Series of Poker Main Event final table and with a chance to win $8,000,000, which begins this weekend, Kenny Hallaert. Kenny has been a long time poker player and we will talk about what the journey has been like up until this point. We will also discuss how he still maintains a "normalish" sort of job and if he plans to keep it. Timestamps  1:53 poker career  2:53 tournament director job 53:22 tournament director job 4:40 WSOP 2016 FT 36:31 FT 13:12 William Kassouf 18:42 poker background 41:13 poker ambassadorship 45:21 WSOP spreadsheets 48:49 Belgium – Tomorrowland 1:06:25 WSOP hand charts incident 1:10:11 TD incidents 1:12:46 Kassouf – Black Mirror question 1:18:18 protect your cards ( TD advise) 1:20:32 FT patch deal _____ || ► Subscribe to My Channel Here || ► Twitter: http// || ► Snapchat: joeingram1 || ► Facebook: || ► Website: || ► ITunes:  _____
Oct 27, 2016
Jason Mo
Jason Mo is back on to discuss all things Entrepeneur Life, GPL/Pokerstars,  1 Million Euro One Drop,  Future JMO life plans, and more :D  Timestamps: JMO shots fired: 5:11 AD 33:52 Jamie Staples 35:14 obese people 36:01 obese people staking application 1:10:03 Monaco 1:45:55 SHMarathon except Jeff Gross 2:27:26 durrrrrr general: 2:05 his last pokerlife podcast? 3:19 #entrepreneurlife  5:40 GPL 7:53 #entrepreneurlife incident 23:03 betting on GPL 25:35 Jamie Staples – new GPL commentator 30:32 beginnings on 2p2 34:15 fine dining overdose 37:09 twitch poker 43:38 One Drop Extravaganza 48:20 KasinoKrime investment video 54:35 stakeduel/youstake investment problems 1:08:36 alleged Guy – Macau incident 1:11:21 runitonce poker 1:15:31 amaya 2016 1:22:31 bovada allegations 1:25:35 multiaccounting / Hastings incident 1:31:40 collusion 1:39:25 personal life 1:46:30 poker economy 1:54:40 upcoming events 2:09:44 ----- FIRST COMPLIMENT EVER 2:10:48 Doug – Ben86 incident 2:24:07 Viffer – Deeb incident aha: 1:59:02 connections fun: 1:40:45 house tour 1:52:13 crown highstakes PLO story 2:02:00 sexual harassment club 2:05:40 documentary “the great happiness space” 2:18:25 degen story 2:23:22 F-M-K
Oct 27, 2016
Dylan Weisman aka Mr. GTO
My friend Dylan Weisman joins me on the podcast tonight. Dylan is a Pot Limit Omaha player for some time now and is someone I am now calling Mr. GTO. He is one of my favorite people to talk to and I thought it would be fun to take one of our conversations and turn it into a podcast :D  Dylan is a data analytics wizard who is currently working for a startup in LA. We will talk about that, his world travels, working in Chicago, being GTO, why PLO is such a great game and much more :D Timestamps: 2:18 back story 4:41 candle start up 6:07 data analytics 10:52 views on his future career 28:04 logical – emotional relationships 36:30 dealing with variance (high/lows) 47:33 understanding business levels 1:02:16 GTO club 1:34:29 WSOP PLO 5k epiphany  1:42:06 poker twitch aha: 4:11 generating skills 16:28 choice of opportunities  20:51 intelligence / social / emotional skills 25:40 self reflection – meditation 38:04 results oriented thinkings 41:08 efficiency – sharing responsibilities 51:35 choice poker – school 55:30 learn to be comfortable 1:22:22 self awareness  1:23:31 forced situation outside of the comfort zone books:  Power of now – Eckhart Tolle Shantaram The Goldfish
Oct 27, 2016
Grimstarr (Old School High Stakes Player)
0:56 introduction 1:38 inventor of grimming 49:49 grimming strategy 2:37 poker path 5:31 poker path 4:40 Guy incident 14:03 the big upswing / downswing 19:27 recent poker experiences 20:39 6card PLO 25:43 school / intern-ship 1:01:30 school – future plans 31:22 room – sharing stealing incident 1:03:53 starnote strategy 1:14:22 poker in retrospective  fun: 38:51 high school gamboool 47:21 nosebleed flips 48:48 0 – green roulette shuffle 54:54 BGG 57:31 car secure story
Oct 27, 2016
Jeff Gross
Timestamps: 1:02 SHMarathon – Charity poject 14:33 StreamHouse 45:23  SHMarathon 1:21:09 StreamHouse 7:11 supporting Michael Phelps (Olympics) 16:00 poker twitch 22:44 stakekings 55:30 stakekings 49:52 B(razilian)GG 1:09:48 Bill Perkins 1:15:30 professional best friend
Oct 27, 2016
Staking Fundamentals- Buying/Selling +EV Pieces W/John Beauprez
John Beauprez aka KasinoKrime joins me to discuss Staking poker players and how to make the most out of doing it. We go over staking fundamentals, how to find good horses, buy +EV pieces and sell yourself at maximum prices!! John is a long time online and live poker player who is better known as KasinoKrime in the poker world. He operates a website called PLOQUICKPRO dedicated to the GREAT GAME of Pot Limit Omaha!! John is also one of the members of my GTO Club :D 
Oct 27, 2016
Charlie Synder aka Chuck!
Earlier this year I drove to Akron in Ohio to play in a poker game that would be streamed on Twitch because I really wanted to see my friend Adrian Fenix. Playing in the game with us was an older gentleman named Charlie Snyder that was super smiley and really enjoyable to chat with. We all went out to eat after the game and Chuck started telling us stories from his adventures sports betting/life in general. Over the next couple months Chuck was really supportive of the content I was creating and took the time to send me messages at times that really helped to boost my energy levels. I got a chance to meet up with him and his daughter while in Vegas for the WSOP and that was one of my favorite moments of the summer. I've been telling him that I wanted to get him on my podcast and finally tonight we are going to make it happen. It should be a really fun conversation that is different than most of my podcasts and I look forward to some fun stories :D Timestamps 0:46 –> EASTERN EUROPEAN CHESS FEDERATION - Advertisement
Oct 27, 2016
Sauce aka Ben Sulsky is Back!
Ben Sulsky aka Sauce is back on the podcast! Ben is one of the best poker players in the world and currently plays the highest stakes online at PLO, Mixed Games and NL :D!!! || ► New PLO Questions Series : Timestamps 1:34 WCOOP 2016 10:27 mixed games 12:17 NL HU (vs Doug) 17:24 PLO (Nolez7, Aron) 22:26 WSOP 2016 30:46 seating scripts 31:44 dream machines 38:07 easiest mixed variant 44:05 daily routines 46:38 American players 54:58 Doug – Ben86 incident 1:02:55 Isildur1 1:06:19 DFS 1:09:28 presidential election  1:14:08 PLO – NL debate 1:21:35 8game advertisement 1:31:50 upcoming plans 1:34:15 health (back problems) 1:36:46 women in poker aha: 6:25 long sessions 51:27 laboratory  1:51:30 sauce123 wisdom fun: 1:00:00 #sidesaddle 1:47:16 wife vs PioSolver 1:49:22 Jmo bb/100 shots fired: 29:13 Grazvis1 1:37:35 feminists
Sep 30, 2016
Prahlad Friedman aka Spirit Rock
Prahlad is one of the biggest online poker legends in the history of the game. He was one of the first people playing high stakes when online poker first came to be. We will find out how much poker he still plays now and also find out more about his new music video/record label and more. It should be a great episode! 0:53 introduction 2:05 rap career 3:55 recent years: live games 7:11 recent Pokerstars action 10:28 first poker steps 15:46 cheating incidents 17:59 cheating on Pokerstars 28:06 Swedish hackers 25:34 past NL endboss 30:31 UB apologies  32:25 historic online battles 36:18 vegan / spiritual life 49:19 rap beginnings 58:01 pragress records 1:37:47 Jeff Lissandro aha: 21:00 decision – result correlation 23:21 think! facing tough spots 39:29  happiness 39:59 approaching tough times 42:04 unnecessary “perfection” 47:31 grinding mentality 1:32:38 a lot of heart syndrome 1:35:11 delegating tasks fun: 15:09 feel hud 42:54 stop light GTO 50:35 rap performance 51:55 hand vs Kido Pham 1:02:24 tinder GTO 1:17:21 rap music time 1:24:35 freestyle shots fired: 36:26 Vegans
Sep 30, 2016
David Williams (Masterchef & Poker)
David Williams is my guest on this episode. David recently finished in the top 3 on the reality television show Masterchef. Masterchef is a cooking competition that airs on Fox. He is also known in the poker world for finishing 2nd in the 2004 WSOP Main Event to Greg Raymer. He has also been sponsored my Bodog and Pokerstars over the years. I really enjoyed this episode because David is a sick GTO storyteller. It wasn't quite the back and forth that I like to have during these podcasts but I didn't mind.  Stories include going on a near million dollar swing playing PLO in Bobbys room (49:31), allegations made that he let Harrington play on his Pokerstars account (1:26:21), meeting Viffer (41:09), having his Audi stolen (2:12:02) and more. Some very good wisdom and insight is discussed.  I cut out some of the best of clips and uploaded them on my YouTube for people who don't want to listen to the entire thing.  TIMESTAMPS*** TIMESTAMPS 0:46 introduction 1:47 Masterchef TV show 12:01 hater / trolls interactions 59:13 hater / trolls interactions 14:41 rigged shopping baskets 17:04 Masterchef GTO 38:02 parenting 43:55 WSOP 2016 49:31 nosebleeds PLO story (0.5/1k) 55:53 Antonio Esfandiari 1:01:07 single father life 1:03:58 Rosters – DFS startup 1:13:29 basketball 1:21:23 Doug Polk / Ben86 incident 1:26:21 PCA online mixed games incident 1:36:34 online poker (in the US) 1:41:37 divorce 1:44:44 alleged porn career 1:50:37 nTOS substances 1:59:46 future book / movie unknown story 2:02:27 Magic disqualification 2:28:13 future TV career 2:42:43 poker sponsorships 2:37:59 beard / hair GTO 2:40:42 reality – simulation 2:42:47 spacecamp travelling 2:48:03 podcast history / GTO 2:56:43 WSOP runner up 2004 3:00:19 PLO MTTs aha: 33:26 fear of failure 36:02 do it for yourself (not for the haters) 45:49 live in the moment 54:46 chasing high scores / losses 1:42:20 happiness – change 2:26:25 taking responsibilities  fun: 39:42 uninstallation of the stripper pole 41:09 first meet up with VIFFER (SMD) 1:54:46 drugged story 2:12:02 stolen A7 story 2:45:11 drake double
Sep 24, 2016
Stealthmunk aka Justin Schwartz
Stealthmunk is a legend of the online poker world and TwoPlusTwo Poker forums. You might also know Justin from the WSOP 2015 coverage where he put on quite a display of personality on episodes that included Daniel Negreanu. This episode starts off a bit slow as I wine and dine Justin to make him feel a bit more comfortable. He is one of the fellow 10/20 PLO regs on Bovada so I actually get to have a discussion about those games for a bit of time. The feedback for this episode has been pretty good for the people who make it past the beginning stages of things. Enjoy ITUNES :D 2:27 background 10:59 (alleged) Bovada (endboss) 24:06 Ben86 (vs WCG) incident(s) 36:12 current lifestyle 53:33 fedor run 1:01:55 future poker ecosystem 1:07:13 DNegs propbet 1:09:55 #entrepreneurlife 1:16:41 200/400 livepoker 1:19:24 homeless life 1:26:37 future plans 1:28:28 diabetes 1:35:48 foxwood incident aha: 1:43:30 life wisdom fun: 6:36 gamblers anonymous 9:56 breaking TOS 37:04 highscore on Bovada 46:30 dream-machine 49:37 liquor bet 1:06:46 dog appearance  1:46:26 bang bang Max Silver
Sep 24, 2016
Max Silver aka Goodeh99 on Stars
Max Silver aka goodeh99 on Pokerstars is my guest today. I've known Max from the 5/10 PLO streets over the past bunch of years and now he has gone full blown tournament player on is in conjunction with the release of his new product. This is the first official podcast where I debut my GTO advertisement readings, included today are Snapshove, The Great Game of PLO and Papis Cuddle Cafe in Japan.  Check out Snapshove today and if you sign up, let me know on Facebook or Twitter. I will be giving out a couple exclusive strategy articles for the people that do so that they aren't so bad at playing poker :D (Seriously, they are pretty GTO value):  Use this link: Also if you end up putting your hand out and taking The Great Game of PLO pill, you will be awarded one free PLO strategy question. I will put my all into answering it and make you feel good :D  Timestamps: 1:32 introduction 3:32 Advertisement___SNAPSHOVE___ Advertisement 8:49 background 14:13 nosebleed MTTs 33:02 WCOOP 2016 39:17 bovada 49:19 bots 1:03:45 poker economy 1:08:29 zoom poker 1:13:28 future plans 1:16:58 Advertisement___PLO___ Advertisement 1:21:38 SnapShove development process 1:36:12 PLO MTTs 1:37:05 Moscow trip 1:58:56 staking offer 2:07:26 Advertisement___CUDDLE CAFE___ Advertisement aha: 44:07 hypocrisy in poker 1:33:25 integrity during tough times shots fired: 16:45 softplay / colluding 47:18 Germans (JMO) 54:18 mistakenly evil Empire 1:04:28 pokerstars 1:27:41 #enterpreneurlife #AD 1:46:58 Phil Hellmuth fun:  27:47 MTT bed-sharing 33:59 bed-sharing power rankings 52:46 Doug Polk (marketing) impression 2:00:30 spooning club / cuddle cafe
Sep 24, 2016
Doug Polk || POWER/Poker Life Podcast
1:43 Ben86 incident 17:32 AD incident 31:37 BERRI SWEET incident 42:52 growing poker 54:16 RIO poker 1:03:46 102k WCOOP event 1:08:26 PolkerNews 1:16:11 pokerstars / pokersites 1:19:55 twitch 1:32:52 bankroll challenge 1:40:25 upswing poker 1:49:47 future plans aha: 24:40 out the scammers fun: 26:29 Doug's “chess” career Doug is back on the podcast to discuss the recent happenings in the poker world :D  You can find Doug here: __ ►YouTube: ►Twitch: ►Twitter __ You can find out more about the GTO club by visiting the club homepage on my website __ ►►►: __ _____ || ► Subscribe to My Channel Here || ► Twitter: http// || ► Snapchat: joeingram1 || ► Facebook: || ► Website: || ► ITunes:  _____
Sep 13, 2016
Sebastian Malec (EPT Barcelona Winner)
Sebastian recently took down the EPT Barcelona Main Event and put on a show in the process of doing it. I'm excited to learn more about this young Polish poker player :D  _____ 2:39 background 16:26 future plans 26:16 EPT final table 46:56 SmartSpin 52:58 feelings during the FT 1:01:08 life improvements fun: 19:40 (so many) signs of success
Sep 13, 2016
Alex Luneau aka Alexonmoon aka BiatchPeople
Alex is a professional poker player from France. He has been playing high stakes cash games online for many years and was featured in the poker Documentary "Nosebleed".  Timestamps: 2:15 High Stakes Cash Games 4:50 WSOP 2016 15:15 Gus Hansen 28:43 Poker action nowadays 33:51 HU vs John Smith for bracelet at WSOP 36:04 Marriage / relationship 41:03 WCOOP 2016 44:15 Outside of poker activities  49:14 Poker conversation 52:51 2-7 Triple Draw 55:58 Poker career 1:02:40 RIO poker (New Phil Galfond Site) 1:05:33 Current / future approach 1:10:24 Isildur1 thoughts 1:14:01 Current high stakes opponents 1:16:01 Improving poker skills 1:25:37 Travel plans 1:28:28 Seb86 1:48:03 Sportifying mixed games aha: 59:10 Overcoming fear 1:07:59 Donating time / money 1:55:00 Life / poker wisdom fun: 9:13 Names in the big live games 25:30 Country power rankings 46:05 Wife makes an appearance on the podcast! 52:12 Monaco special (Gus story) 1:20:15 Mix power rankings 1:29:09 Biggest downswing / upswing 1:40:01 Ladyboy strat
Sep 13, 2016
Evan Silva (Senior Editor Rotoworld) || DFS Week
Evan Silva in the senior editor for RotoWorld and one of the most respected analysts in the NFL/DFS world. Evan is the last in my DFS Week lineup :D  Timestamps 2:39 DFS – poker comparison 6:02 rotoworld 10:24 Thursday hint 23:48 early “data mining” days 30:55 NFL 35:45 week1 approach 37:21 imaginary big score 54:40 NFL stats strat 1:06:30 watching games - enjoyment 1:23:10 Chicago life 1:28:12 week1 upset pick 1:31:37 defence special teams 1:40:11 imaginary 100$ bankroll 1:43:10 DFS content aha:  17:06 work hard 1:11:37 listen to smart people fun: 1:28:52 ALL IN on BRONCOS
Sep 13, 2016
Adam Levitan || DFS WEEK!!
Timestamps** 2:05 back-story 5:22 poker background 10:32 DFS awards 16:19 DFS approach 19:17 his podcast 29:54 journalism 43:36 DFS landscape 52;52 beginner hints 1:06:25 travelling 1:15:22 current state of DFS 1:21:08 ownership projections fun: 9:10 mtt players Check out my website One Poker Life for all things related to poker!! __ ►►►: __ _____ || ► Subscribe to My Channel Here || ► Twitter: http// || ► Snapchat: joeingram1 || ► Facebook: || ► Website: || ► ITunes:  _____
Sep 13, 2016
Jonathan Bales (Fantasy Labs) || DFS Week!
Timestamps Below! Jonathan Bales is my guest on the podcast today as we continue DFS Week. Jonathan is a former poker player turned DFS professional who has written many great DFS books and also helped to found Fantasy Labs is one of the most respected websites in the industry at the moment for people who want to do better at DFS.  Recent Article in Success magazine about Bales: 3:34 brief introduction 19:18 main focus 24:09 MLB weather strat 25:55 NFL approach 28:27 sharing strategy 40:15 NFL hints 49:09 mediafying DFS 58:55 DFS content 1:10:46 Success Magazine article 1:18:07 DFS ecosystem 1:30:47 sportsbetting 1:33:25 imaginary DFS changes 1:41:17 coaching 1:43:44 Playboy mansion aha: 7:48 benefits to workout 11:05 (hard)work – reward 34:02 developer strat 44:19 qualifiers 53:29 numbers – popularity relation 56:46 don't focus on the short term (monies) 1:04:14 community engagement 1:26:43 long-term maximising fun: 35:34 author is always right 38:35 fun player GTnO 1:29:41 overrated DFS players
Sep 13, 2016
Assani Fisher|| Poker Life Podcast/DFS WEEK!
Assani is back on the podcast to talk DFS, playing poker as a "recreational" player during the World Series of Poker, the upcoming NFL season and more : D 8:57 DFS critics 26:59 actual life(plans) 29:26 motivation / life balance 37:53 playboy mansion party 44:08 NFL season 2016 45:53 top tier DFS players 55:16 Zugwats's bachelor party 1:04:35 possible spectator view 1:14:02 music festivals 1:18:17 biggest daily DFS turnover 1:24:25 DFS hints 1:32:05 upcoming events aha: 22:09 stop complaining 46:12 credits to the programmers 1:23:07 coaching in boom markets
Sep 13, 2016
Ryan Daut (Poker/DFS Pro) DFS WEEK!
Ryan was a professional poker player for many years and is now one of the best Daily Fantasy Sports players in the entire world. 
Aug 31, 2016
Saahil Sud aka Maxdalury : DFS WEEK
Saahil is considered one of the top Daily Fantasy Sports players in the entire world. He regularly plays the highest stakes in almost all of the major sports at cash games and tournaments (GPPs). We get to know more about the man behind the legendary screen name Maxdalury :D Timestamps: 7:36 Dealing with Controversy   14:05 Start of nfl season 2016 15:40 Nfl / mlb DFS differences 20:52 Initiative for new players 29:06 Improving DFS 30:45 Thoughts on opponents 37:51 Professional background 41:14 Life balance 45:31 Lineup strat 50:05 DFS scandal 51:39 Sweating games / emotions 58:11 Channing Frye Incident 1:01:30 Big contest(s) 1:03:43 Playboy mansion grind 1:05:58 DraftKings final events 1:10:00 DFS - poker comparison 1:13:26 DFS training sites 1:23:43 Future improvements aha: 42:11 Sacrifice for (big) potentials fun: 34:45 Million $ beatdown on Condia 47:15 Assani Fisher story 1:16:47 Brm vs Amateur
Aug 31, 2016
Epic Viffer!!!! Episode || Poker Life Podcast
Check out my new website for all things poker!! TIMESTAMPS Below! __ ►►►: __ TIMESTAMPS _____________ 2:05 Viffer (self)introduction 9:00 Million to broke and back in a week 14:13 "retired" from poker(lifestyle) 26:43 2M2M appearance 33:35 Rehab 40:06 Ladyboy story 48:40 Dan Bilzerian 53:05 Anti-TOS substances GTO 55:55 Durrrr challenge 1:09:47 Ben Lamb 1:15:24 5day straight party 1:44:33 Viffer wisdom
Aug 27, 2016
Daniel Negreanu is back! || Poker Life Podcast
Daniel Negreanu is back on the podcast to talk about his new podcast, Pokerstars in 2016, how poker has been going for him and much more  You can find out more about the GTO club by visiting the club homepage on my website __ ►►►: __
Aug 27, 2016
Phil Galfond
Aug 17, 2016
Liv Boeree
Aug 17, 2016
Jason Mercier
2:00 Jason Mercier's WSOP bracelet bets 7:00 How prop bets help Jason maintain focus 9:00 Did prop bet affect Jason's play when seeking 3rd 2016 bracelet? 12:00 Mercier or Holz -- who had better summer? 13:00 Jason's $1.8m prop bet with Vanessa Selbst 19:00 David Hill's poker writeup on Bill Simmons' The Ringer 22:00 Jason Mercier ESPN interview with Dan Le Batard & Stugotz 25:00 Annie Duke, the "Poker Pro" 31:00 The Poker Dream, Risk of Addition/Degen Tendencies 33:00 Poker versus social games with micro-transaction revenue generation method 36:52 Doug Polk "Bad Reg" comments -- Jason's shoot reaction (37:40) "First of all I have to thank him because like, he just lit a fire under me and I decided I was going to make a few million this summer. So thank you, Doug. Besides that, I don't know if he actually believes that I'm not that good or whatever it is. I felt like when he actually did it, it was some sort of ploy or marketing thing where he's just trying to get more viewers, trying to see if he could start something with me... whatever. And I fell for it, took the bait, and  40:00 How shit-talking helps poker players get motivated 43:00 Doug Polk & Jason Mercier seated together at SHRB 45:00 Jason's online poker career before fame (2007) 53:00 Off-kilter invented poker games 59:00 Options, planning for wedding, etc. 1:02:00 Proposal to Natasha Barbour on-stream at WSOP 1:08:00 Poker relationships 1:10:00 Value of being resilient in poker and relationships 1:12:00 Jason's future. How does he stay motivated for upcoming EPT/WCOOP? 1:15:00 Will Jason take more of his own action now? 1:19:00 Jason is content living in Canada 1:21:00 8-Game Power Rankings for PokerStars? 1:22:00 Jason vs Gus Hansen at end of WSOP. Gus Hansen = Action 1:25:00 2016 One Drop Extravaganza 1:27:00 Jason Mercier Basketball 1:29:00 Jason's dog at the Rio. His name is "Marshmallow"  "He's a champion." 1:31:00 The trappings of fame 1:34:00 Has Jason ever been cheated at gambling? How to avoid. 1:35:00 David Viffer stories? 1:36:00 Jungleman stories. Jason saw Cates throw cards in Dmitri's face (Limit Omaha in Australia) 1:39:00 What people inspire Jason Mercier? 1:40:00 Michael Phelps = Beast -- 2016 Summer Olympics 1:41:00 Podcasts, Who does Jason think Joey should invite? 1:44:00 Jason might go sweat the November 9 b/c he has action. Upcoming wedding before Thanksgiving. Might go to Prague, then restart everything again in Bahamas 2017 PCA. 1:45:00 Instagram: realjasonmercier  Social Media 1:46:00 Liv Boeree will be on Podcast this Friday
Aug 17, 2016
Charlie Carrel aka Epiphany77
Aug 17, 2016
Bill Perkins (Billionaire Businessman/Poker Player)
This was one of the best podcasts I've ever done in my life, I will have a full rundown of specifics up shortly but the amount of wisdom shared by Bill was incredible :) 
Aug 04, 2016
Mike Vacanti (Poker/Fitness Entrepeneur)
Mike has been playing live poker for a number of years and used poker to help quit his full time job to pursue a career in the world of fitness. Mike runs his website and plays poker on the east coast. He also was the personal trainer for one of my favorite content creators on the internet Gary Vaynerchuk for 2 years :) We will talk about his perspective on the world of poker, how he used it to quit his job, much fitness wisdom and much more :) Mikes Twitter:
Aug 04, 2016
iJoey Weekly #1 (Weekly Podcast & Life Thoughts)
I will be putting this video out every Sunday that will recap the weeks podcasts and I will talk about my thoughts after the fact of each episode. I'll also discuss my poker play for the week and any other projects I'm working on :)
Aug 04, 2016
Doug Polk
TIMESTAMPS: Doug Polk Poker Life Podcast -- July 29, 2016 1:00 Intro & Upcoming Podcast guests 3:10 Doug Polk's summer recap 5:00 2016 WSOP Tag Team Champions 8:20 MTT Bad Regs 9:05 Joey & Doug's interactions with fans -- promoting poker 13:50 Doug Polk's future plans 15:20 Polker News weekly cast for 2+2 16:10 Old-school PartyPoker $25/$50 cash games & NLHE Heads Up King of The Hill system 17:00 Doug gives his views on several online poker sites 20:00 PLO (4 cards!) vs NLHE 21:20 "Rake is way more brutal in PLO" & concerns about bots 22:00 Poker getting tougher. Which poker formats & venues are still beatable? 25:50 Comparing today's poker landscape to the good ol' days 27:55 Old-school online poker fish like Tian "wobbly_au" Shou 34:30 Aaron "aejones" Jones (current DFS endboss) stories 37:45 Online poker in the United States 40:20 Which countries have the best/worst poker players? 42:20 Fedor Holz comparison to Dan Colman 45:00 Tom Dwan spotted in Las Vegas this summer 46:00 The Tom Dwan scam 51:10 Poker run-good 52:30 Tom Dwan online ROFL-stomped by Viktom Blom for $4m+. Blom lost that money to Brian Hastings 53:40 Will super-nosebleed high stakes online action happen again? 54:40 Doug Polk competitive gaming background 56:55 Upswing Poker inception -- content methodology & outreach 58:10 President Doug Polk for President in 2032? 58:30 Joey & Doug's role in the poker community 60:40 Equity & valuation of becoming "poker personality" 64:30 Doug's upcoming Bankroll Challenge & upcoming projects 66:00 GTO Snapchat strategy discussion 73:45 Politics & #pokertwitter -- shoot on recent KidPoker tweets 75:10 Old-school DNegs YouTube video works 77:15 Negreanu Twitter polls 79:30 Online poker in U.S. Regulated vs. Unregulated poker sites 81:00 Americas Cardroom vs. Bovada 82:10 The life of joeingram1 -- No Masturbation Prop Bet with Fedor Holz 83:40 Papi's plans to do exclusive Upswing Poker content 85:30 How prop bets are great for personal motivation * Featured Discussion * 86:00 Handicapping Doug Polk $100-$10k Bankroll Challenge  99:40 Rapid-fire Twitter fan questions 101:50 Upswing Poker cross-promotional efforts with Twitch Poker streamers 104:20 Outro -- Keeping Up with The Pokers Ep. #3 (Joey Ingram & AdrianFeniXx) 104:50 Follow us on Social Media  105:30 "Shout-out to the Majestic Star by the way... that is not the place you want to ****ing go."
Aug 01, 2016
Keeping Up With The Pokers #3 W/Adrian Fenix
This is the new show I will be doing weekly/bi-weekly with Adrian Fenix talking about the current happenings in the online/live poker world 0:00 New Show Feedback 2:25 WSOP Main Event Final Table  12:40 Lack of Final Table Coverage 16:00 #PokerTwitter after WSOP 18:12 Poker Players talking Politics 22:51 Pokerstars "Amazing" Promotions 26:33 Future Plans Subscribe to Adrians new YouTube Channel and check out his 1st video: Show Links:  WSOP Final Table: WSOP Main Event Show info: #PokerTwitter: Daniel Negrenau Podcast talking Pokerstars: Previous Keeping Up With The Pokers Episodes:  #1: #2:
Jul 30, 2016
Noah Schwartz
Jul 29, 2016
Fedor Holz #6
7:00 Super High Roller Bowl 10:00 backing SHRB winner 14:00 Fedor's summer run 19:00 What percentage did Fedor have of himself? 22:00 WSOP grind is exhausting 25:00 Fedor retiring from poker? 29:00 Hourly rates and 1 year hiatus 30:30 Pressure of commitments 32:30 Opportunities for Fedor 39:20 Poker & PEDs 40:00 Happy 23rd Birthday, Fedor! 41:10 Do people treat Fedor differently b/c of success? 50:00 Comparisons to Dan Colman 50:50 Difficult to trust people now? 56:35 Fedor is 5'10" or 5'11" 57:10 How are women treating Fedor? 60:00 Social media engagement "waitbutwhy" article 63:00 Who in poker comes across as genuine? 67:00 Fedor Holz 2016 Big One for One Drop coaching pitch 68:00 #1 GPI Ranking and its significance to Fedor 77:00 Influence of Elliot Roe Skype Hypnosis on Fedor 81:00 Donnie Peters calling Fedor "overrated" 85:00 Fedor Live blowup 91:00 Coolering Joe McKeehen 97:00 Story behind "CrownUpGay" screen name 100:00 Fedor Bots (Euros superior to American poker players?) 105:30 Rapid-fire Twitter questions 108:15 German poker scene 111:10 Recommended reading 115:00 $50/$100 online cash games 120:50 Pokemon GO 124:00 Why doesn't Fedor play PLO? 126:00 No-porn prop bets. Prawn effects on brain. 135:00 Papi commits rest of 2016 w/o masturbation. Fedor spots 3-to-1 139:00 Papi puts up $3k to Fedor's $9k. Bet booked. 142:00 Fedor offers Papi immediate buyout of $2.8k. Papi starts looking up Directory to get a girlfriend asap. 144:00 Continued prop bet discussion 148:30 Papi and Fedor brainstorm future Poker Life Podcast guests 150:10 Social media shout-outs & wrap-up 152:00 Fedor's plans in the near future
Jul 27, 2016
Sorel Mizzi
Jul 27, 2016
Dan O'Brien
Jul 25, 2016
Cate Hall
Cate Hall is back on the podcast today  to talk all about how her WSOP went, her new relationship, some recent controversies and much more :)
Jul 25, 2016
Jason Mo
TIMESTAMPS** 14:09 markups in the mtt world 29:05 ladies event shortening 32:16 GPL forecast 46:52 poker / future career 1:18:18 (poker)twitch landscape 1:38:53 ambassadors in poker (PH shots) 1:50:55 top (only)poker networths 1:53:25 untracked 20/40k stakes (durrrr) 1:54:31 Gus Hansen Story 1:59:11 greetings to Lee Jones
Jul 25, 2016
Keeping Up With The Pokers EP2 With Adrian Fenixx
This is my new show together with Adrian Fenixx where we discuss some of the recent happenings in the online/live/pokertwitter world. Each episode will be 15-25 minutes in length :) **TimeStamps Below** Thanks for all the feedback and comments about Episode 1 of our new show together. Me and Adrian are together in person on this weeks episode from the Rio in Las Vegas (WSOP 2016). We discuss our WSOP 2016 plans, the Cate Hall Pokernews article, #PokerTwitter Outrage, GPL Summer Series, an update on Jason Mercier bracelet hunt, Justin Bonomo podcast run good and more.  We also have a bonus segment at the end with Thoughts about being at the WSOP from 2 latin women (sponsored by Latin America: Latin America...where YOU can meet the Latin woman of your dreams!!!) **TimeStamps** 0:18 New Show Feedback 2:37 WSOP 2016 Plans 5:50 Cate Hall Pokernews Article 12:00 Twitter Outrage 14:55 GPL Summer Series (Cube Visit) 19:12 Jason Mercier Update 20:30 Justin Bonomo Podcast Rungood 21:23 Future Episodes 22:32 Sisily and Vanessa Discuss WSOP
Jul 07, 2016
Talal Shakerchi aka Raidalot
**Timestamps below**My guest today on the podcast live from Las Vegas and the WSOP is Talal Shakerchi aka Raidalot on Pokerstars. Talal recently won the SCOOP Main Event for 1.4mm USD on Pokerstars. I don't know that much about Talal outside that he is involved in the hedge fund business in Europe, really enjoys playing poker and is very active in the philanthropy world. Talal plays everything from the 300k Super High Roller Bowl to the low buyin events during SCOOP season on Pokerstars. Talal has posted many insightful things on the TwoPlusTwo message board over the years pertaining to the recent Pokerstars changes and other online poker related happenings. I'm very excited to have him on the podcast and find out more about him :) 3:32 businessman(s) in the pokerworld 10:59 hedgefund market insides 17:22 starting out in poker 28:34 poker economy 45:14 thoughts on Ferguson / Lederer 53:20 (amaya) insidertrading 1:21:51 parallels hedgefund - poker 1:35:56 philanthropy / charities 1:44:30 cryptocurrencies 1:55:06 criterias for hedgefund jobs 2:11:21 (poker)life advice
Jul 07, 2016
WSOP VLOG & New Merchandise
New Poker Life Merchandise is here: Video Blogs are on my YouTube Channel:
Jul 02, 2016
Justin Bonomo
**Timestamps** 4:11 MICROAGGRESsION 5:51 THE BLOG 8:29 Polygamerous Lifestyle 18:03 Poker career 27:25 Burning men 1:07:48 thoughts on FTP/"oldschool" poker 1:17:07 Selbst vs Mercier 1:38:05 connecting w people (outside of poker) 2:01:30 trashtalk from LivB New Poker Life Merchandise is here:
Jul 02, 2016
Olivier Busquet(bonus Sam Abernathy) 300k SuperHighRollerBowl Discussion
Jun 09, 2016
Andrew Barber discussing tournament marketplace/markup
Jun 09, 2016
Jaclynn Moskow discusses her sexual harassment blog post
Jun 09, 2016
Shaun Deeb
Jun 09, 2016
Tommy Angelo
Jun 09, 2016
Max Greenwood
Jun 09, 2016
Dipthrong aka Mark Herm
Jun 09, 2016
Alex Scott (Microgaming Head of Poker)
Jun 09, 2016
3:50 recent online poker games 5:29 5 card PLO 13:40 NL Headsup games 18:27 BANG BANG MTT Regs 20:18 Manila SHUFFLE 24:20 Dwan Challenge 41:58 GPL 52:45 battles vs Matt KIRK 1:04:01 live cashgames / new game formats / dynamics 1:23:03 SCOOP 2016 grind 1:29:33 thoughts on OtB_RedBaron 1:34:03 JUNGLE on TWITCH 1:39:13 friendship w HASEEBQ 1:45:50 viewer questions
May 10, 2016
Haseeb Qureshi aka DogisHead aka INTERNET POKERS
2:00 his poker career 11:22 ASHman bet 19:31 GIRAH scandal 38:33 QUIT poker - lifestyle / travel 53:44 MENTAL coaching / his poker BOOK 1:15:15 effective ALTRUISM 1:22:32 CODING career 1:33:25 article on BusinessInsider / YAHOO 1:37:28 job offers (google,UBER,etc) 1:38:59 negotiations skills (vs. poker players) 1:51:09 GIRAH aftermath 2:02:30 reflections (media attention, poker)
May 10, 2016
Doug Polk
Doug is back on the podcast today to talk about his journey into running his new website Upswing Poker, the experience streaming high stakes cash games on Twitch, hitting one of the biggest tournament scores on Twitch, the 300k Aria High Roller and more 0:55 Haircut GTO 5:42 Doug on TWITCH  12:52 Approach / view of the games during streaming 20:35 BANG BANG MTT REGS 38:30 MTT power RANKINGS 41:53 TIMEX 500Zoom challenge 52:08 UpswingPoker marketing approach 57:37 SCOOP 2016 - twitch schedule 1:01:30 VPNs/ MultiAccounts 1:08:14 technical issues (video freezes) 1:09:32 virtual curency gambling 1:15:35 japanese porn industry 1:18:42 social media GTO 1:23:52 ideas post Poker
May 07, 2016
Assani Fisher
Assani is a former poker professional who started playing back in 2004 turned into a current day high stakes daily fantasy sports endboss. Assani is debatabley known as one of the top DFS cash game and GPP players at the moment and also does a popular video blog talking about his ups/downs in the DFS world. 
May 06, 2016
Olivier Busquet
**TimeStamps Below** The time has finally come for me to have Olivier Busquet on the podcast. We will be discussing his run as the HUSNG end boss (is he still the end boss of that format??), the poker world in general, branching out to commentating on ESPN, traveling, pizza, wood tables, the difference between cats and dogs, and of course his recent MMA fight that had the poker world buzzing. (3 of these things we might not actually be discussing but idk if anyone actually pays attention to these).  I recently wrote about the fight that Olivier had with JC and you can watch the fight if you haven't had a chance to see it yet **TimeStamps** 7:54 FIGHT preparation / STEROIDS allegations 25:19 motivation to FIGHT 55:47 BREAKING NEWS - FIGHT 2.0 1:22:29 poker career 1:24:17 WSOP lifestyle 1:30:35 BOTS / dreammachines in onlinepoker 2:04:04 GPL 2:16:48 "everyone is full of s***" / daily struggles 2:22:42 LOVING (life) 2:53:42 future plans I will be writing takeaways/recaps of each podcast and all sorts of other different poker related things on my website:
May 02, 2016
Ludovic Geilich aka gr4vybo4t aka ludovi333
Ludovic Geilich aka gr4vybo4t aka ludovi333 is an online/live MTT player and he also plays the great game of PLO!! We also has a very sweet accent and we all know that people love accents (assuming the accent is not our own accent, in which case it is the same ol voice we always hear.) I know that some people believe accents do not exist and to those who do, god bless you. We reviewed a couple hands Ludo played on a recent PLO live stream Ludo was pretty upfront and honest about his thoughts related to his own poker ups and downs. Enjoy the podcast.  **TIMESTAMPS**  9:30 Ludo PLO video: Hand 1 21:00 Ludo PLO video: Hand 2 29:00 Recent live PLO 42:30 EPT Grand Final/rake in live cash games 48:25 Tournament changes on Pokerstars 55:50 Glasgow poker scene/Scottish and British players 1:05:00 Poker and dating/women in poker 1:16:30 Glasgow accent and slang 1:21:50 Poker plans for near future 1:26:30 Chip swings at EPT Monte Carlo 1:35:10 Travelling for live poker: expenses, selling action etc. 1:49:00 JC Alvarado vs Olivier Busquet fight I will be writing takeaways/recaps of each podcast and all sorts of other different poker related things on my website:
May 02, 2016
TonkaaaaP (Endboss?? of current MTTers on Twitch)
My guest today on the podcast is Parker Talbot aka Tonkaaaaaaaaaaa. Tonka is an online MTT player who has been gaining a follow on Twitch in the past year because of his outgoing personality and his ability to win/go deep in every tournament possible. It feels like I see him final tabling something every single night on Twitter. Many people have asked for me to get him on and the time has come for us to make some podmagic happen. Timestamps 1:12 TonkaaaaP’s brief background 3:26 TonkaaaaP’s residence 4:38 Poker playing history  5:34 Twitter fingers  8:01 On getting supernova elite  9:55 On dropping out of school  14:21 The Aha moment  16:48 Making alot of money on twitch “allegedly” 23:08 On his prop bet 27:03 Sam abernathy’s slideshow 27:51 On his relationship with Sam Abernathy 28:04 What he thinks of no sex before marriage 29:16 Degening at high stakes and stream 29:36 The alleged blue hair girl  30:30 Twitch strategy  33:08 The cactus question  34:27 Shout outs  35:10 Possible merchandise venture  40:55 Goals 44:30 Tonkaaaps power tournament online strategy 50:17 Toronto LIFESTYLE / BeerOlympics 57:43 ELKY impression(s) - SO SIQQQ 1:00:33 (fake)Gratitude for Subscriber 1:05:30 SOLVED: Masturbation (while streaming) GTO 1:14:04 Tony G's SON 1:24:22 DRUNK BlackJack on Stream 1:26:36 Outro / questions something wrong with the video: 1:28:36 youtube error 1:38:22 youtube error 50:17 Toronto LIFESTYLE / BeerOlympics 57:43 ELKY impression(s) - SO SIQQQ 1:00:33 (fake)Gratitude for Subscriber 1:05:30 SOLVED: Masturbation (while streaming) GTO 1:14:04 Tony G's SON 1:24:22 DRUNK BlackJack on Stream 1:26:36 Outro / questions something wrong with the video: 1:28:36 youtube error 1:38:22 youtube error I will be writing takeaways/recaps of each podcast and all sorts of other different poker related things on my website: Subscribe for more Poker Life podcasts and videos!! Get updates when I am live with new videos! Follow on Twiter: Join the FB Group: Find on ITUNES:
May 02, 2016
Xuan Liu
May 02, 2016
Sean Lefort #5
**TIMESTAMPS**  3:43 EDC 2015 TRIPreport 6:22 SPIRITHOOD GTO - add the spirithood affiliate link here smile emoticon 13:25 actual PLO environment/stars changes 43:33 LIFEgoals 45:45 plans? for the BACHELOR show 47:55 throwback to the first POD 50:04 INSTAGRAM secret REVEALED / other social media GTO 1:03:17 I(nstagram)GG - womenz of Instagram 1:06:55 (value) Investments  1:09:33 upcoming technology evolvements 1:13:39 DAYtrading 1:26:29 research / contact of successful people 1:41:07 (negative) BODYbuilding developments / problems 1:54:03 VEGAN GTOOOOOOOO 2:10:00 Earthing / Grounding 2:17:07 COLOMBIA holiday / experiences 2:33:10 upcoming event / plans for the near future 2:35:58 extended YOUNG lifestyle / delayed start of the familygrind 2:40:33 twitter COMPETITION -huge prize to be awarded- 2:50:55 Outro / chat questions 3:01:44 podcast in 10years -COMPETITION-
Apr 20, 2016
Dan Colman
Dan Colman aka mrGR33N13 is a long time online player who specializes in Heads-UP Sit'N'Gos in the hyper, turbo and regular speed format online. He is also known for winning the Big One for One Drop in 2014 for 15.3mm USD (not bad). In this episode we talk about the degenerate route he took to becoming a high stakes regular, his love for punishment, why he hasn't been playing much poker in the past year, and much more. I think that many peoples opinion on Dan has changed after watching this episode and it is a really good look into his mindset. If you read these descriptions and they factor in on your decision to watch the episode or continue to watch when you feel a lull in action and say "okay fuck this, NEXT" as your ADHD kicks in and the Onto The Next one culture of the new millenniumkicks in please let me know so that I am more inclined to include these type of forewords (no idea if this is proper usage) in future episode description boxes. If you read this and you thought, "I got no interest in listening to what these people have to say" then also please let me know by using the comment box, on twitter or on stalkbook. I would like to now name this episode, I will name it, A Look Into the Mind of a Man who has Every option at his disposal but is undecided where to head next (With random words of the title capitalized). Thank you, much love, and God Bless! That description was meant for YouTube only but I felt inclined to include to all the papis and fuckbois and stalkers who watch these on ITUNES. I got this one up in less than 24 hours!!!! We are turning a new leaf on the amount of turnover on getting these up here. I know how fucking annoying it is to listen to these on YouTube when you are on an iPhone. Shout out to you and shout out to me. 
Apr 15, 2016
Kitty Kuo and Katrina Lim (Girl Got Game TV Show)
Joining me on the podcast today are Kitty Kuo and Katrina Lim to discuss there upcoming reality poker show Girl Got Game. Kitty is has been playing poker professionally for a couple years now, mainly focusing on tournaments. She is known for her entertaining Twitter, fashion prowess amongst other things. Katrina is one of the creators of the show and will be playing the hostess/producer for the 8 person all female cast.  We talk about more details for the show, who is on the cast, Kittys background in the real world that lead her into poker. Phil Ivey asking out Kitty many times, her love story with Russell and much more.  We also get appearances from a couple good friends of the podcast in Ryan Fee and Jason Les, as well as Kittys boyfriend/future husband/baby daddy Russel Thomas.  ***TIMESTAMPS*** 1:45 Kitty nervous in the spotlight 3:44 Katrina Lim - background 4:19 Girl Got Game - beginning/start 13:43 Girl Got Game - candidates 17:04 Girl Got Game - villa 31:25 Girl Got Game - SECRET candidate revealed 38:17 Girl Got Game - gameplay/rules 43:02 Kitty - background/poker journey 48:44 Kitty - lovestory with Russell Thomas 1:1:43 Girl Got Game - Season 2 1:6:30 Handsome men - power rankings 1:9:51 Kittykuo outplayed Fedor 1:16:30 Ivey asks Kitty over 9000 times for a date
Apr 13, 2016
David Paredes aka Gaucho2121
Apr 06, 2016
Adrian Fenixxx is Back
My friend Adrian joins me again to talk about his adventures down in Colombia, finding a potential Colombian doctor wife who helped him discover motivation for life/poker, taking a break from Twitch and I get super passionate discussing hard work about half way into things.
Apr 06, 2016
Ryan Fee talks UpswingPoker
3:00 Mercury poisoning 11:25 Upswing poker and its philosophy 21:10 Fee's future poker plan 29:30 How to Transform 100$ to 10k 31:30 Fun players caring about winning money or not 34:30 Stars recent changes 51:00 Fee vs Jungleman and Fee's hu career 59:50 Jamie Gold story 1:02:30 Past stream story 1:05:50 Peta pete story 1:08:05 Fee's sickest bet 1:09:30 How Fee and WCG met
Apr 06, 2016
Adam Small (CoFounder Pocket5s)
Adam joins me to discuss living down in Costa Rica back in the golden years of online poker and tells many many great stories from that time. 
Apr 06, 2016
Doug Polk talking new site UpswingPoker
Apr 06, 2016
Timex aka Mike McDonald discussing Insider Trading....
Timex Joins to discuss David Baazov insider trading allegations + rake increase on Stars 01:00 Amaya CEO David Baazov insider trading allegations 14:45 Pokerstars rake changes 22:00 The poker climate in 2016 41:05 Global Poker League & the infamous Timex stare 52:25 Keeping money on Pokerstars 56:39 JC Alverado vs Olivier Busquet fight 1:06:00 Hookers 1:08:40 Plans for 2016 1:17:35 Mike discusses strategy game Prismata
Apr 06, 2016
Cate Hall (Live from LA)
Apr 06, 2016
Jason Mo vs Remko Rinkema
Apr 06, 2016
Donnie Peters (PokerNews Boss)
Apr 06, 2016
Jason Mo
Apr 06, 2016
Steve Ruddock (Gaming Columnist) Discussing GPL & More
Apr 06, 2016
Anna Khait talks her being on Survivor
Apr 06, 2016
Sam Abernathy
Apr 06, 2016
Daniel Dvoress aka Oxota
Apr 06, 2016
HSPLO Podcast (Hands from March from Isldur/Trueteller/LrsLzk/Ansky/D2themfi)
Shout out to everyone listening on Itunes/random other podcast player  :)  I haven't done a high stakes pot limit omaha hand review video like this in awhile but here are 10 PLO hands from the High Stakes thread on TwoPlusTwo played on Pokerstars this month. We have some very fun hands played by Isildur, Trueteller, Fjutekk, supernova9 aka Dani Stern, Lrslzk , d2themfi and more. Eat Sleep PLO 0:57 : TheFish77 vs fjutekk 40k Pot  5:26 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 46k Pot 8:14  Trueteller vs Lrslzk 47k Pot 12:22 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 30k Pot 14:45 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 51k Pot 19:24 Isildur vs fjutekk 35k Pot 22:04 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 56k Pot 25:44 fjutekk vs Lrslzk 37k Pot 28:38 Isildur vs d2themfi vs n0d1ceb4by 73k Pot 32:11 Supernova9 aka Dani Stern vs Trueteller 14k Pot
Mar 11, 2016
Jeans89 aka Jens Kyllonen
Jan 31, 2016
Jay Rosenkrantz
Jan 31, 2016
Todd Anderson (Poker Night in America)
Jan 31, 2016
Jan 27, 2016
Fedor Holz (Live from PCA)
Jan 27, 2016
Ike Haxton aka Hollywood Haxton (Live From PCA)
The time has finally come for the one and only Ike Haxton aka Hollywood Haxton to join me on the podcast down at the PCA in the Bahamas. Me and Ike discuss his recent resignation from Pokerstars, switching over to play Pot Limit Omaha and much much more.  TIMESTAMPS 1:25 The Dream Machine 2:11 Pokerstars VIP Changes 5:15 Relocation from Malta to Vancouver 10:42 Resigning from Pokerstars 21:21 Live Poker Scene 25:00 How Igor gets his money  26:44 NoelHayes/Hastings Incident  37:00 Hollywood the FEMINIST  40:04 Value of Sponsored Players  47:22 Twitch/Coaching Videos 56:08 Burning Men 1:02:31 Joe Rogan Podcast Experience  1:08:29 UBER Nosebleed Live Cash Games 1:11:11 Durr Allegedly Locked Up In a Cage 1:16:08 The SECRET of Poker 1:19:15 Isildur Allegedly the Best HU Player 1:25:13 GTO Shoes/Fashion/Women 1:45:47 PLO The Greatest Game 1:53:33 Esfandiari Pee "Bucket" Incident/General Pee Bottle GTO 2:01:22 Propbet GTO 2:12:17 PAPI Impression 2:17:06 Chess GTO 2:19:51 The History of the Hollywood Glasses 2:28:17 Hottest People in Poker Power Rankings 2:39:11 Mixgame GTO 2:44:05 GPL Ideas 2:55:13 Life GTO Problems 3:03:40 Hollywoods Agent 3:12:30 Ivey aka the Bigtime Trolling Endboss 3:16:15 Odd Oddsen Drunk Vegas Incident 
Jan 21, 2016
Chris Moneymaker (Live from PCA)
Jan 20, 2016
Kanu aka Alex Millar
Alex is debatably one of the best 6 max/HU NL holdem players in the world. We will be discussing his recent resignation from Pokerstars, the online high stakes NL ecosystem, can you ever be 2 GTO at something, and more
Jan 06, 2016
MeleaB (5x SNE FR grinder)
Mike is a multiple time SNE on stars playing SSFR NL and has recently relocated back to the USA because of the Stars changes to SNE. He has been very vocal about the Stars changes on the poker forums with some very smart posts. I've known Mike since I started playing poker wayyyy back in the day. We will chat all about that, and much much more
Jan 06, 2016
Chisness Live In Studio!
Chisness is one of the most legendary volume grinders of all time on Pokerstars. He  is an old school SNE NL cash game grinder on Stars and one of the only people to ever play more hands of NL holdem in one month than I did. I believe he played about 850k at 6max while I only played 603k at full ring frown emoticon frown emoticon smile emoticon We will talk about this, living in Africa, worldwide travels, his upcoming 4 month bike ride through Africa and more.
Jan 06, 2016
Brian Rast is back!
Brian joins me again to discuss his boxing match with Sorel Mizzi that has already taken place. We spend the first part of the podcast discussing this and the rest we dive into a number of different topics. 
Jan 06, 2016
CeeGee (Mixed Game/PLO online player)
CeeGee aka Chris George is a long time mixed game player who also plays PLO. The first part of the podcast CeeGee tells his epic degen poker story with many highs and lows. One of my favorite stories of all time on the pod.
Jan 06, 2016
Alex Dreyfus #2
Alex is back to bring his passion about life, love, and the GPI to us all. I always get really pumped up after I talk with Alex and think I can achieve anything in the world I put my mind to.
Jan 06, 2016
Dan Smith aka KingDan
My buddy Dan Smith is back on the podcast to talk about all kinds of different things. We discuss his Burning Man trip and blog post he wrote after the fact, his conquering the daily fantasy sports world, recent poker endeavors, living in San Diego, and more. His cousin Matt just arrived in San Diego and we sort of ran another all male 3 way again. I don't want to start making male 3 ways a habit for myself. I would prefer to have more female 3 ways in podcast form. Maybe I need to go set those up instead.  Does anyone read these things?  If you vote for more female 3 ways please let me know on Twitter @joeingram1 
Dec 27, 2015
Mason Malmuth discusses his new book
Mason joins me again on the pod to talk about his new book. We also discuss the Pokerstars changes, some comments he made on the last podcast that got a few people upset, and more. 
Dec 27, 2015
Daniel Negreanu (Dani Stern joins halfway)
This is one of my most popular podcasts to date. Daniel joins me to discuss the Pokerstars VIP changes and about halfway in Dani Stern joins us and we have our first all male threeway on the podcast.
Dec 27, 2015
Jason Mo
Podcast favorite Jason Mo is back :) 
Dec 27, 2015
Bart Hanson
Bart joins me on the podcast again to discuss the upcoming PokerOnAir cash game that I actually played on (yes I played on a game where the hole cards were streamed, half plo/half nl) You can go to PokerOnAir twitch page to find the replay. Me and Bart discuss that and then get into many more different topics. 
Dec 27, 2015
Dani Stern discusses the players strike on Pokerstars
Ansky joins me again to talk about the players strike that took place on Pokerstars Dec1-3. I am uploading this on Dec27th so this is all in the past. My upload time is not very GTO :) Watch on YouTube you fish. Open it up and listen that way :)  I love you if you read this
Dec 27, 2015
Ben Wilinofsky aka NeverScaredB
Ben is a long time MTT player who has had some really good results over the years. He has been very open on his blog and in videos about dealing with depression and other things. We talk more about that, the tournament grind, we get an appearance from his Russian fiance and more 
Dec 27, 2015
Liqqa (HSPLOer)
Liqqa is from Norway and also a long time PLO player on Pokerstars and was the winner of the biggest pot I've ever played online. 97k 6 way all in :( :( :( We talk about the sports betting website that he operates, PLO, and more. 
Dec 27, 2015
Baadger (PLOer)
Baadger is from Finland and a long time friend of the podcast and PLO player on Pokerstars. He is currently on the Supernova Elite grind playing mainly 2/5 zoom. 
Dec 27, 2015
Patrick Leonard aka Pads aka Mr. Pleno8
Nov 20, 2015
Talking Nba, Vegas stories, DFS and more with Potodds3
My buddy Michael McNeil joins me today to talk some of our stories from Vegas this WSOP, NBA, basketball in general, DFS, and more. Mike also tells a couple fun stories pertaining to our friend Brian Hastings that are pretty great lol. 
Nov 20, 2015
Kristin Wilson (PokerRefugees Founder)
My guest today is a woman named Kristin Wilson. Kristin founded a company called Poker Refugees after Black Friday which has helped to relocate about 500 poker players to many different countries around the world. I met her during the summer in Vegas and I thought she would be great to have on. We spend the first part talking about her past as a professional surfer, living in Costa Rica and more. I think she has a pretty cool backstory that we don't get to hear much about as she has never been a poker player. We spend a bunch of time talking about her company, how/why she decided to start it, the challenges of it and all things pertaining to it. Hope you guys enjoy this description that I decided would be GTO to write :) 
Nov 20, 2015
Cate Hall #2
Nov 20, 2015
Dani Stern discusses Pokerstars VIP Changes
Dani joins me to talk about the Pokerstars Changes to the Supernova elite program and for the rakeback program at high stakes cash games. He is very angry and speaks with much passion in this episode as he explains why the changes are bad for poker and for everyone outside of Amaya.
Nov 05, 2015
Brian Rast
Brian Rast joins me as we talk meeting his wife in Brazil and the process of ending up together in the USA, science fiction, experiences of his throughout his poker life which spans 8+ years at this point in time, and various other topics. Listen as Brian progressively gets drunker as the episode goes on and he finishes a bottle of wine :) I really enjoyed chatting with him
Nov 05, 2015
Kristy Arnett
I love Kristy
Oct 29, 2015
#1 Survivor Discussion with TwoShae
High stakes poker and DFS pro TwoShae joins me on this podcast to discuss SURVIVOR, one of our favorite TV shows. We are picking it up in Episode 5 i believe of this season and we discuss the current people still left in the competition. We will be doing this weekly for the rest of this season :) 
Oct 29, 2015
Jeff Gross
Oct 29, 2015
Haralabos Voulgaris
Haralabos is debatably one of the most interesting men in the poker and sports betting world. This episode has gotten a ton of good feedback so far and Haralabos has some great stories to tell from Viffer to Jungleman and many other interesting takes/stories from other areas of his life. Coming to you from an undisclosed location
Oct 29, 2015
Dani Stern aka Ansky #3
Oct 29, 2015
Ben86/Ben Tollerene is back!
Ben joins me again on the podcast to share his wisdom with the world. This has been one of the most well liked podcast that I have done yet.
Oct 16, 2015
Rumcakes aka Scott Ball (Twitch Poker)
Scott Ball from Twitch poker joins me on the podcast today. Scott is one of the people most responsible for helping to bring poker to Twitch and turn it into the force it has become in the poker world. 
Oct 16, 2015
Luke Schwartz aka Full Flush
Oct 04, 2015
Luke Schwartz aka FullFlush
Oct 03, 2015
Timex aka Mike McDonald #2
Hey Guys, I had Timex back on my podcast a couple days ago. He always delivers with a lot of great poker wisdom. We discussed his struggles/depression to beat 500nl zoom cash games, his thoughts on Jason Mo who he calls an internet tough guy, sex in a tree and more.
Oct 03, 2015
Jessica Dawley
Jessica is a 2/5 5/10 10/20 live NL cash game player who has been playing poker longer than I have. We discuss her recent 90k score at the Borgata, how she hates people, her health issues over the years, being a women in poker and more
Sep 30, 2015
SSFR Legend TYromper aka Tyler Todt
My old small stakes full ring nemesis and now friend TYromper joins me on this episode. We used to play a ton together back when I was a NL full ring guy and he would own my soul. His graph went straight up. We talk about those old poker times, how he dealt with playing live poker and his relationship post black friday, meeting his new wife, taking trips to Africa for his wifes charity, going back to school and more. 
Sep 30, 2015
Max Steiberg
Max joins me to discuss the upcoming November 9 final table for the WSOP Main Event that he is at and also discusses daily fantasy sports/his DFS website.
Sep 30, 2015
Sarah Grant/Herring from Poker News
Sarah is a producer and presenter for Poker News. In this episode we learned about Sarahs background in Hollywood, how meeting a MMA fighter lead to her working in the poker industry and much more. I've been told by mutual friends that we would get along great and have a very similar style when it comes to having conversations with people and that became obvious right away. I really enjoyed this one :) Also I picked up a new Mic for my setup. 
Sep 23, 2015
Lex Veldhuis aka Raszi #3
Sep 18, 2015
Mason Malmuth (TwoPlusTwo Founder)
Sep 18, 2015
David Tuchman
David Tuchman joins me today on the Poker Life podcast. David is a well known Poker commentator that has done work for the World Series of Poker livestreams and Poker Night in Americas as of recently. You have probably heard his voice while watching some type of poker entertainment over the years. This was a great conversation we had together and Tuch gave a lot of great advice when it comes to dealing with criticism, networking, being genuine, playing chess more optimally and much more. You can check out the Timestamps below to get a breakdown of different topics covered. Enjoy :) 1:05 Tuch talks about how he gets more sleep during the WSOP commentating than he does at home with his son4:00 Tuch talks about the importance of having a great bed at home for sleep6:25 Tuch talks about how everything is negoitable 11:10 Tuch talks about his current/future projects16:00 Tuch talks how great it is working with Joe Stapleton22:30 Tuch talks about his friend from College who would talk about his 8.5 inch penis to pick up women27:00 Tuch talks about fantasy football and DFS34:40 Tuch talks about doing hot yoga and how awesome it is42:20 Tuch talks about why the WSOP stopped livestreaming the main event47:40 Tuch talks about why he isn't doing the sunday million highlight show anymore59:30 Tuch talks about not being so defensive1:04:00 Tuch talks about how you can learn something from everyone1:12:30 Tuch talks about why you should stay in Hostels while traveling1:21:00 What happened with Limon and Bart1:23:00 Tuch talks about CrushLivePoker 1:32:00 Tuch talks more about his new show with Maria Ho, Somerville and Helmuth1:37:00 Tuch talks about the importance of networking and being genuine 1:56:00 Tuch talks about his most awkward moments livestreaming2:02:00 Tuch plays fuck, marry, kill with Liv B, Fatima and Tatijana2:05:00 Tuch talks about sharing a booth with a porn company back in the day at WSOP2:15:00 Tuch reveals to me how he decides on food depending on the weather, I have never heard of this
Sep 12, 2015
Remko Rinkema (Poker Media Expert!)
Sep 12, 2015
Learning DFS on StarsDraft (5 mins)
Sep 12, 2015
Fedor Holz is back (Pre-WCOOP Run Good)
Sep 12, 2015
Esther Brady aka ETay (Live MTT and Mixed game player)
Sep 12, 2015
BambooEater (High Stakes HUNL Reg on Pokerstars)
Sep 12, 2015
Jason Mo is firing shots
Jason Mo recounts the Barcelona Shuffle that took place to him at EPT Barcelona, takes shots at everyone and gets the Jamie Staples fans very upset
Sep 03, 2015
Ebony Kenney #4
Ebony is back on the podcast to discuss why she thinks women are overreacting on the feminism debate in poker, we discuss our trip we took together to Coachella music festival, discuss our future sex training site and more 
Sep 01, 2015
Hands vs WithColor Isildur Million Dollar Upswing!
Aug 26, 2015
Hands vs Ravenswood Isildurs Million Dollar Upswing
Aug 26, 2015
Luke aka BadBeatSlayer Part 2
Aug 26, 2015
WCG RIder aka Doug Polk #3
Aug 26, 2015
Luke aka BadBeatSlayer Part 1
Aug 26, 2015
Alexei Martov aka MartinBradstreet aka Magic Ninja is back
Aug 26, 2015
Shuller_A1t aka Apo5tol on 2p2 (HSPLO player)
Aug 26, 2015
Jennifer Shahade
Aug 26, 2015
Matt Salsberg
Aug 26, 2015
Cate Hall
Aug 26, 2015
Tyler Forrester aka Gogol's Nose
Tyler has been one of the  biggest winners at NL holdem cash game mid-stakes on Pokerstars for the last 10 years. 
Aug 04, 2015
Antonio Esfandiari
If you are listening to this podcast you probably know who Antonio is. I think he is one of the most popular poker players in the world right now and has been around for years. I join him at his condo in Las Vegas for a shorter than usual episode where we discuss the comments Lex/Raszi made on my podcast back in January, him starting to talk poker seriously, and more! We also get a Phil Laak surprise appearance at the end that made me feel like it was 2007 :) 
Jul 15, 2015
Igor Kurganov
Igor was one of the most fascinating people that I met during WSOP 2015 and I really wanted to have him on the podcast. I'm not sure on the GTO way to describe who he is in one sentence. He plays high stakes MTTs, is involved with the REG charity, basically he is a life boss in and out of poker. I went over to the penthouse he was renting during the world series and we recorded this one together in person while drinking wine. 
Jul 12, 2015
Chance Kornuth
Jul 12, 2015
Ben Sulsky aka Sauce1234
Jul 12, 2015
#4 Sean Lefort
Jul 12, 2015
#2 Brian Hastings
Jul 12, 2015
Adrian Fenix
Jul 12, 2015
Jason Somerville
Jul 12, 2015
Ben86 aka Ben Tollerene
Jul 12, 2015
#2 Pratyush Buddiga
Jul 10, 2015
Isildur Hands- Monday Night High Stakes Poker
Jul 10, 2015
Sam Grafton aka Squid (UK Tournament Player)
Jul 10, 2015
Jay RosenKRANTZ aka Pr1nnyraid
Jul 10, 2015
Joe Stapleton (Pokerstars commentator)
Jul 10, 2015
Adam Altwies (Aria Poker) and Steven Mcloughlin aka TT
I have on Adam Altwies who is in charge (the end boss) of the Aria Poker room in Las Vegas and Steven Mcloughlin aka TT over on TwoPlusTwo. I met these guys at the American Poker conference earlier this year and had a chance to hear Adam talk on one of the panels and thought he was great and talked some strategy without really giving away secrets to why they have had so much success. I talked with them after the panel and found out Adam was a big fan of the podcast. Steven has been active on the TwoPlusTwo forums for years as TT, playing poker himself and also very active on the business side of the poker world. He currently works with PokerTracker.  I thought this episode was a great look at how two guys very involved in poker but on the other side of things handle themselves in a discussion. Much more professional and polished then we are used to here. You will see that I am surprised at just how straight edged they were in this discussion but that is to be expected. My conversations with them outside of the podcast tend to be very different in nature :) Enjoy! 
Jul 10, 2015
#3 Fedor Holz aka CrownUpGuy
Jul 10, 2015
Jason Mo aka Klink
Jul 10, 2015
Dani Stern aka Ansky Is Back
Jul 10, 2015
WSOP Life 2015 EP 1
This will be a new series focusing around the World Series of Poker 2015. In this first episode I talk about the results of the first 7 events, the 25k fantasy league, Aria WPT500 and the mishap in the 25k event, the Poker Life ones to watch, WSOP live reporting, the Collusus payout and more :)
Jun 03, 2015
Donger Kim aka Big Dick Donger Kim aka BDDK
Apr 06, 2015
Tappiinasti aka GoGetARealJob (SSPLO Community leader and HSPLO Player)
Apr 06, 2015
FoxwoodsFiend aka Ariel Schneller - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Roy Bhasin aka GodlikeRoy (Team PokerStars online and PLO Player)
Apr 06, 2015
Gabriel Goffi aka Verve. Oasis HSPLO Player
Apr 06, 2015
#2 Jamie Kerstetter - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Daniel Negreanu - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Mike Gorodinsky aka Gordo16 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Livestream from San Diego with Co-Host Asher
Apr 06, 2015
Jason Koon on location in CA - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
David Benefield aka Raptor - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Cole South aka CTS - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Jungleman is Back - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
David Sklansky #2 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
WCG Rider and Jason MO join me for Day 1 of TC vs Donger Prop Bet
Apr 06, 2015
Guest Donger Kim and TCfromUB for there HUNL Challenge
Apr 06, 2015
Timex aka Mike Mcdonald - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
MDUczuczukwe - HSPLO Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Pratyush Buddiga - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Jennifer Shahade - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Raszi aka Lex Veldhuis #2 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
StickyRice1 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Danfiu (HSPLO Award Winner) - HSPLO Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Greg Merson #2 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Fedor Holz aka CrownUpGuy #2 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
2014 HSPLO Awards
Apr 06, 2015
22andrewcool aka Little Bro Back in Studio
Apr 06, 2015
Dan Gallagher from Bluff Europe - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Debut Monday Night High Stakes Poker
Apr 06, 2015
Nick Frame aka TCfromUB - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Sean Lefort #3 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Marc Power (Poker Joker Gear) - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
Limon - MultiCast Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
ZepHendrix aka JimmyV313 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015
#3 Ebony Kenney Impromptu In Studio
Apr 06, 2015
Jungleman #1 - Poker Life Podcast
Apr 06, 2015